Great Women Yiddish Writers (You Never Heard About) with Anita Norich and Lisa Newman

By | Jul 18, 2023


You may have heard the myth that the reason you never hear about great female Yiddish writers is that there weren’t any. If so, you’ve probably never heard of Kadya Molodovsky, Chana Blankshteyn, Blume Lempel, Yenta Mash and many others. Join literary scholar and Yiddish translator Anita Norich to hear how she and other scholars have been working for decades to bring the work of Yiddish women writers to the forefront of the Yiddish literary world. In conversation with Lisa Newman, host of the Yiddish Book Center’s podcast The Shmooze.

This program is cosponsored by Moment Magazine and the Yiddish Book Center whose imprint, White Goat Press, is bringing these newly translated works to a new generation of readers.

Yiddish Book Center’s White Goat Press 

Moment Magazine


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