Everything is Material: The Influence of Love, Loss and Humor in Fiction and Memoir with Susan Coll, Delia Ephron and Amy E. Schwartz—in celebration of the Moment-Karma Fiction Contest

By | Jul 19, 2022


Susan Coll, author of the novel Bookish People and Delia Ephron, screenwriter for movies like You’ve Got Mail and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and author of the memoir Left on Tenth: A Second Chance on Life, discuss the influence of love, loss and humor in the creative writing process. In conversation with Moment book & opinion editor Amy E. Schwartz. A special literary event celebrating the Moment Magazine-Karma Foundation Short Fiction Contest winners.

Prior to the conversation, the 2021 Karma Foundation Short Fiction Contest winners read excerpts from their stories:

1st place – Anne Schott, “Why Is There a Buddhist at this Seder?

2nd place – Hillel Damron, “Calculated Moves”

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