Crazy New Tel-Aviv Port

By | Dec 03, 2008
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By Benjamin Schuman-Stoler

Not sure how we missed this, but we recently saw some pics of the new Tel-Aviv port, designed by Israeli firm Mayslits Kassif Architects in collaboration with Galila Yavin, and it blew us away. We caught the pics, of all places, on Kanye West’s blog. West and had this to say:

Situated on one of Israel’s most breathtaking waterfronts, the Tel Aviv Port was plagued with neglect since 1965, when its primary use as an operational docking port was abandoned. The recently completed public space development project by Mayslits Kassif Architects, managed to restore this unique part of the city, and turn it into a prominent, vivacious urban landmark.

The architects saw the Tel Aviv Port project as an opportunity to construct a public space which challenges the common contrast between private and public development, and suggests a new agenda of hospitality for collective open spaces.

The design introduces an extensive undulating, non-hierarchical surface that acts both as a reflection of the mythical dunes on which the port was historically built, and as an open invitation to free interpretations and unstructured activities. Various public, political and social initiatives are now drawn to this unique urban platform, indicating the project’s success in reinventing the port as a vibrant public sphere.

You have to love the headline to West’s post. Somehow “Peep the Ground!” feels aptly Israeli for some reason.

ITM readers, have you seen the port since it opened? Or if not, what do you think of the photos?

Photos by Kanye West via Mayslits Kassif Architects

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