Why You Should Know Your DNA: Genetics, Testing and Disease Prevention with Paul Root Wolpe, Ali Rogin and Emily Goldberg

You can’t change your DNA but understanding your genetic makeup might just save your life. Dr. Paul Root Wolpe, director of the Center for Ethics at Emory University and journalist Ali Rogin, author of Beat Breast Cancer Like a Boss: 30 Powerful Stories join JScreen genetic counselor Emily Goldberg for a conversation about the importance of knowing your risk for developing genetic diseases. Learn how to become a ‘previvor’ no matter your ethnic background or gender.

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Zero Degrees of Separation - Maryim Bialik and Stephen Dulmer

See one reason why David Brooks is a fan of Steven Pinker—The Moment Magazine Great DNA Experiment

Moment tests the DNA of 15 notable American Jews—including Joshua Bell, Mayim Bialik, David Brooks, Alan Dershowitz, A.J. Jacobs, Robert Siegel and Tovah Feldshuh—to see if and how they are related. Surprise, surprise, they are! And how!

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Jews and Psychiatry?

The fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Association's "bible of psychiatry," the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is coming out on May 18. The first edition in 19 years, the DSM-5, as it is known, has already gotten its share of attention and criticism. The satirical Diagnostic Manual of Mishegas--created by the fictitious Dr. Sol Farblondget--sends up the DSM with its listing of Jewish disorders. CATEGORIES OF MISHEGAS 1.0  NERVOUS CONDITIONS OF EVERYDAY LIFE Nervous conditions are part of the human condition, and thus are as different in their variations as human beings are different from one another. Still, it is helpful to understand what form of nervousness you are experiencing, or what type of tsuris-addict is torturing you with tales of woe, and to thereby figure out how to tell the feeling, or the person, to...

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