Hannah Rosenthal (WI): ‘I Don’t Let the Left off the Hook’

“It’s the far-right that holds marches and says ‘Jews will not replace us.’ It’s the far-right who are unabashedly anti-Semitic and racist. No question about it. But I don’t let the left off the hook either. I marched in Washington the day after the inauguration. I had my pink hat and I was very proud. But when two of the organizers ended up defending Louis Farrakhan and refused to condemn the anti-Semitism, I stopped paying attention to them. I push delete every time they send me something. And ‘the squad’ needs an education. Ilhan Omar apologized after one anti-Semitic comment and then proceeded to make a couple more, and that is not okay with me. I would love to sit down with her or ‘the squad’ and talk about what they’re doing, and how they’re splintering the left.”

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