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Moment’s print, website, digital outreach wins top awards

Moment Wins Top Jewish Media Awards Moment Magazine has won 15 Simon Rockower Awards from the American Jewish Press Association, including First Place for General Excellence--Best Magazine for its Summer 2020 issue produced during the lockdown. Moment also won First Place for Outstanding Digital Outreach for its newsletters and social media, and for the second year in a row, First Place for General Excellence--Best Website.  “To be recognized at the same time for our print publication, our website and our digital presence shows that Moment is providing content across platforms to reach our audience wherever they are,” said Moment editor-in-chief Nadine Epstein. “And to have done it remotely shows just how well we’ve grown into this new multimedia age.” The summer issue focused on time; the judges called it “a simply wonderful edition, the obvious winner...that resonated especially...

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Jewish Ethics: Hillel and Shammai Weigh in on Gun Rights

“A Jew dare not live with absolute certainty, not only because certainty is the hallmark of the fanatic...but also because doubt is good for the human soul...”—Rabbi Emanuel Rackman Most Talmudically literate Jews know of the famous rivalry between those two eminent rabbis of the early 1st century CE, Hillel and Shammai. In matters ranging from ritual practice to foreign policy, the opposing opinions voiced by their respective schools have been debated for two millennia. It is intriguing to imagine a modern-day debate between Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai on one of the most bitterly-contested issues facing our country today: that of “gun control”. Would these two sages be able to shed light on an issue that generates such intense heat, these days? It would be a challenge, even for such luminaries. Indeed, the term “gun control”...

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Homes Reduced to Rubble in Syria

How Should the Jewish Community Respond to Syria?

After taking a back seat in recent weeks to news from elsewhere in the world, the civil war in Syria is back in newspaper headlines, and the death toll was recently assessed by the United Nations Office of Human Rights at 191,369. We asked Martin Kalin, a trustee of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and executive producer of Red Lines, a documentary film about the role of Syrian activists in the Syrian conflict, how the Jewish community should respond to the crisis. What responsibility does the American Jewish community have to Syrians, or to get involved in the crisis in Syria? Does the Jewish community have a unique responsibility, and if so, why? For the last three years, the world has been shockingly silent. There have been scant protests in Europe, only a trickle of tweets from the...

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