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BY IRA N. FORMAN  |  2020  |  in Jewish World

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Founded in 2018, Moment’s Anti-Semitism Monitor is a carefully fact-checked website of anti-Semitic incidents around the world. It is curated by one of the world’s top anti-Semitism experts—Ira N. Forman, the former U.S. Special Envoy of the Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, who now teaches at Georgetown University and is a senior fellow at the Washington, DC-based Moment Institute. At a time of rising anti-Semitism and the proliferation of disinformation, the Anti-Semitism Monitor is a critical resource used by government officials, Human Rights NGOs, the public, academics, students and the media, including The Wall Street Journal and the Times of Israel. “Understanding the different ways anti-Semitism manifests itself is absolutely essential if you’re going to learn to counter it,” says Forman.

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About Ira N. Forman

Ira N. Forman is a senior fellow at the Moment Institute and a senior fellow at Georgetown University’s Center for Jewish Civilization. He is the former U.S. Special Envoy of the Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. He also serves as the senior advisor for combating anti-Semitism at Human Rights First.


United Kingdom, December 29: SOAS University in London repays student fees over toxic anti-Semitic environment

Germany, December 30: German anti-Semitism watchdog warns of rising anti-Semitism in schools

Argentina, December 31: Acquitted AMIA bombing suspect says Israel kills Palestinian children

France, December 31: Thirty-three-year-old man convicted by a French court for attempted assault and threatening Jewish TV presenter who had criticized a rapper’s anti-Semitic album

Greece, December 31: Greek Jewish community calls for condemnation and repair of Holocaust Memorial sites in Drama

United States, December 31: KKK distributes recruitment flyers in Northern California town repeating Trump’s false claim that the November election was stolen



October 22: Albanian parliament adopts IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (Washington Post) 

November 14: Albanian Prime Minister calls anti-Semitism “a threat to our civilization”(Jewish News) 


August 26: Fugitive wanted for 2014 brutal anti-Semitic attack in France is arrested in Algeria (Algemeiner) Also see France


January 2: Newly elected Peronist President, Fernandez, changes his position post-election and now claims there is no good evidence that Prosecutor Nisman was killed (Algemeiner) 

January 30: Argentinian journalist from Argentinian national TV uses Jewish conspiracy language in connection with Kobe Bryant’s death (JTA) 

March 9: Argentinian soccer player who made an anti-Semitic gesture during a game may be prosecuted (JTA)

April 6: Argentinian journalist blames coronavirus on rich Americans and Israelis (JTA)  

May 23: Choice of placing mid-20th century Health Minister on new 5,000 peso bill causes controversy because of his ties to Nazis (Buenos Aires Times)

June 8: Argentina adopts IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News) 

June 15: Journalist criticized for bracketing “Zionism” with “Nazism” and “Stalinism” (Algemeiner) 

July 6: Professor offers a bonus to whoever can find a poor Jew and lectures about Jews and money (JTA) 

August 24: “Jews are the virus” posters show up in Argentinian city (JTA) 

September 2: “Get Zionism out of Argentina” spray-painted in a small Argentine city northwest of Buenos Aires (JTA) 

October 13: Argentina’s National Soccer Association adopts IHRA definition (Algemeiner) 

November 15: Argentina increases border security after intelligence tip regarding bomb material being brought in to use against a Jewish target (Algemeiner) 

December 9: Argentinian rugby players suspended over anti-Semitism are reinstated (Jerusalem Post)

December 23: AMIA bombing suspect acquitted sparking outrage in the Argentinian Jewish community (JTA)

December 31: Acquitted AMIA bombing suspect says Israel kills Palestinian children (JTA)


January 14: Australian woman of German heritage flies Nazi flag in front of her house (JTA)

January 15: Nazi flag removed from women’s home (Times of Israel)

February 10: Claims that Arabic language news site spreads anti-Semitism (Times of Israel) 

February 11: Anti-Semitic incidents in Australia in 2019 (Times of Israel) 

February 17: Australian police investigate hate mail used to send anti-Semitic packages to a Jewish business person and Jewish community organization (The Australian) 

February 20: Australian Civil Rights organization condemns the flying of a Nazi flag on New South Wales light tower (Algemeiner

February 26: Jewish organization says proposed swastika ban does not go far enough (Algemeiner)

February 27: Sydney University student newspaper is criticized for running a “satirical” piece which references Jewish guilt for killing Jesus (Times of Israel)

March 16: Australian police arrest neo-Nazi for planning terrorist attacks (Times of Israel) 

March 27: Former MP calls Israel an apartheid state and calls out the “Israel Lobby” for conducting a “relentless vendetta” against critics of Israel (Australian Jewish News)

April 1: Australian Arabic media outlets utilize coronavirus conspiracy—blaming Zionist, the United States and others (Times of Israel) 

May 4: Anti-Semitism watchdog asks to shut down website promoting a “Miss Hitler 2020” beauty pageant (JTA) 

May 9: GoDaddy shuts down “Miss Hitler 2020” beauty pageant site (Patheos)

May 21: Golf course in Melbourne vandalized with Neo-Nazi graffiti (ABC) 

June 7: Financial Review cartoon slammed over alleged anti-Semitic cartoon (American Jewish News) 

June 21: Melbourne kindergarten vandalized with neo-Nazi graffiti (JTA) 

July 9: Anti-Semitic bullying in schools in New South Wales (Australian Jewish News) 

July 9: Neo-Nazis pose for Heil Hitler salute inside Swinburne University (Australian Jewish News) 

July 27: Australian Jewish organizations stage a 48-hour boycott of Twitter over its failure to crack down on  anti-Semitic content (Australian Jewish News) 

July 29: Sydney rabbi faces anti-Semitic abuse over a Facebook marketplace transaction (J WireJ Wire)

July 30: Anti-Semitism in Australia up 24% per a report of Community Security Group (Australian Jewish News)

August 2: Jewish man and son verbally assaulted in Melbourne with “Jew dogs” rant (Jerusalem Post)

August 5: A property in Queensland adorned with swastikas and SS symbols on the front gate (Algemeiner) 

August 17: Neo-nazi group threatened a Brisbane synagogue over social media (Algemeiner) 

August 26: Man spouting anti-Semitic language asks to leave a taxi after learning the driver is Jewish (JTA) 

August 27: Private school cracks down on anti-Semitic bullying (Australian Jewish News) 

September 6: Australian University student club says Zionism is inherently anti-Semitic (Algemeiner) 

September 8: Victoria Premier is targeted with anti-Semitic graffiti (Australian Jewish News) 

September 29: Top Australian Jewish group slams bookstore chain for selling anti-Semitic book by Martin Luther (Algemeiner)

October 2: Sunni preacher based in Perth traffics in conspiracy theories including anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic tropes (Times of Israel) 

November 12: Cardiologist apologizes for anti-Semitic comments in an email sent to the wrong individual (Cardiovascular Business)

November 12: An inquiry commissioned by the Victorian Department of Education and Training into allegations of anti-Semitism in Brighton Secondary College results in 18 recommendations, leaves victims’ families disappointed (American Jewish News)

November 18: Celebrity chef dropped from a reality show after posting a neo-Nazi symbol on Instagram (JTA) 

November 27: Jewish man in Melbourne confronted in the street by a couple shouting anti-Semitic abuse (Algemeiner) 


January 2: New Austrian coalition government commits to fight both  anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism (Jerusalem Post)

February 24: Austrian Press Council decides that calling BDS anti-Semitic is not a violation of its ethics code (Jerusalem Post) 

February 29: Parliament votes to condemn BDS as anti-Semitic (Jerusalem Post)

March 9: Austrian Jewish teen wearing a Star of David ring is attacked (JTA

May 30: Anti-Semitic incidents in Austria increased in 2019 to the highest level since 2001 (Jerusalem Post) 

June 3: Former Austrian Vice-Chancellor accused of writing about “power-hungry Jewish world view” in dedication for an anti-Semitic book (JTA) 

July 24: Austrian government draw up legislation to ban anti-Semitism on social media (Jerusalem Post) 

August 14: Austrian Airlines fires flight attendant who was filmed shouting anti-Semitic slogans at a rally (Fox News) 

August 22: “Free Palestine” spray-painted on Austrian synagogue in the city of Graz (i24 News) 

August 23: Austrian Jewish leader in Graz attacked with a baseball bat (Jerusalem Post) 

August 23: Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, condemn attack against Jewish leader in Graz and order more security (WTVB AM

August 24: Man arrested over a series of anti-Semitic attack in Graz (Times of Israel) 

August 28: Austria announces a plan to counter anti-Semitism in the wake of an attack on a Jewish leader (Algemeiner) 

September 11: Austria triples spending on Jewish community security (JTA) 

September 24: Austrian intelligence agency investigating neo-Nazi rapper (Deccan Herald)

October 10: Protests around the statue to anti-Semitic, ex-Mayor of Vienna (France 24) 

November 2: Video of two men in Vienna stealing pants from a victim and calling him “Jew” (JTA)

November 13: Austrian Jewish community records an average of 43 anti-Semitic incidents each month during the first half of 2020 (Algemeiner

November 27: Rabbi attacked at knifepoint by a female assailant in Vienna (ABC News) 

December 2: Article in a publication of one of Georgetown University’s programs draws fire for drawing a comparison between Austrian government policy and Kristallnacht (Cleveland Jewish News) Also see the United States

December 12: Joint German-Austrian operation against neo-Nazi network finds arms (Times of Israel) Also see Germany


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


October 25: U.S. State Department and Bahraini institution sign memorandum of understanding which accepts IHRA Working Definition (JTA) 


August 19: During unrest, Jewish community is afraid of police but not of anti-Semitism (Times of Israel) 


January 23: Belgian police open a hotline to report anti-Semitic and racist incidents (JTA) 

January 24: Belgian paper runs column accusing “Zionists” of playing the “Holocaust card” (Algemeiner)

February 18: Belgian carnival to double down on anti-Semitic displays (Jerusalem Post) 

February 20: Israel calls upon Belgium to scrap carnival that last year featured an anti-Semitic float (AP News) Also see Israel

February 23:  This year’s parade in the Belgian town of Aalst doubles down on anti-Semitic caricatures (JTA

February 24: The city of Aalst says the anti-Semitic parade was “just fun” (BBC) 

February 28: Belgian MP denounces “Jewish Lobby” in the wake of the Aalst Carnival parade (Algemeiner

May 22: Belgium to withdraw troops that have been stationed around Antwerp synagogues since 2014 (JTA) 

June 19: Belgian court jails man for sending anti-Semitic death threats to a Jewish member of parliament (Algemeiner) 

June 24: Belgian man sentenced to two years in jail for emailing anti-Semitic death threats to Jewish lawmaker (JTA)  

June 29: Brussels public prosecutor opens an investigation of anti-Semitic insults and threats against head of Belgian League Against Antisemitism (LBCA) (Algemeiner) 

June 29: Dozens chant the name of an ancient anti-Semitic massacre, Kyabar, at a pro-Palestinian rally in Brussels (JTA) 

July 2: Belgian government funds NGOs that promise to weaken the influence of pro-Israel voices (JTA) 

July 15: Belgian man sentenced to one year in prison for Nazi flag and slogans on his property (Algemeiner) 

August 14: Belgian newspaper runs cartoon that labels Antwerp, Orthodox Jewish neighborhood “Coronavirus Village” (JTA) 

Bosnia Herzegovina

May 12: Grafitti by a far-right group with ties to white nationalists and neo-Nazis shows up in a northwest Bosnian town (Balkan Insight) 

May 13: Bosnian Catholic Cardinal plans to honor Croatian Nazi collaborators in memorial service (JTA) 

May 18: Thousands in Sarajevo march against Mass honoring Nazi collaborators (Times of Israel)


January 7: Non-Jewish governor of Rio de Janeiro participates in Jewish pride day to highlight fight against  anti-Semitism (JTA)

January 20: Brazil’s Cultural Minister fired after paraphrasing Nazi propaganda mastermind Joseph Goebbels in a speech (JTA) 

February 25: Brazil carnival parade features marchers with swastikas on their backs (JTA) 

March 3: Three men shouting anti-Semitic slurs viciously attack a man wearing a kippah (JTA) 

March 6: Students make Nazi salute in support of a classmate (JTA) 

April 13: Bolsonaro supporter slammed by Jewish groups for comparing COVID-19 patients to Holocaust victims (Times of Israel) 

April 17: Some media outlets falsely claim the new Brazilian Health Minister is Jewish while others emphasize his support among the country’s Jewish leadership (JTA)

May 12: Brazilian President is criticized for the use of slogan that is similar to entrance sign to Auschwitz (JTA) 

May 18: Brazilian CNN Commentator says Jews helped pick Health Minister (JTA) 

May 21: First Jewish head of Brazilian National Congress targeted for online anti-Semitic slurs (JTA) 

May 28: Brazilian politician with Jewish background compares police investigation raids to Kristallnacht (JTA) 

June 19: Brazilian pastor and his congregants pray for another Holocaust (JTA) 

October 13: Brazilian Man with infamous swastika pool expelled from his political party (JTA) 

November 3: Brazilian governor renounces her father’s Nazi sympathies, but Jewish groups say it was not strong enough criticism (JTA)


January 17: B’nai B’rith condemns vandalism at Jewish cemetary in Shoumen, Bulgaria (B’nai B’rith) 

February 23: Jewish organization laud Bulgarian ban on the annual neo-Nazi march (Algemeiner) 

September 10: Nine reported complaints of anti-Semitism in Bulgaria in 2019, but for the second year in a row, no criminal convictions for anti-Semitism (The Sofia Globe) 

September 22: Two men sentenced to life in prison for 2012 bus bombing that left five Israelis dead (JTA)


January 7:  University of Toronto union is condemned for calling Jewish groups foreign agents (Algemeiner) 

January 21: Montreal City Council to consider adoption of the IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (Canadian Jewish News)

January 29: Two Jewish organizations criticize Mayor of Montreal for opposing adoption of IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (Jewish News Syndicate)

February 4: Montreal suburb adopts IHRA definition of anti-Semitism (Canadian Jewish News)

February 7: University of Toronto Jewish faculty group upset with the University President’s reaction to anti-Semitism (Canadian Jewish News)

February 23: Jewish employee files a human rights complaint against the Hamilton School Board over anti-Semitism in the workplace (Niagara Falls Review

February 25: Deed on Montreal home contains clause preventing Jews from owning home (JTA) 

February 26: Canadian Federation of Students votes to oppose IHRA definition of anti-Semitism (Canadian Federation of Students)

March 3: Michelle Malkin suggests questioning the numbers of Jews killed in the Holocaust is not anti-Semitic (Mediate

March 4: Montreal suburb adopts IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (Canadian Jewish News) 

March 6: Arabic-language newspaper claims Israelis bury Palestinians alive and steal their organs (JTA)

March 8: Winnipeg synagogue property defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti (Winnipeg CTV News

March 31: “Zionists not welcome” graffiti found on Israeli coffee bar in Toronto (Jewish Journal)

April 2: Canadian Anti-Semitism Education Foundation webinar hijacked by Nazis and white supremacists (Canadian Jewish News) 

April 27: Anti-Semitic incidents rise to record levels in Canada in 2019 (Winnipeg City News) 

May 1: B’nai B’rith survey of anti-Semitic incidents in Canada highlights the most dramatic increases in Ontario and Quebec (Edmonton Sun) 

May 3: Union head apologizes after tweeting about “scrambling for shekels” (JTA) 

May 8: Violent anti-Semitic incidents up 27% in Canada in 2019 (Jerusalem Post) 

May 19: Jewish organization in Canada call for ban after virtual Quds Day event includes anti-Zionist rhetoric similar to historical anti-Semitic tropes (Algemeiner)

May 28: Small synagogue in Montreal vandalized, Torah scrolls damaged (Global News) 

June 1: North York school defaced with a swastika and “Heil Hitler” graffiti ( 

June 2: York University announces a series of measures to address anti-Semitism on campus after investigation of November 20, 2019 disruption of an event on campus (Jewish Journal)

June 3: B’nai B’rith Canada calls for the government to take action against COVID-19-inspired anti-Semitism (The Suburban) 

June 6: Vandalism at Cote-St-Luc synagogue probably not motivated by anti-Semitism according to synagogue leaders after discussions with police (Montreal Gazette)

June 9: Jewish groups denounce a man who mowed a swastika into his lawn (Windsor Star)

June 11: The publisher of a Polish-language news outlet arrested following a complaint about anti-Semitic content (Bnai Brit Canada

June 12: Police investigating anti-Semitic zoom-bombing of Toronto synagogue’s services (Global News)

June 17: Jews are the most targeted group for hate crimes in the Toronto area (Algemeiner)

June 24: B’nai B’rith Canada calls for actions against York University Professor who equated Zionism with white supremacy (Algemeiner) 

January 3: Toronto restaurant addresses customers on its Instagram account, stating that “Zionists not welcome” (Algemeier

July 8: Delivery services refuse to work with restaurant touting anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist messages (Jerusalem Post) 

July 9: Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs denounces rally where “Jews are our dogs” was chanted (World Jewish Congress) 

July 15: Far-right politician calls Jews “parasitic tribe” and calls for their removal from Canada (JTA) 

July 22: Green Party leadership debate interrupted by Zoom bombing and Black Jewish candidate slurred with racist and anti-Semitic comments (Jewish Journal)

July 29: Condemnation over the reinstatement of anti-Semitic reservist into service with Canadian navy (CBC) 

August 7: Canadian Polish paper blames Jews for COVID-19 virus; says Jews are the source of the world’s ills (National Post) 

August 14: Arabic newspaper in Canada blames Israel for August 4 explosion in Beirut (Algemeiner) 

August 16: Canadian Polish groups call out Canadian Polish paper for its anti-Semitic content (World Israel News) 

September 2: Tory leader says the Conservatives will fight anti-Semitism after one Tory MP posted an objectionable Soros related attack on a Liberal Minister (National Observer)

September 5: Winnipeg and Toronto NGOs unite to fight anti-Semitism (Winnipeg Free Press) 

September 20: Archbishop bans anti-Semitic Polish priest, Father Rydzyk, from speaking to Edmonson parish (Jerusalem Post) Also see Poland

September 23: Three anti-Semitic attacks reported in Ontario province over Rosh Hashanah (Times of Israel) 

September 30: Police issue arrest warrant for a man who shouted anti-Semitic slurs at father and his son (Jewish Journal) 

October 1: Green Party confronts anti-Semitism in its ranks amid a leadership contest that includes a Black Jewish candidate (Global News) 

October 3: Anti-Semitic stickers implying Jews responsible for COVID-19 found in downtown Halifax and nearby university campuses (CBC) 

October 27: Jewish community applauds Ontario government’s adoption of IHRA definition (Bnai Brith)

October 29: Jewish family speaks out about anti-Semitic incidents at Vancouver area high school (Daily Hive)

November 3: Toronto files charges against local food store/caterer over discrimination against Jews (Algemeiner) 

November 7: Police investigating neo-Nazi stickers at Cambrian College (Sudbury) 

November 23: Quebec provincial government allows small gatherings during Christmas celebrations but not during Hanukkah (The Forward) 

November 23: Irwin Cotler named as Special Envoy Preserving Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Anti-Semitism (CBC)

November 26: British Columbia man convicted for anti-Semitic website sentenced to house arrest for probation breach (Coast Mountain News) 

December 8: Conservative MP draws criticism after yelling “Soros” while the Finance Minister addressed parliament (Toronto Star)

December 16: Toronto AM radio station cuts ties with anti-Semitic Polish broadcaster (Algemeiner) 

December 27: Anti-Semitic graffiti found on a school in Langley, British Columbia (Alder Grove Star)


July 12: Chile’s Senate adopts resolution urging a boycott of Israeli settlements as politician spreads conspiracy theories about Zionist control of media on social media (Jerusalem Post) 

October 14: Chilean protest against new constitution filled with anti-Semitism (JTA) 


May 26: Anti-American, anti-Semitic cartoon promoted by the Chinese Embassy in Paris originated on websites run by white supremacists (Algemeiner)

June 18: Study finds Tik Tok is rife with racist and anti-Semitic content aimed at children, and the app is lax about enforcing its terms of service (Jerusalem Post) 

September 9: TikTok joins the EU code of conduct against hate speech (JTA) 

December 13: China cracking down on tiny Jewish community in Kaifeng forcing observance underground (Telegraph)


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


May 1: Croatian President walks out of event over pro-Nazi salute (Times of Israel) 


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.

Czech Republic

June 3: New report finds anti-Semitic incidents doubled in the Czech Republic in 2019 (AP News)

November 3: Czech Republic increases security at Jewish sites after Vienna terrorist attack (Times of Israel)

December 20: Czech ultra-right youth group opposes vaccinations with anti-Semitic caricature (Romea)


April 20: Danish Bible Society defends translation that omits dozens of reference to Israel (JTA)

September 6: Danish parliament scheduled to debate bill that would ban non-medical circumcisions (JTA) 

September 11: Danish Prime Minister comes out against bill banning circumcision (JTA)

September 29: Neo-Nazis in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland circulate anti-Semitic pamphlets and, in one case, gather outside a synagogue on Yom Kippur (JTA) Also see European Union, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

October 14: A Swedish neo-Nazi leader ordered vandalism of a Jewish cemetery in Denmark according to a text message revealed at the trial of perpetrators (JTA)

November 13: Jewish-Muslim biker group protects Copenhagen Jewish cemetery from expected far-right vandalism (Algemeiner)


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


April 12: The leader of an international neo-Nazi group is a 13-year-old from Estonia (JTA)


July 28: Neo-Nazis disrupt zoom fundraiser for an Ethiopian Jewish community (San Diego Jewish World) Also See United States

European Union (EU)

January 30: Holocaust survivor addresses European Parliament and moves many to tears (Jerusalem Post)

February 24: European Commission condemns Belgian anti-Semitic parade (Times of Israel) 

March 3: Belgian EU commissioner supports a ban on anti-Semitic carnival caricatures (France 24) 

March 6: Anti-Semitic carnivals in Europe carry on a centuries-old tradition (JTA)

May 18: European Parliament passes resolution condemning Palestinian Authority’s use of textbooks that promote hate and violence (JTA) Also see Palestinian Territories

June 17: EU defunds Palestinian NGO that objected to an anti-terrorism clause (JTA) 

June 29: EU anti-Semitism coordinator says a large majority of Jewish victims of anti-Semitism in Europe underreport incidents (Algemeiner

September 4: EU’s top counter-terrorism official expresses concern regarding the increase in anti-Semitism during the COVIDi-19 crisis (Algemeiner

September 10: Fundamental Rights Agency of the EU releases its annual overview of anti-Semitic incidents and the monitoring of those incidents (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

September 10: Advocate general of the Court of Justice of the EU advises the court to not allow bans on kosher or halal meat (JTA)

September 13: EU Commission VP says fighting anti-Semitism is the essence of European life (Jerusalem Post) 

September 29: Neo-Nazis in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland circulate anti-Semitic pamphlets and, in one case, gather outside a synagogue on Yom Kippur (JTA) Also see Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden 

October 20: EU executive body announces plan for 2021 comprehensive strategy to countering anti-Semitism (Algemeiner) 

October 25: Study finds Europe has lost 60% of its Jewish population over the last 60 years (The Guardian) 

November 12: EU and Israel discuss measures to counter online anti-Semitism (European Jewish Press) Also see Israel

November 23: EU poised to adopt common practices for combatting anti-Semitism at an upcoming summit (Algemeiner) 

December 2: European Council approves a declaration on mainstreaming the fight against anti-Semitism across policy areas including recommending using IHRA definition as a useful guiding tool for training and education (Council of the European Union) 

December 4: Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis (CER) says the EU must protect circumcision and kosher slaughter (Algemeiner


January 29: Red paint is splashed on a synagogue in Finland (JTA) 

May 3: Pandemic related anti-Semitism touches small Finnish Jewish community (The Yeshiva World) 

May 4: Finish Amnesty International Board Members responds to German ban of Hezbollah by arguing that Israel is worse than Hezbollah (Algemeiner)

September 22: Finland’s Supreme Court upholds ban on a neo-Nazi organization, Pan-Nordic (Algemeiner)

September 30: EU Commission Vice President says anti-Semitism is not just a Jewish problem (European Jewish Press) 

October 7: Council of Europe appoints Special Representative on anti-Semitism and Anti-Muslim Hatred (European Jewish Congress) 

October 7: Group of European Parliament MPs call for withholding funds from PA because of incitement in schools (Algemeiner) Also see Palestinian Territories

November 10: Proposal to ban non-medical circumcision of boys eliminated from a bill in Finland’s parliament (JTA) 


January 5: Hundreds from the Jewish community and their allies rally in Paris for Sarah Halimi in the wake of court findings that her killer was not criminally responsible for his actions (France 24)

January 7: Jewish cemetery in southwest France vandalized  (JTA)

January 13: Muslim man convicted of hate crime for assaulting Jewish optician in Marseille (JTA) 

January 21: French Jews and non-Jews see anti-Semitism as a serious problem in new AJC funded poll (Jerusalem Post)

January 22: Macron tells President Rivlin that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism (Times of Israel) 

January 22: In France, 57% do not know approximately how many Jews were killed in the Holocaust (JTA) 

January 26: Anti-Semitism up 27% in France in between 2018 and 2019 (New York Times) 

January 27: French President Macron rebuked by top judicial officials after urging a trial for the murderer of Sarah Halimi (Algemeiner)

February 3: Paris Metro passengers stop a group of Arab men from harassing a Jewish man (JTA)

February 4: A France without Jews is no longer unthinkable (Foreign Affairs) 

February 21: New report highlights online anti-Semitism that targets French Jews (Algemeiner) 

February 24: U.S. Special Envoy on Anti-Semitism criticizes French court for refusing to try murderer of Sarah Halimi (JTA) 

February 27: CRIF announces a new tool to monitor on-line anti-Semitism in France (Jerusalem Post)

March 4: Locals guard Alsatian cemeteries against anti-Semitic vandalism in a rural area with no Jews left after WWII (New York Times)

March 16: World Zionist Organization (WZO) Vice-Chair condemns  anti-Semitic graffiti vandalism of the posters of Jewish candidates running for municipal office in France (Israel Hayom

April 2: Anti-Semitic coronavirus conspiracy theories are spreading in France (JTA) 

April 21: More than 100 Jewish graves vandalized in France (Gruntstuff) 

May 8: French-Jewish intellectual is harassed and allegedly spat upon by a man in Paris (JTA) 

May 9: NGO requests Mayor of Paris to remove anti-Semitic stickers that are showing up around the city (Jerusalem Post) 

May 15: Paris prosecutors say the 2018 killing of a Holocaust survivor was an anti-Semitic act and the perpetrator would be prosecuted for murder despite two courts finding that perpetrator was unfit to stand trial because of a psychotic episode (JTA) 

May 19: Anti-Semitic hashtag trends in France (News Week) 

June 14: Protesters shout “dirty Jews” at Paris rally against police racism (JTA) 

June 16: French Far-Left Leader Jean-Luc Melenchon criticized for dismissing chants of “Dirty Jews!” at anti-racism rally (Algemeiner) 

June 25: Concrete slab was thrown through the window of an 84-year-old Jewish woman near Paris (JTA) 

July 13: French judges order two men to stand trial for the alleged anti-Semitic murder of 85-year-old Mirelle Knoll (Times of Israel) 

July 15: Jean-Luc Maelenchon, leader of the main far-left party in France, accused of using an anti-Semitic trope that Jews killed Jesus (Algemeiner)

July 15: Jewish gravestones vandalized in southern France (JTA) 

July 17: Town that saved Jews during WWII elects far-right mayor accused of making anti-Semitic remarks (Times of Israel) 

July 24: For anti-Semites in France, the police are “dirty Jews” (Times of Israel)

August 3: Facebook follows YouTube and bans French comedian Dieudonne for dehumanizing Jews (Aljazeera) 

August 4: French Holocaust denier Alain Soral arrested for his website, which includes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories (JTA) 

August 7: French police arrest hostage-taker who made demands on Israel (JTA) 

August 11: Jewish man beaten unconscious and called “dirty Jew” in Paris elevator (JTA) 

August 18: Heil Hitler spray-painted on the house in the historic center of Lyon (Algemeiner) 

August 20: Synagogue mezuzah damaged by a neighbor who claims to have wanted to “restore religious neutrality” (Jerusalem) 

August 22: Massacre site memorial defaced with Holocaust denial message (CNN) 

August 26: Fugitive wanted for 2014 brutal, anti-Semitic attack in France is arrested in Algeria (Algemeiner) Also see Algeria

August 27: Paris police arrest two men for an assault on a Jewish man in the elevator of his parent’s apartment building (Algemeiner) 

August 27: “No Jews Allowed” painted on the street named for French Prime Minister and Holocaust survivor Leon Blum (JTA) 

September 3: French public radio station criticized by the public regulatory body after reporting fake news claiming the IDF destroyed medical equipment bound to Palestinian efforts to fight COVID-19 (Algemeiner) 

September 4: Catholic Archbishop of Strasbourg compares anti-Semitism to “pollution” in the wake of rising anti-Semitism and public harassment of Jewish artist (Algemeiner)

September 7: “Death to Israel” graffiti found on a wall near a college in Perpignan, France (Israel Hayom) 

September 9: French court jail Muslim and white supremacist in separate anti-Semitic incidents (JTA) 

September 9: Norway police arrest suspect in 1982 bombing of Paris, Jewish restaurant that killed six (JTA) Also see Norway

September 13: Survey finds more French students are learning Holocaust history at school (France 24)

September 22: YouTube, Google, Apple Music and Spotify urged to remove French rapper’s song on Hitler, Jews and money (JTA)

September 24: French Jewish TV personality confronted by assailant angered by her denunciation of an anti-Semitic rapper (Algemeiner)

September 27: French Interior Minister pledges protection for synagogues on Yom Kippur after terror attack outside Charlie Hebdo (JTA)

October 15: Disbelief among French Jews as Paris swastika vandal not charged with anti-Semitism (Algemeiner) 

October 21: French Chief Rabbi, Haim Korsia, praises government’s crackdown on radical Islamists (JTA) 

October 22: Anti-Semite who assaulted Jewish street artist in Strasbourg released, but prosecutor vows to file new charges (Algemeiner) 

October 26: Spotify refuses to take down French rapper’s song that contains anti-Semitic lyrics (Jewish Journal) 

November 10: Twenty swastikas found on walls and columns on Paris’ Rue de Rivoli (Israel Hayom)

November 19: Appeal by accused killer of Mireille Know to drop anti-Semitic charge rejected by French Court (Algemeiner) 

November 25: French police investigating a series of anti-Semitic vandalism in the city of Mulhouse (Algemeiner)  

November 30: Anti-Semitic thug who assaulted Jewish street artist in Strasbourg sentenced to six months by French court (Algemeiner)

December 7: French lawyer at the trial of Charlie Hebdo/Hyper Cache suspects linked to the attack, decry downplaying of anti-Semitism at trial (Algemeiner

December 9: A man who stabbed a non-Jewish neighbor and told police that robots told him to “kill a Jew” is found unfit to stand trial (Cleveland Jewish News)

December 16: French court finds 14 accomplices guilty for the attack on Charlie Hebdo & a kosher market that killed 17 (New York Times) 

December 19: French Jewish family attacked after playing Hebrew songs in their car (Jerusalem Post)

December 20: Runner-up in the Miss France contest target of anti-Semitic tweets after revealing her family is partly of Israeli origin (Euro News) 

December 31: Thirty-three-year-old man convicted by a French court for attempted assault and threatening Jewish TV presenter who had criticized a rapper’s anti-Semitic album (Algemeiner)


January 2: German Jewish pianist Igor warns of anti-Semitism in Germany after being threatened by anti-Semitic death threat before a November concert (JTA)

January 8: Two more violent anti-Semitic incidents investigated in Berlin (JTA) 

January 14: German police raid Islamists planning attacks that may have included one on a Berlin synagogue (JTA)

January 14: Jewish Councillor in Munich who was disinvited to yearly anti-war conference charges organizers anti-Semitic (Algemeiner) 

January 17: Seven hundred-year-old sculpture of “jew-pig” in Wittenberg Church is subject of a court battle on removal (New York Times)

January 19: Jewish man working in Chancellor Merkel’s chancellery files complaint over anti-Semitism from his co-workers (Jerusalem Post)

January 19: Munich conference canceled after the rejection of a pro-Israel speaker sparks anti-Semitism claims (JTA)

January 20: German news outlet Deutsche Welle rocked by an alleged anti-Semitism report (Jerusalem Post)

January 23: Germany bans neo-Nazi group, Combat 18 Deutschland. (AP News)

January 26: Foreign Minister urges Germans to fight anti-Semitism before the Jewish community leaves Germany (New York Times

January 28: Two CDU politicians criticized for highlighting Muslim anti-Semitism on Holocaust Memorial day (Algemeiner)

February 9: German Jewish leaders and organizations call for Green Party MP to resign from BDS group (Jerusalem Post)

February 10: Cardinal of Cologne says German Christians must speak out when they witness anti-Semitism (The Tablet) 

February 11: German state launches investigation into the police response to the attack on the Halle synagogue (JTA) 

February 11: Humboldt University in Berlin to host a pro-BDS event with an anti-Israel academic who critics allege to be anti-Semitic (Jerusalem Post) 

February 17: Berlin’s commissioner to fight anti-Semitism slams Humboldt University’s BDS event (Jerusalem Post) 

February 21: Switching gears, the German government focuses on combatting an increasingly organized radical right (Times of Israel) 

February 23: German cabinet cracks down on extremism by supporting legislation that requires social media companies to report hate speech, including anti-Semitism, to the government (Jewish News)

February 26: Berlin commissioner to fight anti-Semitism urges Chancellor Merkel to ban Hezbollah (Jerusalem Post

February 26: Berlin prosecutor releases report on anti-Semitism in the city (Berlin Spectator)

March 1: Germany’s anti-Semitism commissioner, Felix Klein, calls out University lecture on Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun (Deutsche Welle)

March 10: Germany opens center in Berlin for victims of  anti-Semitic attacks (Algemeiner)

March 19: Germany raids ten sites and shuts down anti-Semitic group (Everything Lubbock

March 22: Head of ADL says there are clear links between white supremacists in the United States and the international far-right (NBC) Also see the United States

March 26: German anti-Semitism commissioner says Jews and Israel are the main targets of coronavirus hate speech online (Algemeiner)

March 29: German journalist walks back criticism of Israel as a “Corona Dictatorship” after his latest article which bashes Israel (Jerusalem Post)

April 10: Sticker blaming Jews for coronavirus found in a German subway car (Jerusalem Post) 

April 14: German anti-Semitism commissioner criticizes invitation to South African academic to address festival (Jerusalem Post)

April 13: Fear grows in Germany about rising anti-Semitism tied to COVID-19 (Algemeiner)  

April 21: Holocaust remembrance zoom session hosted by Israel embassy in Berlin is invaded by anti-Semites (Times of Israel) 

April 24: German drug store chain features ad with anti-Semitic 9/11 conspiracy rapper (Jerusalem Post) 

April 30: Germany designates Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and bans its activities in Germany (Deutsche Welle)  

May 1: German Catholic Bishops Conference accepts German Church’s complicity in support of the Nazi regime in WWII (Algemeiner) 

May 3: Paper associated with Iran’s supreme leader says Hezbollah was banned because Germany is afraid of the “child-killer” Israel (Jerusalem Post) Also see Iran

May 5: Iranian paper associated with regime’s student militants calls out Merkel as worse than Hitler and says German Ambassador in Tehran is a Zionist agent (Jerusalem Post) Also see Iran

May 5: World Zionist Organization calls out recent anti-Semitic incidents in Germany and Italy (Jerusalem Post) Also see Italy

May 7: Survey of anti-Semitic incidents in four German states reveals a significant proportion of incidents associated with far-right and finds that anti-Semitic incidents rose after the Halle attack (Deutsche Welle)

May 10: Germany sees a 13% rise in anti-Semitic crime in 2019 per annual Federal Criminal Police Office report (Deutsche Welle) 

May 12: German Jewish group asks local governments and media to help thwart anti-Semitic pandemic conspiracy theories (JTA) 

May 17: German police crackdown on extreme right anti-lockdown protestors, some of who are carrying anti-Semitic signs (Financial Times) 

May 27: German Interior Minister blames the increase in German anti-Semitism on right-wing extremists (NBC News) 

May 31: Der Spiegel accused again of anti-Semitism after article asks if a newspaper reporter who was reporting on measures against the coronavirus was from the Israeli Embassy (Jerusalem Post) 

June 1: In response to German Jewish group’s charge of trivializing the Holocaust, Munich bans use of Yellow Star armbands at coronavirus protests (JTA)

June 4: German intel file documents anti-Semitism with German Muslim associations— including Syrian teacher saying “all Jews belong in gas chambers” (Jerusalem Post)

June 11: Germany misclassifies the source of anti-Semitism (as almost entirely coming from the far right) in the latest reports showing a rise in anti-Semitism  in Germany in 2019 (National Review

June 13: German Foreign Ministry reverses a policy and now classifies Iranian official’s call to eliminate Israel as anti-Semitic (Jerusalem Post)

June 18: German celebrity chef posts anti-Semitic canards, including a claim that Chancellor Angela Merkel was appointed by Zionists (JTA

June 19: Anti-Semitic sculpture on a 14th-century church is covered up after courts forbid its removal (JTA) 

June 20: Israeli author prevails in a German lawsuit brought by anti-Israel activist over a charge of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

June 23: Antisemitic, neo-Nazi group, Nordadler, is banned by German Interior Ministry (Deutsche Welle) 

June 24: Germany’s anti-Semitism commissioner, Felix Klein, believes all anti-Semitic church sculptures in Germany should be removed and placed in museums (Jerusalem Post

July 1: Berlin Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which reports to the German Interior Ministry, says “Iran massively promoted” anti-Semitism (World Israel News)

July 3: Fear that the German elite military force is being infiltrated by neo-nazis (New York Times) 

July 5: Head of Frankfurt Jewish community asks that Green MP disassociates himself from BDS (Jerusalem Post) 

June 30: German security service concludes that Iran is leading state sponsor of anti-Semitism (i24 News) Also see Iran

July 11: Munich Rabbi harassed with anti-Israel verbal abuse by Arabic speaking men (Jerusalem Post) 

July 13: German officials criticize bystanders for “Lack of Civil Courage” after they fail to intervene as Munich Rabbi verbally accosted (Algemeiner)

July 13: Dozens of graves in Europe’s oldest Jewish cemetery vandalized (Jerusalem Post) 

July 15: Jewish community of Cologne angered by defacing of Holocaust memorial dedicated to child victims by animal rights activists (Algemeiner) 

July 16: Two Germans arrested over a far-right, anti-Semitic website (WGEM) 

July 16: Far-right leaders to go to jail for insulting a Jewish leader (JTA) 

July 20: German Defense Minister says right-wing soldiers who admire the Nazi-era Wehrmacht have no place in today’s German military (Times of Israel) 

July 21: German anti-Semitism commissioner says anti-Semitism is deep-rooted in German society (Deutsche Welle) 

July 24: Top German official tasked with combatting anti-Semitism calls for investigation of a celebrity chef who propagates  anti-Semitic conspiracy theories (Algemeiner)

July 31: German train station vandalized with nazi flag and anti-Semitic graffiti (i24 News) 

August 2: Rally against coronavirus in Berlin includes neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic signs (JTA

August 5: BDS activist convicted in Berlin for assault during a presentation by an Israeli survivor of the Holocaust (Jerusalem Post) 

August 10: Head of a German national security agency warns that anti-Semitism presents a dire threat to Germany (Algemeiner) 

August 19: Police in Berlin investigating an attack on an Israeli-owned bar (JTA) 

August 27: The Netherlands extradites head of antisemitic, Goyim party group to Germany (Times of Israel) Also see the Netherlands

August 31: Far-right protestors associated with anti-Semitism gather in Berlin as hundreds try to break into German parliament (JTA) 

September 8: Heidelberg fraternity under investigation for anti-Semitism after being accused of verbally and physically abusing a Jewish student (Deutsche Welle)

September 9: NGO finds rising anti-Semitism level in reaction to the government’s policies to contain COVID-19 (Berlin Spectator) 

September 15: Chancellor Merkel says anti-Semitism in Germany today is a disgrace and that it shames her (Star Tribune)

September 16: Twenty-nine German police officers suspended for participating in neo-Nazi chat groups (Washington Post)

September 18: Germany pledges an additional $26 million for Jewish security (Cleveland Jewish News)

September 22: Analysis by NGO, RIAS, shows a rise of anti-Semitism in Berlin in the first half of 2020 (Algemeiner)

October 4: Violent assault on a Jewish student leaving a Hamburg synagogue on Sukkot (New York Times) 

October 7: German student, 14, accused of planning an armed attack against synagogue or mosque (JTA) 

October 7: Berlin synagogue mezuzah vandalized with a swastika (JTA) 

October 9: German domestic security head says Jews facing increasing levels of anti-Semitism (Deutsche Welle) 

October 9: Swastika painted on artwork honoring victims of an anti-Semitic attack in Halle, Germany (Euro News) 

October 12: Israel’s Berlin embassy accused a Berlin arts college of supporting anti-Semitism by supporting a program titled “School for Unlearning Zionism” (Jerusalem Post

October 12: Human chain formed around a synagogue in the German town of Bad Nauheim in a gesture of solidarity against anti-Semitism (Algemeiner)

October 14: German politician calls for investigation of elite university fraternities after attack against Heidelberg Jewish student (Algemeiner) 

October 17: Deputy Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism criticizes three German MPs for supporting BDS (Jerusalem Post) Also see the United States

October 30: German football club adopts IHRA working definition (Deutsche Welle)

November 7: Cartoonists lampoon anti-Semitism in new German book, Antisemitism for Beginners (Deutsche Welle)

November 11: Vandals destroyed Plexiglas statues of Jewish athletes in what is believed to be an anti-Semitic incident (Deutsche Welle)

November 11: Far-right activists mar commemorations of Kristallnacht in Dresden (Algemeiner)

November 18: Swastikas carved into Jewish gravestone, Jewish gravestone spray-painted with swastikas and stumbling blocks commemorating Holocaust victims spray-painted in Germany while former synagogue in Ukraine vandalized with swastikas (JTA) Also see Ukraine

November 19: Prosecutors in synagogue attack in Halle demand a term of life for the accused (European Jewish Congress) 

November 23: Synagogue in Essen, Germany vandalized by an assailant who shattered a synagogue window with a concrete block (European Jewish Congress) 

November 23: Far-right activists plan to protest Zionism in front of a synagogue (JTA) 

November 24: Germany’s Commissioner for Jewish Life In Germany says anti-Semitism is a common attitude among many protesting pandemic lockdown measures (AP News

November 27: German soldiers suspected of running an anti-Semitic chat group (Jerusalem Post) 

November 30: Youth wing of the Socialist Democratic Party accused of anti-Semitism after it passed a solidarity resolution with the youth wing of the Fatah party (Algemeiner

December 1: Germany bans armed neo-Nazi group and police raid results in weapons seizure (Times of Israel) 

December 8: Bavaria to leave medieval anti-Jewish sculptures on churches but put up signage explaining the history (ABC News)  

December 11: German cultural leaders oppose a ban on government-supported institutions that promote BDS (New York Times

December 12: Joint German-Austrian operation against neo-Nazi network finds arms (Times of Israel) Also see Austria

December 21: Halle synagogue shooter receives life sentence (JTA) 

December 22: German Catholic bishop sounds alarm over anti-Semitic “relapse” into the Middle Ages over coronavirus conspiracy theories (Algemeiner) 

December 25: Memorial to victims at Halle Synagogue shooting vandalized and structure inside Jewish cemetery in Brumbach, Germany destroyed (Jerusalem Post)

December 30: German anti-Semitism watchdog warns of rising anti-Semitism in schools (Daily Sabah)


January 7: Star of David stolen from holocaust monument (JTA)

January 19: Synagogue and Holocaust memorial vandalized in a city in central Greece (Jerusalem Post) 

August 13: Greek air force memorial defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti (Algemeiner)

October 5: Greek Jewish cemetery desecrated days before the trial verdict against the neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn (Times of Israel)

October 20: Two Greek, Jewish cemeteries and a Holocaust memorial vandalized (JTA) 

October 23: Neo-nazi leader of the Golden Dawn party on the run from the police (Times of Israel) 

November 5: Newspaper publisher convicted of defamation and hate speech after attacks on the former head of the Greek Jewish community (JTA) 

November 12: Anti-vaccination, Greek paper likens Pfizer’s Jewish CEO with Nazis (JTA)

December 4: “Jesus Wins” spray-painted on synagogue and Holocaust monument in Larissa, Greece (JTA) 

December 31: Greek Jewish community calls for condemnation and repair of Holocaust Memorial sites in Drama (Neos Kosmos)


January 7: Anti-Semite Beatrix Siklosi named head of Hungarian national radio (Hungarian Spectrum)

January 23: Hungarian Justice Minister claims the government has zero-tolerance toward anti-Semitism and that the Hungarian Jewish community is the most secure Jewish community in Europe (Jerusalem Post)

January 29: While the government highlights Hungary’s commitment to the Jewish community, it is countersuing Hungarian Holocaust survivors who had filed suit against the government (Hungarian Free Press)

February 12: Fidesz MEP tells European parliament that Hungary’s Jews are safe while Western European anti-Semitism is growing (Hungary Today)

March 16: Jewish cemetery in southern Hungary is vandalized (JTA)

March 31: New school curriculum is criticized for whitewashing history and elevating anti-Semites (Deutsche Welle) 

March 12: Orban regime propagandist links coronavirus, immigrants and Soros (Hungarian Spectrum) 

April 29: President of Hungarian Parliament and long-time colleague of Prime Minister Orban, László Kövér, calls opposition member in parliament foreign agents in the pay of international financial elites and then names several Jews who are behind them (Hungarian Spectrum) 

June 4: How Viktor Orban and his allies use history and the Trianon treaty to justify what happened to Hungarian Jews during WWII and use dog-whistle anti-Semitism for political purposes (New Statesman)

July 25: Upon his return from Brussels, Prime Minister Orban employs a slang word that is used by far-right extremists and has both homophobic and  anti-Semitic connotations, to describe other EU Prime Ministers (Hungarian Spectrum) 

August 19: Although the Orban government claims zero tolerance for antisemitism, well-known anti-Semitic historian, Erno Raffay, honored with a government award (Hungarian Spectrum) 

August 23: Hungarian Foreign Minister lashes out at German Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Michael Roth, after an interview of Roth in which he mentions anti-Semitism in Hungary and argues for reducing EU funding of the Orban government (Hungarian Spectrum)

August 23: Hungary summons German Ambassador over German officials criticism of anti-Semitism in Hungary (Reuters) 

September 11: Analysis of rising anti-Semitism in Hungary and Poland (Balkan Insight) Also see Poland

September 23: Several Jewish leaders in Budapest criticize candidate of the opposition in parliamentary elections for past anti-Semitic statements (Budapest Times

September 21: Pava Street Holocaust Memorial Center may have to partner with three government-controlled, Hungarian research institutes who have engaged with Holocaust distortion or anti-Semitism (Népszava) Note: this article is in Hungarian but will be translated into English on a Chrome browser

October 16: Orban calls out leading Hungarian Jewish organization for not opposing strongly enough the picking of an anti-Semitic candidate to represent the united opposition parties in a race for a parliamentary seat (JTA)

November 3: Headstones smashed in Jewish cemeteries in Hungary and Moldova (JTA) Also see Moldova

November 29: Hungarian official retracts comparison of Soros to Hitler (Star Tribune) 

November 30: Hungarian officials’ malicious attack on Soros has become predictable for Orban supporters (Balkan Insight)

December 17: Rising anti-Semitism in Hungary worries Jewish groups (Deutsche Welle) 


September 29: Neo-Nazis in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland circulate anti-Semitic pamphlets and, in one case, gather outside a synagogue on Yom Kippur (JTA) Also see Denmark, European Union, Norway and Sweden

November 3: Book calling Holocaust a hoax to appear in bookstores during the Christmas season (JTA)


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


February 21: Iran’s Foreign Minister says the Middle East has no record of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

February 24: Hardline Iranian students threaten to destroy Jewish heritage sites in retaliation for Trump’s peace plan (JTA) 

March 9: Iran’s English language propaganda TV engages in conspiracy theories about Israeli manufacturing of coronavirus to attack Iran (Jerusalem Post

April 3: ADL issues report on Iranian, anti-Semitic, coronavirus theories (Jewish Journal

April 14: Iran Health Ministry sponsors coronavirus cartoon contest that includes anti-Semitic cartoons (Jerusalem Post) 

May 3: Paper associated with Iran’s supreme leader says Hezbollah was banned because Germany is afraid of the “child-killer” Israel (Jerusalem Post) Also see Germany

May 5: Iranian paper associated with regime’s student militants calls out Merkel as worse than Hitler and says German Ambassador in Tehran is a Zionist agent (Jerusalem Post) Also see Germany

May 18: Iran’s Supreme Leader lashes out at Israel and UK with anti-Zionist rant (Jerusalem Post) 

May 18: In the wake of threats by regime supporters that threatened the Tomb of Mordecai and Esther, the historic Jewish holy site is the target of arson (JTA)

May 19: Supreme Leader releases pro-Palestinian poster with the slogan “Final Solution” (Jewish Journal) 

May 20: Former Iranian intelligence chief involved in AMIA bombing in Argentina in 1995 is sanctioned by U.S. (JTA) Also see the United States

May 22: U.S. and EU criticize Khamenei’s for calling Israel a cancerous tumor to be removed (Reuters) 

May 25: Twitter to take down Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s Twitter account because of its anti-Semitic and genocidal content (Times of Israel) Also see Israel

May 26: Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister calls upon Twitter to take down Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s Twitter account because of its anti-Semitic and genocidal content (Times of Israel) Also see Israel

July 29: Twitter exec won’t answer a question in Knesset hearing about why Twitter allows Iran’s leader to advocate for the destruction of Israel (Algemeiner) Also see Israel

September 2: Iran’s Ali Khamenei slams Israel UAE relationship and uses anti-Semitic tweet against Jared Kushner (Jerusalem Post)

November 15: Iran media pushes Holocaust denial while arguing Jews were responsible for the 6th century Holocaust in Yemen (Jerusalem Post)


February 17:  Newly elected Irish MP claims Israel’s Mossad was responsible for Corbyn’s defeat (Algemeiner)

February 19: Head of Dublin Jewish community criticizes newly elected Sinn Fein MP for likening Israelis to Nazis (Jewish News) 

May 20: Irish member of EU Parliament criticizes Jewish student group and lectures them on what anti-Semitism is and isn’t after they condemn her involvement with a BDS seminar (Algemeiner) 

June 17: BDS bill criminalizing business with Israeli settlement is shelved by the incoming government (Algemeiner)


January 3: Campaign to take anti-Semitic posts off social media sites (Jerusalem Post)

January 17: Worshipers outside Al-Aqsa Mosque chant about killing jews (JTA)

January 22: World leaders gather in Jerusalem to mark the Holocaust and fight anti-Semitism (New York Times)

January 23: Key quotes from world leaders at the Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem (New York Times) 

January 28: ISIS announces it will focus attacks on Israel and addresses Jews “usurping” from Muslims (JTA)

February 20: Israel calls upon Belgium to scrap carnival that last year featured an anti-Semitic float (AP News) Also see Belgium

March 19: Israeli Ministry issues report detailing the spread of  anti-Semitic coronavirus conspiracy theories (Israel Hayom) 

March 31: Israeli Foreign Ministry report warns of rising anti-Semitism stirred up by the coronavirus pandemic (Y Net News) 

April 20: Kantor Center 2019 report finds a significant rise in anti-Semitism (European Jewish Congress) 

April 20: Israeli Foreign Ministry condemns comparison on pro-Palestinian social media of Israel, represented by “COVID-48” hashtag, to coronavirus (Algemeiner)

April 30: Israel could be charged with war crimes after finding that Palestine is a state (JTA) 

May 25: Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister calls upon Twitter to take down Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s Twitter account because of its anti-Semitic and genocidal content (Times of Israel) Also see Iran

May 28: Israel NGO’s Torah study is zoom-bombed with Nazi imagery and chants of ‘Free Palestine’ (Jewish Journal) 

June 9: Israel pushes back against efforts to blame it for U.S. police brutality (Algemeiner) Also see the United States 

July 29: Twitter exec won’t answer a question in Knesset hearing about why Twitter allows Iran’s leader to advocate for the destruction of Israel (Algemeiner) Also see Iran

September 15: Protesters outside White House liken Bibi Netanyahu to Hitler (Algemeiner) Also see the United States

October 1: Israel’s Diaspora Minister calls on to Amazon pull anti-Semitic books (Algemeiner) 

October 27: Israeli Holocaust survivor organizations decry the appointment of a far-right politician to lead Yad Vashem (JTA) 

November 12: November 12: EU and Israel discuss measures to counter online anti-Semitism (European Jewish Press) Also see European Union

November 28: Candidate for Yad Vashem head draws international controversy (New York Times) 

December 23: Ukrainian airline fined by an Israeli court for anti-Semitic remarks by employees Also see Ukraine


January 2: Italian politician who tells fascist youth to stop public  anti-Semitic rants is physically assaulted (JTA) 

January 19: Italy adopts IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

January 20: Italian Jews praise appointment of a national coordinator to deal with rising anti-Semitism (Algemeiner) 

January 24: Anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled on the door of the home of concentration camp survivor’s son in Italy (Times of Israel) 

January 24: Hundreds protest in Piedmont town after the anti-Semitic vandalism at the home where a survivor of concentration camp lived (Yahoo News)

January 28: Anti-Semitic graffiti found at multiple locations around Italy on Holocaust Memorial day (Stripes) 

January 31: In a poll, 15% of Italians say the Holocaust never happened (JTA) 

February 10: Uproar follows vandalizing of the house of Jewish holocaust victims in northern Italy with swastikas (Algemeiner

March 6: Study finds an increase in anti-Semitism in Italy (Algemeiner) 

March 26: Italian artist revives blood libel with a graphic painting of sinister hook-nosed Jews killing a medieval child martyr, Simon of Trento (Algemeiner)

April 3: Prominent, Italian-Catholic Bishop denounces anti-Semitic painting (Camera) 

May 5: World Zionist Organization calls out recent anti-Semitic incidents in Germany and Italy (Jerusalem Post) Also see Germany

December 21: Vandals create anti-Semitic message on sign for Jewish Congregation of Venice (Herald Tribune)


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


November 5: Prominent Jordanian cleric recommended that his followers read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Mein Kampf (Jewish News Syndicate)


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


January 2: Lebanese Foreign Minister describes Israel as a theocracy similar to ISIS and Al Qaeda at a conference on Christian persecution and is called out for anti-Semitism by Trump Administration from AID (JTA)

June 18: ADL report finds Hezbollah textbooks from kindergarten teaches hatred of Jews and support for terrorism (Times of Israel) 


January 14: Lithuania follows Poland’s lead and proposes controversial Holocaust law (JTA)

May 3: Chairs with fake money placed on top of former Jewish cemetery where tourists, hotel and restaurant interests want to build conference center (JTA) 

June 30: Lithuania may dedicate 2021 to alleged participant in Holocaust pogrom (Times of Israel) 

August 3: Monument in Vilnius to Vilna Gaon vandalized for the second time in just over a month (UrduPoint) 

August 27: Alleged Holocaust distorter named as a top adviser at the state museum on Genocide (JTA) 

September 1: Lithuanian police arrest academic activist who criticizes glorification of antisemitic WWII era leaders (JTA) 

October 2: Challenge to government’s plan to construct a convention center atop historic Jewish cemetery (Algemeiner) 


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


July 31: Despite ongoing anti-Semitic attitudes scholar finds some positive trends in rejection of virulent anti-Semitism among some populations in Malaysia (Times of Israel)


January 15: Mauritanian official resigns after posting an anti-Semitic tweet (Times of Israel)


September 7: Outrage over Nazi image displayed at Volkswagen dealership in Mexico (Algemeiner)


November 3: Headstones smashed in Jewish cemeteries in Hungary and Moldova (JTAAlso see Hungary


January 9: At a rally protesting Soleimani assassination, two women hold sign blaming Hassidic Jews for terrorism (JTA) 

January 15: Box made to look like homemade bomb left outside Amsterdam kosher restaurant (JTA)

January 26: Dutch Prime Minister apologizes for WW II era Dutch government’s failure to protect its Jewish population during Holocaust (JTA)

February 5: Jewish cemetery vandalized with swastikas and anti-Semitic language (JTA)

February 17: Record number of anti-Semitic incidents reported in 2019 in the Netherlands (JTA) 

February 19: During a parliamentary debate on anti-Semitic incidents, Dutch MP says Dutch Jews underreport incidents because of a lack of police support (Algemeiner) 

February 21: University students in Rotterdam accused of distributing racist and anti-Semitic images and language in chat groups (NL Times) 

February 24: Dutch railroad employees sing an inappropriate song about Jews over loudspeaker system (JTA) 

March 6: Dutch-Muslim leader accused of claiming Hitler was Jewish in a pro-Hamas email (JTA)

March 6: Dutch little league soccer coach calls one of his players a “cancer Jew” (JTA)

April 20: Dutch-Muslim politician tweets yellow Star of David to protest COVID-19 surveillance plan (JTA) 

April 29: Youth supporters of right-wing Dutch party share anti-Semitic comments and meme of Anne Frank snorting cocaine (JTA) 

May 8: Amsterdam Kosher restaurant vandalized for the second time by Syrian man (JTA) 

July 2: Dutch parliament votes to fight anti-Semitism  but defeats proposal to fund Jewish community security costs (JTA) 

August 26: A Dutch man is sentenced to eight months for placing a fake bomb at a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam (JTA) 

August 27: The Netherlands extradites head of anti-Semitic, Goyim party group to Germany (Times of Israel)  Also see Germany

September 7: Parcel shipped from the Netherlands to Israel marked with an anti-Semitic slur (Jerusalem Post) 

September 15: Amsterdam Jewish schools lose city subsidy because of excess parent contributions—which were necessary because the school needs to spend on security (JTA)

September 27: The city of Haarlem withdraws honor from a rapper who dismissed the severity of the Holocaust (JTA) 

October 2: Antwerp Jewish community loses army protection under the new government plan (JTA) 

October 5: Dutch Fox sports mistakenly adds anti-Semitic chants to the soundtrack of a live football match (JTA)

October 18: “Heil Hitler” chanted by a group protesting pandemic restriction in the Dutch city of Den Bosch (Algemeiner) 

November 8: Dutch Protestant church admits its failure to protect Dutch Jewry during WWII as well as the church’s role in advancing historic anti-Semitism (Waco Tribune-Herald

November 22: Members of the Board of the youth wing of the Forum for Democracy party are expelled for anti-Semitic and homophobic messages in app groups (NL Times

November 23: Leader of Forum For Democracy party resigns after youth wing’s anti-Semitic scandal (JTA) 

December 1: Leiden University to investigate anti-Semitism in a department of the Faculty of Law where a professor closely associated with the right-wing Forum for Democracy party (NL Times) 

December 14: The Netherlands appoints coordinator to combat anti-Semitism (Dutch News) 

December 14: Police arrest a man for painting swastikas on a Mosque and possibly on two synagogues near Amsterdam (JTA) 

December 19: Dutch government to appoint a coordinator to combat anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

New Zealand

January 24: Swastikas found painted on New Zealand synagogue (JTA)

April 17: Anti-Semitic graffiti found around a protest site (NZ Herald) 

September 2: Car in Wellington suburb defaced with Nazi graffiti (stuff) 

North Macedonia

January 23: North Macedonian Minister is subjected to anti-Semitic slurs by ruling party officials (Jerusalem Post) 

February 20: Jewish cabinet Minister, removed from office for speaking in front of a banner with country’s old controversial name, is hounded by anti-Semitic attacks (JTA


June 4: Norway will withhold one half of its allocation of funds for PA education over textbooks that promote hate and violence (JTA)

September 9: Norway police arrest suspect in 1982 bombing of Paris, Jewish restaurant that killed six (JTA) Also see France 

September 29: Neo-Nazis in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland circulate anti-Semitic pamphlets and, in one case, gather outside a synagogue on Yom Kippur (JTA) Also see Denmark, European Union, Iceland and Sweden

December 9: Norwegian Parliament endorses cutting aid to Palestinian over anti-Semitism and incitement in educational materials (Algemeiner)


April 2: Pakistan court overturns murder conviction of Daniel Pearl’s kidnapper (JTA

May 7: Pakistani cleric claims Jews invented the Coronavirus and will control the vaccine (Algemeiner)

December 24: Media freedom NGOs and Jewish groups condemn the release of four men involved with the 2002 murder of Daniel Pearl (Algemeiner) 

Palestinian Territories

January 19: Palestinian Authority’s daily columnist calls for a terrorist attack at upcoming Holocaust memorial event (Algemeiner)

January 19: Palestinian Authority columnist calls for a terrorist attack at upcoming Holocaust memorial event (Algemeiner) 

January 21: Palestinian Authority newspaper columnist calls for violence to disrupt events at Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem (JTA)

January 3: Palestinian Archbishop is accused of blood libel after accusing Israel of poisoning him (Algemeiner)

March 31: PA’s official press says Israel is inflicting Holocaust on Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails (Algemeiner)

March 31: Report says PA Prime Minister accused IDF soldiers of trying to spread coronavirus by wiping it on car door handles (Cleveland Jewish News) 

April 13: PA charges Israel is deliberately exposing Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails to the coronavirus (Algemeiner) 

May 18: European Parliament passes resolution condemning Palestinian Authority’s use of textbooks that promote hate and violence (JTA) Also see European Union

June 2: PLO releases cartoon suggesting Israeli support for U.S. police violence against George Floyd (Times Of Israel) 

July 21: Palestinian Foreign Minister claims Jews control Google and Apple (Algemeiner) 

September 22: NGO finds that new Palestinian textbooks show no signs of improvement when it comes to anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

October 7: Group of European Parliament MPs call for withholding funds from PA because of incitement in schools (Algemeiner) Also see European Union

November 9: Keynote speaker at Palestine Book Fair says Zionists made-up history and that European Jews have no historical ties with the land of Israel (Algemeiner

November 30: Over 100 Palestinian academics criticize the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism (The Jewish Chronicle) 


January 22: Polish lawmaker posts drawing of cows dressed in concentration camp clothes and yellow stars on social media (JTA)

January 23: Polish appeals court rules that Jewish paper does not have to use the term “German, Nazi” (JTA)

January 27: Poland and Israel condemn resurgent anti-Semitism at Auschwitz while Israeli President appeals to Poland to not allow the history of the Holocaust to be politicized (New York Times)

January 27: Israeli President Rivlin says too many Poles assisted Nazis with killing Jews (JTA) 

January 30: Poland urged to end the impasse over Polin Museum (Times of Israel)

February 19: Former Polish priest indicted for hate speech and Holocaust denial (JTA) 

March 4: Far-right legislator says natural selection during pogroms made Jews powerful and thus rabbis may have encouraged such violence against Jews (JTA) 

April 16: Poland blocks legislative attempt to prohibit restitution of private Jewish property (Times of Israel) 

April 17: Man arrested for smashing a window of Jewish community building and shout fascist slogans (JTA)

May 31: Polish historian sees coronavirus as the ‘Jewification’ of Europe (Jerusalem Post) 

June 4: Right-wing Polish journalist describes Jews as “ruthless” and the Holocaust “a myth” in a new book (JTA) 

June 15: Jewish cemetery in Poland vandalized with spray-paint (JTA)

June 15: Polish government TV attacks opposition candidate for President by charging he is willing to support restitution of Jewish property against the interests of the nation (Reuters)

June 16: Warsaw Jewish community expresses support for NGO fighting anti-Semitism in the wake of far-right attacks against the group (Algemeiner)

July 10: Polish presidential campaign ends with President Duda’s Law and Justice campaign insinuating that his rival will sell out the country to Jewish interests (Politico

July 15: U.S. Ambassador to Poland draws an anti-Semitic attack from Polish far-right after she condemns former Polish Defense Minister for bigotry during recent presidential elections (Algemeiner) 

July 30: U.S. State Department report criticizes Poland and other central and eastern European countries on holocaust restitution (Times of Israel) Also see the U.S.

September 11: Analysis of rising anti-Semitism in Hungary and Poland (Balkan Insight) Also see Hungary

September 14: Three Jewish cemeteries vandalized in Poland (JTA) 

September 16: Co-Chairs of Senate Task Force on anti-Semitism, Senators Rosen and Lankford, call out Poland’s ruling party for anti-Semitic attacks (Cleveland Jewish News) Also see the United States

September 18: Polish lower house votes to ban the export of kosher and halal meat (JTA)

September 20: Archbishop bans visiting, anti-Semitic, Polish priest, Father Rydzyk, from speaking to Edmonson parish (Jerusalem Post) Also see Canada

October 9: Polish politician who called Holocaust memorial a “scandal” is appointed national education minister (JTA) 

October 14: Poland will ban the export of Kosher slaughtered meat as of 2025 (JTA) 

November 6: Poland withdraws bill banning the export of kosher meat and says it will advance a new bill to restrict ritual slaughter (JTA) 

December 18: Polish Supreme Court finds against local Catholic parish and rewards daughter of Holocaust survivor ownership of family’s property despite intervention of Poland’s Justice Minister (Haaretz) 


February 2: Portuguese cartoonist publishes an anti-Semitic cartoon (Jerusalem Post)

February 3: Portuguese politicians apologizes for describing a WWII era rescuer of Jews as a “loan shark.” (JTA


May 28: Qatar’s Al Jazeera broadcasts anti-Semitic tirade of an Islamic cleric who appealed for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews (Algemeiner) 

August 26: Study finds anti-Semitic tropes central part of Qatar educational system (Algemeiner


March 9: Romania appoints a senior official to an office dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism (Benzinga) 

April 12: Senior Romanian priest alleged to liken Jews to coronavirus in Easter-greeting (Times of Israel) 

September 18: Holocaust monuments vandalized in Romania and Russia (JTA) Also see Russia


April 6: U.S. State Department sanctions Russian, neo-Nazi group as a terrorist group (Algemeiner) Also see U.S.

April 13: Sova report on anti-Semitic incidents in Russia during the first quarter of 2020 (Russian Jewish Congress) 

April 13: Synagogue in Arkhangelsk badly damaged in anti-Semitic arson incident (Russian Jewish Congress) 

July 30: Dozens of Russian, Jewish headstones destroyed (JTA) 

August 4: New study finds Jews in Russia fear a return of state anti-Semitism in the future despite current low levels of anti-Semitism (The Medialine) 

September 18: Holocaust monuments vandalized in Romania and Russia (JTA) Also see Romania

September 24: Drunk shouting Judeo-phobic slogans attacks Jewish organization in eastern Moscow (Israel Hayom)

September 29: Neo-Nazis in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland circulate anti-Semitic pamphlets and, in one case, gather outside a synagogue on Yom Kippur (JTA) Also see Denmark, European Union, Iceland and Norway

October 2: Russian authorities stage rabbi’s death to catch anti-Semitic terrorists who wanted him killed (JTA) 

December 22: Two new reports on anti-Semitism in Russia (Fair Observer)

Saudi Arabia

June 11:  Saudi cleric, head of Muslim World League, sees battling anti-Semitism as a religious duty (Yahoo News) 

June 25: Saudi cleric attacked for denouncing anti-Semitism (Algemeiner) 

December 17: Monitoring group finds a reduction in anti-Semitic and anti-zionist material in Saudi textbooks (Times of Israel)


February 7: West Lothian Council becomes the third local council in Scotland to adopt the IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (Linlithgow Gazette) Also see the United Kingdom

March 4: Scottish National Party (SNP) readmits MP after anti-Semitism probe (BBC) Also see the United Kingdom

April 5: Former MP steps down from court position after remarks trivializing and the Holocaust (The Sunday Times) Also see the United Kingdom

April 12: Landlord to Scottish bagel shop owner who asked to postpone rent relaxation—this is “typical Jewish behavior”  (JTA) Also see the UK

June 2: MP, Neale Hanvey, was readmitted to the Scottish National Party (SNP) after a six-month suspension for what the MP has admitted were anti-Semitic posts, including an attack on Soros (The National) 

October 8: Glasgow football stadium vandalized with “Palestinian Blood” graffiti before of match with Israel (Algemeiner) Also see the United Kingdom

December 1: Neale Hanvey elected to Scottish National Party (SNP) body investigating misbehavior allegations despite having been suspended from the SNP for using anti-Semitic language in the past (The Press and Journal) Also see the United Kingdom


June 3: Serbian Education Ministry adds IHRA’s Working Definition of anti-Semitism to its website (JTA) 


January 21: Young boys identified as perpetrators in vandalism of Jewish cemetery in Slovakia (JTA)

October 13: Slovakia far-right leader convicted gets four years in jail for using neo-Nazi symbols (Times of Israel


January 14: Slovenian court voids Nazi collaborator’s treason conviction (JTA) 

South Africa

February 2: South African Board of Jewish Deputies charges the South African BDS organization of releasing an anti-Semitic cartoon (Jerusalem Post) 

February 3: Anti-Semitic incidents fall to a 15 year low according to South African Board of Jewish Deputies (Cleveland Jewish News)

March 18: Prominent BDS leader falsely claims that Israel will not provide Arab citizens with coronavirus information (Algemeiner) 

October 27: South African court hands first criminal conviction for online anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)


January 10: Spain names politician who called Israel an “illegal state” as Deputy Prime Minister (JTA)

January 15: Spanish Court strikes down BDS municipal pledge (Algemeiner)

February 25: Carnival float in Spain features Nazi uniforms and trains with crematoria (JTA) 

March 2: Second Spanish carnival features Auschwitz and anti-Semitic themes (Times of Israel)

May 15: Spanish regional state hires a group accused of anti-Semitism to carry out anti-racism training for teachers (JTA)

May 19: Spanish regional government cancels tolerance seminar on racism for teachers after protests over the group which was to run conference was accused of anti-Semitism (JTA)

June 26: Court in Valencia declares pro-BDS boycott resolutions in two municipalities unconstitutional (JTA) 

July 22: Spanish government adopts IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (JTA) 

September 4: Simon Wiesenthal Centre urges Spanish PM to cancel an alleged anti-Semitic course at Public University of Navarre (Jerusalem Post) 

December 25: Jewish cemetery near Madrid painted with graffiti saying “Murdering Jews we will kill you.” (Jerusalem Post) 


January 31: Bag with Star of David containing soap and anti-Semitic literature left outside Holocaust display (JTA)

January 3: Swedish Jewish woman, 60, fights off three attackers who mocked her about her religion (JTA)

February 13: Woman kicked off of Swedish “Big Brother” after saying on-air, “I hate Jews”  (Times of Israel)

March 22: Overview of Sweden’s anti-Semitism problems includes the story of a young man who leaves the Nordic Resistance to fight  anti-Semitism (Haaretz)

September 2: Swedish Muslims at Malmo protest chant about killing Jews (JTA) 

October 8: Over 30% of social media posts about Jews are hostile per Swedish researchers (Algemeiner) 

October 27: Anti-Semitic books offered on the website of Malmo’s Arab Book Fair (Wiesenthal)

November 1: Malmo terminates Arab Book Fair over anti-Semitic texts (Jerusalem Post)


July 2: Survey of Jewish community exposes wide-spread experience of anti-Semitism in Switzerland (Algemeiner)

December 7: Switzerland’s Foundation against Racism and Anti-Semitism says Jews in Switzerland are fearful of increasing anti-Semitism during the pandemic (Swiss Info) 


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


January 24: The worst anti-Semitic incidents in Turkey in 2019 (Ahval News)

March 19: As coronavirus spreads, Turks turn to Jewish conspiracy theories to explain the threat (Haaretz) 

March 23: Turkish Jewish website, Avlaremo (Judeo-Spanish for “Let’s talk”) is concerned about the proliferation of pandemic conspiracies blaming Jews and reports on thousands of recent anti-Jewish tweets (Avlaremoz)

May 25: An organization of Turkish Jews warns of the widespread of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories associated with the spread of the pandemic (Jerusalem Post)


January 2: Israel and Poland Ambassadors to Ukraine condemn the glorification of Nazi collaboration (JTA)

January 7: Jewish student’s dorm room vandalized in a suspected anti-Semitic incident (JTA)

January 10: Ukrainian diplomat tells Israel to stay out of the debate over honoring Nazi collaborators (JTA) 

January 13: Jewish NGO releases report saying anti-Semitic incidents were lower in 2019 (Unian Information Agency) 

January 15: Ukrainian Jewish organization reports a 27% drop in anti-Semitic incidents in 2019; Jewish organizations in Ukraine differ on anti-Semitic levels (JTA)

January 19: Holocaust monument in western Ukraine vandalized (Times of Israel)

January 30: Senior Ukrainian economist says Ukraine’s leaders are secretly serving Israel and that Ukrainians let Jews “dominate” them (JTA) 

February 26: Drunk breaks into a western Ukraine synagogue shouting about “beating up the kikes” and assaults a congregant (JTA)

April 21: Ukrainian Jewish Center attacked with firebomb (JTA) 

May 10: Police official asks for a list of Jews in the western Ukraine city of Kolomyya (JTA) 

May 13: Head of Ukrainian police to investigate senior officer’s request for a list of Jews and Poles (JTA) 

May 10: Two young men with neo-Nazi ties are arrested after JCC and synagogue were attacked in Ukraine (Federation of the Jewish Communities of the CIS) 

May 21: Ukrainian police suspend official who asked for a list of Jews in the city of Kolomyya (JTA) 

July 28: Security Guard disarms ax-wielding man inside Ukraine synagogue (JTA)

September 1: Orthodox Jewish man assaulted outside a supermarket in Uman (JTA) 

October 15: Targeting Jewish president, Volodymyr Zelensky, nationalist marchers in Kyiv raise banner decrying “occupation and robbery” by “Jewish clan”  (Times of Israel)

October 20: Jewish teenager lightly wounded in a knife attack in Uman (JTA) 

November 9: Headstones smashed in Jewish cemetery in Ukraine (JTA) 

November 15: OSCE ODIHR records 44 cases of anti-Semitic hate crimes in Ukraine in 2019— the vast majority reported by the United Jewish Community of Ukraine (UJCU) (Unian Information Agency)

November 18: Swastikas carved into Jewish gravestone, Jewish gravestone spray-painted with swastikas and stumbling blocks commemorating Holocaust victims spray-painted in Germany while former synagogue in Ukraine vandalized with swastikas (JTA) Also see Germany

December 13: Ultranationalist topple Kyiv Hanukkah menorah while shouting “Jews to the graves” (JTA)

December 13: Ukrainian Foreign Minister condemns toppling of Kyiv Menorah (Algemeiner)

December 23: Ukrainian airline fined by an Israeli court for anti-Semitic remarks by employees (Times of Israel) Also see Israel

United Arab Emirates

No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.

United Kingdom

January 5: Labour shows “breathtaking” lack of humility for failing to understand internal anti-Semitism says London’s Labour mayor, Sadiq Khan (Jewish Chronicle)

January 6: British government to hold tech giants for anti-Semitism online (Jerusalem Post)

January 6: Jewish 13-year-old boy punched on a bus by attacker spewing anti-Semitic speech (JTA) 

January 6: Professional soccer player investigated after comments about Rothschilds and banks (Times of Israel) 

January 7: Labour leadership contender and Corbyn ally says the party did not do enough to counter anti-Semitism (Jewish News)

January 8: Crown Prosecution Service considering prosecuting of five Labour party members on charges of distribution or publishing anti-Semitic material likely to stir up racial hatred (Sky News)

January 8: Community Security Trust releases its 2018 anti-Semitic discourse report (Jewish Chronicle) 

January 11: Candidates for Labour leader are asked to sign a pledge to implement 10 point program to root out anti-Semitism (Mirror) 

January 14: UK Labour member says he was allegedly attacked as “foreign agent” for opposing motion condemning British Board of Deputies (Algemeiner) 

January 13: Labour affiliated group issues report that blames Israel for Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis (Jewish Chronicle)

January 15: Leading candidates for Labour leadership commit to supporting Board of Deputies’ 10 pledges to fight anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

January 17: Chelsea becomes first football club to adopt IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (Jewish News)

January 18: Candidates for Labour leadership clash over handling of anti-Semitism (Sky News) 

January 19: Corbyn nomination of his former chief of staff, Karie Murphy, for a peerage reignites anti-Semitism controversy in the Labour party (PoliticsHome)

January 20: New Labour MP tells students they should be ashamed of going to Zionist trips and conferences because they are supporting a racist ideology (The Jewish Chronicle)

January 21: Hardcore leftists attack a candidate for Labour leader, Rebbecca Long-Bailey for agreeing to adopt the Board of Deputies 10 point program to address anti-Semitism (Daily Mail)

January 23: The BBC slammed for allegedly linking Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to Holocaust complex (JTA) 

January 25: Amazon selling translations of Nazi-era anti-Semitic propaganda books (The Sun) 

January 25: Labour Shadow Minister failed to remove anti-Semitic Facebook posts for six months (The Telegraph) 

January 28: In new parliament 641 of 643 MPs sign up in support of IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (The Jewish Chronicle) 

February 1: British school to change logo that references English blood libel charge from the 13th century (Jerusalem Post)

February 2: Ex UK Speaker of Parliament says he suffered subtle anti-Semitism from his Conservative colleagues (Times of Israel

February 3: Greenwich Council condemns anti-Semitism after a spate of anti-Semitic graffiti in the area (News Shopper) 

February 5: UK anti-Semitic incidents hit a new high in 2019 (The Guardian) 

February 5: English soccer player faces suspension for tweeting about Rothschild controlling the banks and enriching themselves through war (Times of Israel)  

February 6: Latest CST anti-Semitism incident data shows a large rise in online hate (Jewish News) 

February 7: Three anti-Semitic hate crimes reported in under 24 hours in London (Jerusalem Post)

February 7: West Lothian Council becomes the third local council in Scotland to adopt the IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (Linlithgow Gazette) Also see Scotland

February 7: Film footage shows Chelsea fans giving Nazi salutes and singing Nazi songs (Evening Standard)

February 7: After the rise in anti-Semitic incidents affecting Jewish students and faculty, British Universities urged to act (Algemeiner) 

February 8: Local Labour Councilor, Jo Bird, is prohibited from running for Labour governing body as a result of her claiming anti-Semitism is privileged over other forms of bias and referring to a “Jew process” (The Jewish Chronicle)

February 11: Ninety-two percent of the pro-Corbyn organization within Labour, Momentum, believe charges of anti-Semitism against the party have been wildly exaggerated (The Jewish Chronicle)

February 12: Labour expels 25 members for anti-Semitism (Huffington Post) 

February 13: Oxford English Dictionary adds “yiddo” and definition of yid as fan of Tottenham Hotspurs football club (JTA) 

February 14: All four candidates for Labour leadership apologize to Jewish Labour Movement for anti-Semitism in the party at meeting where Lisa Nandy wins endorsement (BBC)

January 16: Pro-Corbyn, Jewish Voice for Labour officials were behind local constituency motion that attacked Board of Deputies and played down anti-Semitism in the party (Jewish Chronicle)

February 17: TalkRadio fined after hosting for George Galloway broadcast which broke UK impartiality rules in calling anti-Semitism charges against Labour and Corbyn ” a giant Goebbellian lie” (Jewish News)

February 20: Leading publisher pulls school textbook which asks students to reflect on whether Israel’s creation helped cause 9/11 (Telegraph)

February 21: Labour suspends councilor who is alleged to have claimed that Jews created ISIS (The Jewish Chronicle) 

February 22: Ex-Labour members and Corbyn supporters have been meeting with far-right activist to discuss anti-Semitic conspiracy theories (The Guardian

February 23: New heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, made anti-Semitic remarks about Jewish control of banks, media in 2016 (Jerusalem Post) 

February 26: Former Labour activist is charged in anti-Semitism investigation (The Guardian)

February 27: Labour hopefuls clash over anti-Semitism (Metro)

February 27: UK government urged to include anti-Semitism in its terrorist prevention program (Jewish News)

February 28: UK Embassy in Israel lists steps that the UK government is taking to deal with rising levels of anti-Semitism (Israel Today) 

February 28: British Lord says Israel is the puppet-master of the U.S. (Jewish Journal)

February 29: Welsh party activist who was suspended over anti-Semitic social media posts is reinstated and running for the Welsh Assembly (Jerusalem Post

March 2: Councillor who has said Labour is too apologetic for antisemitism, requests Tottenham Constituency Labour Council drop clause on zero tolerance of anti-Semitism (The Jewish Chronicle) 

March 4: Scottish National Party (SNP) readmits MP after anti-Semitism probe (BBC)  Also see Scottland

March 6: Labour to investigate after party activist brand Deputy Leader candidate a “Mossad agent” (Telegraph)

March 9: Parliament will debate funding of Palestinian textbooks that glorify martyrdom (Daily Mail) 

March 9: Labour suspends councillor candidate who attacked “Jewish hate-mongers” (The Jewish Chronicle)

March 9: Ex-Chair of Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) suspended from Labour for alleged Islamophobia charges that the real reason for suspension was his criticism of party’s anti-Semitism (Jewish News)

March 10: London play, “One Jewish Boy” about mixed-race, interfaith couple attracts audiences and sparks anti-Semitic reaction (JTA) 

March 13: Brighton’s Housing Chief resigns over charges of  anti-Semitism (The Argus)

March 14: Oxfam was selling two copies of the Protocols on its online site (The Times)

March 16: Anti-racist charity reserves a decision to appoint film maker Ken Loach a judge of a school competition after complaints about Loach’s rejecting claims of  anti-Semitism in the Labour party (The Jewish Chronicle) 

March 16: Report by the charity, the  anti-Semitism Policy Trust, analyzing government report on the government’s Online Harms White Paper (INACH)

March 23: Oxfam apologizes to Israel’s Ambassador in London for selling  anti-Semitic books on its online shop and has destroyed the books (The Jewish Chronicle) 

March 23: New Student Union president dressed up as a concentration camp inmate and joked about being gassed  (The Jewish Chronicle)

March 24: Racist sentenced to six weeks in jail after accosting Jewish family with rants of “dirty Jews” in St. Albans town center (Stalbans Review)

March 30: London synagogue online service is attacked by far-right activists with anti-Semitic and racist chat comments (The Jewish Chronicle)

April 2: British Home office allocates $17 million to Jewish institutions for security (JTA) 

April 2: Overwhelming favorite for next Labour leader pledges senior staff shakeup to tackle anti-Semitism  in the party (The Jewish Chronicle) 

April 4: New Labour chief apologizes to the Jewish community for the party’s anti-Semitism  and vows to tear this poison out of the party (Times of Israel)

April 5: Former MP steps down from court position after remarks trivializing and the Holocaust (The Sunday Times) Also see Scotland

April 5: New Labour head pledges to root out anti-Semitism  for the second time in 24 hours (Y Net)

April 8: CST releases study on anti-Semitism and the coronavirus that highlights how anti-Semites in the UK are copying anti-Semitic themes online developed by antisemites in the U.S. (The Jewish Chronicle) 

April 8: Link to CST Study (Community Security Trust)

April 8: Anti-Semitic imagery alleged in two UK political cartoons (The Forward) 

April 9: New Labour head prioritizes reaching out to the Jewish community and attacking a culture of anti-Semitism (The Atlantic) 

April 10: CST issues report on the rise of anti-Semitism linked to pandemic (European Jewish Press) 

April 12: Anti-Semitism campaigners accuse Corbyn allies of smearing whistleblower in party’s internal report (Warrington Guardian)

April 12: Landlord to Scottish bagel shop owner who asked to postpone rent relaxation—this is “typical Jewish behavior” (JTA)  Also see Scotland

April 13: Keir Starmer orders investigation into leaked internal Labour memo on anti-Semitism that claims Corbyn’s enemies within the party were responsible for anti-Semitism scandal (Whitchurch Herald) 

April 13: UK pharma publication carries story blaming Israel for Gaza coronavirus deaths appears to be lifted from a virulently anti-Israel publication (Algemeiner)

April 14: New Labour leader launches investigation (who commissioned it, its findings and how was it leaked) into party’s internal anti-Semitism report which blames anti-Corbyn staff for the inability of Labour to tackle anti-Semitism problem (BBC) 

April 17: Tory Councillor in Portsmouth suspended by the party after a photo leaked of a swastika on a sweet bun he had baked (The London Economic) 

April 19: Labour could be bankrupted by lawsuits after a leak of anti-Semitism report (The Jewish Chronicle)

April 21: Labour Shadow Home Secretary tags Hezbollah an “antisemitic, terrorist organization” (The Jewish Chronicle)

April 22: Conservative party co-chairs meet with UK Board of Deputies and discussion includes concerns over two Tory MPs who have engaged in Soros conspiracy theories (The Jewish Chronicle)

April 23: Ex-Labour MP and current Cheshire East Councillor defends Twitter post that said the party was under “Zionist control” (Algemeiner

April 24: Cambridge graduate accused of post calling for the extermination of the Jewish people (BBC) 

April 30: Labour leader, Keir Starmer, disciplined Labour MPs who met on Zoom with former Labour members who were suspended from the party for anti-Semitism (Daily Mail)

May 1: Anti-Semitic conspiracies posted on social media by former sports presenter, David Icke, have been viewed 30 million times (The Jewish Chronicle) 

May 1: Former Mayor of Brent is suspended by Labour for posting video that claims Jews control America (The Jewish Chronicle) 

May 4: Labour party claims Conservatives used anti-Semitic smears against their parliamentary candidate in February by-election (Borehamwood & Elstree Times)

May 4: Jewish groups critical of Labour’s reaction to two MPs who addressed group which included a number of ex-Labourites accused of anti-Semitism (JTA)

May 5: Labour’s General Secretary resigns after leak of Labour report on anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

May 6: BBC’s head of news says the anti-Semitic views of a public health expert who has been interviewed is mere political opinion (The Jewish Chronicle)

May 6: UK Board of Deputies calls on Facebook to take action against the ex-Labour activist for alleged threats (Algemeiner) 

May 7: Far-right extremist who had Christchurch manifesto and who lashed out against Jews, Muslim, LGBT communities was collecting bomb material (Independent)

May 8: Former Labour Mayor of Brent will undergo training over anti-Semitism video (The Jewish Chronicle) 

May 8: Former MEP, Nigel Farage, called out for alleged dog-whistle anti-Semitism in criticizing “North London commentators” in an anti-immigrant tirade (Indy 100)

May 14: Jewish Board of Deputies asks Facebook oversight board to adopt IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (Algemeiner) 

May 17: Two arrested in Hampsted, UK for vandalizing buildings, including a synagogue, with anti-Semitic graffiti (Ham & High)

May 17: Comedian prompts backlash for mocking the name of a Jewish parliamentarian (Algemeiner) 

May 17: Jewish Labour Movement set to meet with a Labour party leader for the first time since 2014 (The Jewish Chronicle) 

May 18: Tiktok video by UK man that mocks Holocaust victims’ tattoos is viewed over 600,000 times (Algemeiner) 

May 19: Roger Waters sings of taking back Palestine from the river to the sea in an online Nakba Day performance (Jewish Journal)

May 24: Nearly 20% of British in Oxford University study believe Israel has at least some connection with the spread of the pandemic (Algemeiner) 

May 25: Anti-Semitic banner taken down in London neighborhood (Algemeiner) 

May 30: Labour party suspends four Wavertree Labour Constituency officers pending an investigation of anti-Semitism (The Jewish Chronicel) 

June 1: Former Labour head, Jeremy Corbyn, questions the impartiality of ther Equalities and Human Rights Commission which will soon issue a report about anti-Semitism in the Labour party (Huffington Post) 

June 2: Man charged after video of verbal, anti-Semitic abuse of Jewish children on London Tube goes viral (Jewish News) 

June 5: Labour constituency chairman suspended from the party over anti-Semitism allegations (North Norfolk News) 

June 8: Conservative party ends suspension for Aberdeen councilor who seven years ago questioned aspects of the Holocaust on an internet forum (The Press and Journal

June 9: Former Labour activist expelled from the party for anti-Semitism claims people only care about the Holocaust because the victims were white (Algemeiner)

June 12: Motive is unclear as Chasidic Rabbi stabbed in London attack (Jewish Journal)

June 14: CST issues report on the urgent ongoing terror threat to Jewish communities from the far-right (Algemeiner) 

June 16: Speaker at protest organized to rid Oriel College, Oxford of statue to Cecil Rhodes focuses on Israel’s training of American police and is called out for anti-Semitism (Oxford Student

June 16: London man on a bus threatens to beat up Jewish man while shouting anti-Semitic insults (Jewish Journal) 

June 16: British academic David Miller who was suspended from the Labour party after charging that new Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, to money from “the Zionist movement,” quits the party and blamed Israel (The Times)  

June 17: Man shouts anti-Semitic rant at Jewish mother and baby on a London bus (Campaign Against Anti-Semitism) 

June 19: Three Jewish lawmakers who left Labour party over Corbyn’s antagonism toward Zionism and rising anti-Semitism in the party returned to the party (Jewish Journal)

June 19: Labour leader, Keir Starmer, vows to “Wash Clean the Stain of anti-Semitism” from the Labour party in virtual meeting with UK Jewish leaders (Algemeiner)  

June 21: London think tank finds conspiracy theories about George Soros spike on Facebook in the wake of the Black Lives Matters protests (Washington Post)

June 22: Top U.K. law firm fires employee over online anti-Semitism (Jewish News) 

June 24: London Mayor urges the Jewish community to not suffer in silence and instead to report all incidents of anti-Semitism (Jewish News) 

June 25: Labour lawmaker is demoted for posting article that claimed Israel was tied to George Floyd’s death (JTA) 

June 26: Labour party divided again over sacking of Long-Baily for her tweet which tied Israel to police abuse in U.S. (Bloomberg) 

June 27: Former London mayor, Ken Livingstone, says there is no anti-Semitism problem in Labour (Leading Britain’s Conversation) 

June 28: UK Jewish groups condemn Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage, for anti-Semitic dog whistle messages (The Guardian) 

June 28: Former Labour leader, Ed Miliband, defends sacking of Rebecca Long-Baily, and disagrees with left-wing Labourites that this sets a precedent that you can’t criticize Israeli policy (BBC) 

June 28: UK Black Lives Matter Twitter account states “[B]ritish politics is gagged of the right to critique Zionism and Israel’s settler colonial pursuits…” (Daily Mail)

June 29: Black Lives Matter UK says it a victim of media anti-Semitism smears and states it is still unclear whether Israel taught U.S. police restraint methods that led to George Floyd’s death (The Jewish Chronicle)

June 29: UK police charge man following anti-Semitic graffiti investigation at public bus stops (Enfield Independent) 

June 30: Re-instated Plaid Cymru party member accused of promoting anti-Semitism again (BBC) 

June 30: Black Lives Matter Oxford, a group supportive of but not part of Black Lives Matter, posts a copy of an anti-Semitic mural that was taken down in East London in 2012 (Daily Mail)

July 3: Conservative MP apologizes for tweeting an anti-Semitic poem that references Rothschilds and New World Order (Manchester Evening News) 

July 3: Premier League support for anti-racism message in the wake of George Floyd’s death causes controversy over charges against Black Lives Matter UK of anti-Semitism (Independent)

July 5: Labour MP Steve Reed calls Jewish businessman a “puppet-master” of the Tory government and claims he did not know he was Jewish (The Sun

July 6: Labour MP calls on local Labour Council leader to apologize for anti-Semitic tweets (Express and Star) 

July 7: American speaker falsely claims that in 2014 Israel tried to ship weapons of oppression to U.S. police and former Israeli negotiatior decries false use of anti-Semitism against Palestinians at UK Palestinian Expo (The Jewish Chronicle) 

July 7: BBC finds video aimed at children and promotes anti-Semitic death camp meme that was shared 6.5 million times on Tik Tok (BBC) 

July 8: West Midlands Council leader steps down after being suspended by the Labour party over allegations of anti-Semitism (The Jewish Chronicle) 

July 8: Twenty percent of UK believe Jews are, to some degree, responsible for the pandemic (J-Wire) 

July 10: TikTok removes videos that mocked Holocaust victims (Algemeiner) 

July 12: Labour MP says Zionism is a dangerous nationalism and is forced to step down from Shadow Cabinet (The Times) 

July 13: UK’s Commission to Counter Extremism issues report highlight rise of anti-Semitism during pandemic (Jewish News) 

July 15: Labour party suspends Brighton councillor over a Facebook post claiming the Rothschilds have controlled the worlds’ central banks for centuries (The Guardian)

July 15: Labour party to formally apologize as part of a settlement, to former Labour staffers who alleged they were defamed for whistleblowing on anti-Semitism in the party under former leader Jeremy Corbyn (The Guardian) 

July 16: TV star, Rachel Riley, wins legal battle with antisemtic internet troll (Algemeiner) 

July 17: Feuerkrieg Division becomes the third neo-Nazi group in the UK to be banned as a terrorist group by the government (Counter Terrorism) 

July 21: British councillor facing anti-Semitism inquiry, resigns from Labour party (The Jewish Chronicle) 

July 22: British anti-Semitism watchdog NGO claims twitter is suspending accounts that have star of David in their profile picture (Jewish Journal) 

July 22: Labour pays out damages to seven whistleblowers who called out antisemtism in the party as Corbyn and his allies decry the settlement (Sentinel and Enterprise) 

July 23: English lecturer fired after he says “Jewish people are the cleverest people in the world” (JTA) 

July 24: The head of the largest Muslim charity in the UK resigns after it is revealed he posted  anti-Semitic material (Arab News) 

July 24: Journalist and whistleblowers to sue Jeremy Corbyn for defamation (Times of Israel) 

July 24: Grime rapper/producer, Wiley, compares Jews to the Ku Klux Klan (The Guardian) 

July 25: Google, Amazon and Wish drop neo-Nazi and KKK merchandise after BBC report (Times of Israel) 

July 25: Wiley dropped by his management and may be investigated by police for anti-Semitic rant on social media (BBC) 

July 26: Thousands join 48 hour boycott in response to Twitters alleged weak response to the use of the platform by rapper to post anti-Semitic rant (NBC News)

July 26: Trustee of largest Muslim charity in UK steps down after anti-Semitic Facebook post (JTA) 

July 26: Labour party faces possible bankruptcy from suits filed over data protection and privacy breech from leak of report on anti-Semitism (City A.M.) 

July 27: British chief rabbi supports 48 hour boycott and calls out Twitter and Facebook for complicity in allowing hatred of Jews online (Times of Israel) 

July 29: Rapper, Wiley, banned from Twitter over anti-Semitic posts (Deadline) 

July 30: Community Security Trust (CST) finds a 13% drop in anti-Semitic incidents in the first six months of 2020 but this is still the third-highest level ever (The Jewish Chronicle)

July 30: UN expresses dismay at the anti-Semitic statements made by head of UK’s largest Islamic charity (Algemeiner) 

August 1: Unite union head and Corbyn backer criticizes Labour leadership for payout to whistleblowers over anti-Semitism investigation (Cumnock Chronicle)

August 1: Seven hundred music industry personalities sign letter criticizing Wiley’s anti-Semitic statements (Mirror) 

August 2: MP apologizes for alleged anti-Semitic tweet (BBC)

August 4: Corbyn’s local Labour party organization to decide whether to reject national party’s acceptance of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

August 4: Study finds high levels of anti-Semitic attitudes among UK Muslims (Times Of Israel)  

August 5: UK TV show criticized for anti-Semitism (Metro News) 

August 11: Pub patron tells Jewish student: “We should have f***ing gassed to lot of you” (JTA) 

August 11: NJ man pleads guilty to threatening the Jewish community of Lakewood with a baseball bat (JTA) 

August 11: Far-right NC congressional candidate deletes pictures of his visit to Hitler’s retreat which he said was on his bucket list (JTA) 

August 14: Pro-Corbyn MP criticizes Labour Party’s settlement with whistleblowers who reported on party’s anti-Semitism under Corbyn while other Corbyn supporters declare that there is a perception of a hierarchy of racism in Labour which ranks anti-Semitism as a more important form of racism than all anti-Black racism or Islamophobia (The Jewish Chronicle

August 15: Drunk football fan arrested after he engages in anti-Semitic tirade on train (Teeside Live) 

August 15: Labour Councillor and police-conduct lawyer quits party after 20 years charging increased anti-Semitic and anti-Indian sentiment (The Jewish Chronicle)

August 17: Anti-fascist group, Hope Not Hate, warns of rise of new anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying group in UK, Patriotic Alternative (Jewish News)

August 17: UK counter-extremism organization finds that Facebook algorithim actively promoted Holocaust denial pages (Times of Israel) 

August 18: British architect banned over Facebook post saying Jews are a cult and should be discriminated against (Times of Israel) 

August 21: Liverpool, Labour Councilor who had been cleared of anti-Semitic charges under Corbyn’s leadership is now being suspended from the party for 12 months (The Jewish Chronicle

August 21: Self-described British Palestinian running for leadership of Liberal-Democrats describes Hamas as being antisemitic, homophobic and authoritarian (The Jewish Chronicle

August 23: Muslim charity board resign after second anti-Semitic incident (The Guardian) 

August 23: British rapper, Wiley, doubles down on anti-Semitism and messages that he was right and Jews do run the earth (Jerusalem Post)

August 28: Renters NGO fires staffer who told a prospective Jewish individual that they couldn’t join because the organization had “no time for Zionists” (Letting Agent Today)

September 1: West Midlands regional authority adopts IHRA definition of anti-Semtism (The Jewish Chronicle) 

September 1: Anti-Israel activist, Roger Waters, claims he has never spoken a word of anti-Semitism (Algemeiner) 

September 2: BBC investigating reporter who attacked a colleague on social media for speaking out on anti-Semitism (Jewish Journal) 

September 3: Three Rivers local council adopts IHRA definition as well as a definition of Islamophobia (Watford Observer) 

September 3: Cambridge Jews speak of experiencing “suffocating” anti-Semtism (Cambridge News) 

September 3: New book reveals how Jeremy Corbyn dealt with accusations of anti-Semitism (Jewish News) 

September 4: University of Warwick says lecturer claim that the Israel Lobby was behind accusations of bias against Jews in the Labour party was a matter of free speech and was not anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

September 7: Haringey Councillor who asked Labour to drop “zero-toerance” policy on anti-Semitism is suspended from the party (The Jewish Chronicle) 

September 8: How “Holocough”morphed from an anti-Semitic threat to spread COVID-19 to Jews into a rallying cry for a whole range of extreme right-wing conspiracies (The Daily Beast) Also see United States

September 8: Warwick University decides to not take action against faculty member who said Israel-lobby responsible for anti-Semitism allegations against Labour party (Jewish Journal

September 8: UK pro-Israel lawyer faked graffiti attack to frame pro-Palestinian group (Jerusalem Post) 

September 10: New study shows rise of anti-Semitic attitudes on Israel in the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn (The Jewish Chronicle)

September 14: Lib Dems drop a candidate for London Mayor over 1997 anti-Semitic speech (The Times)

September 22: Teens arrested for anti-Semitic graffiti in town north of London (Borehamwood Times)

September 23: Two Labour Councillors being investigated by Labour over anti-Semitic tweets (BBC)

September 23: Another incident of anti-Semitic graffiti in Preston, Lancashire (LancsLive

September 24: Chief Minister of Gibralter issues press release condemning anti-Semitic comments made against Member of Parliament (Euro Weekly News

September 25: Police drop anti-Semitism probe against rapper Wiley after learning he was out of the country at the time of the social media posts (The Jewish Chronicle)

September 26: University professor in London calls Israel a “Western virus” (Jerusalem Post)

September 29: Swastika vandalism of car in Bristol on Yom Kippur (Times of Israel)

October 4: The Campaign Against anti-Semitism (CAA) launches a private prosecution against rapper Wiley after police decide to not press charges for anti-Semitic tweets (Daily Mail)

October 4: Swastika graffiti in Bristol on Yom Kippur does not, according to police, indicate that someone was deliberately targeted for anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

October 5: New far-right group posts anti-Semitic stickers in Liverpool (Algemeiner) 

October 6: Son of Viscount Portman charged with hate crime after calling anti-Semitism activist “Jewish Scum” (Daily Mail) 

October 7: UK universities must adopt IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism says Minister of State for Universities (Jerusalem Pot) 

October 7: UK Minister under police protection after receiving anti-Semitic threats over his involvement with proposed Westminister Holocaust Memorial (Jerusalem Post

October 7: Unite union cuts affiliation with Labour party citing Labour’s reaching a settlement with party whistle-blowers who called out anti-Semitism (BBC) 

October 8: Founder of pro-Corbyn group, Jewish Voice for Labour, calls on the party to resist Labour Leader, Keir Starmer’s program of attacking anti-Semitism in the party (The Jewish Chronicle

October 8: Glasgow football stadium vandalized with “Palestinian Blood” graffiti before of match with Israel (Algemeiner) Also see Scotland

October 9: Blogger hired to promote diversity at European fashion magazine apologizes for Holocaust joke tweets (JTA) 

October 14: British politician receives death threats for his support for a London Holocaust memorial (JTA) 

October 15: Backlash at some universities after U.K. Education Secretary demands universities adopt IHRA working definition (The Jewish Chronicle) 

October 16: BBC journalist resigns from BBC after discovery that he backed anti-Semitic rapper (JTA) 

October 20: British trade union leader and ally of Jeremy Corbyn apologizes for telling an ex-Labour, Jewish MP to go “count his gold” (JTA) 

October 21: New reports finds that 79% of anti-vaccination networks contain anti-Semitism (The Jewish Chronicle)  

October 21: BBC apologizes for broadcasting segment with Hamas terrorists (Algemeiner) 

October 21: “From anti-vaxxers to anti-Semitism: Conspiracy theory in the Covid-19 pandemic” (The Office of HM Government’s Independent Adviser on Anti-Semitism)

October 22: UK study finds anti-Semitism rising among anti-vaxer movement (Jerusalem Post)

October 29: British watchdog report find Labour guilty of anti-Semitic discrimination (Times of Israel) 

October 29: Labour Leader, Keir Starmer, suspends former leader, Jeremy Corbyn, for dismissing Equality and Human Rights Commission finding that Labour failed to resolve anti-Semitism in the party’s ranks (JTA)

October 29: Full text of EHRC investigation of anti-Semitism in Labour party (Equality and Human Rights Commission)

October 30: In the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension from the Labour party over his comments on the party’s record on antisemitism, Democratic Socialists of American declares solidarity with the former Labour leader (Algemeiner) Also see the United States

November 1: Supporter of Jeremy Corbyn claims antisemitism and “the Jewish Question” is often used as a diversionist weapon against progressive forces (Algemeiner)

November 1: Former Jewish, Labour MP is again attacked online by anti-Semites in the wake of Corbyn’s suspension from the party (The Times)

November 2: British Jewish activists try to destroy an anti-Semitism YouTube alternative (Cleveland Jewish News)

November 3: An analysis of Corbyn’s response to the EHRC findings on anti-Semitism in the Labour party (New York Review of Books) 

November 3: Shadow Chancellor, McDonald, faces suspention after saying anti-Semitism is being weaponized against the party (Jewish News) 

November 4: Twitter bans well-known anti-Semitie over Covid-19 misinformation (Jewish Journal) 

November 4: Islam Channel is fined by media watchdog over anti-Semitic hate speech (Jewish News) 

November 4: Leeds police investigating hate crime after university dorm spray-painted with anti-Semitic graffiti (The Tab) 

November 5: Leaked report alleges culture of anti-Semitism in local Newham Labour party (Newham Recorder) 

November 6: Student jailed for pointing gun at an Orthodox Jewish man (The Jewish Chronicle) 

November 6: Ex-Labour member expelled for anti-Semitism loses libel suit over the charge he was a “nortorious anti-Semite” (Brighton and Hove News)

November 6: Corbyn ally and contender to lead UK’s largest union has been reported to Labour for alleged anti-Semitism (Huffington Post) 

November 6: Rossendale Councilor who was expelled from the party says she is being smeared after EHRC report says she used anti-Semitic tropes on social media (LancsLive)

November 6: Corbyn supports meeting where it was claimed that anti-Semitism is being privileged over other forms of racism (Jerusalem Post)

November 6: Pharmacist cleared by court of charges of anti-Semitism after he claimed Zionists are not Jews and that the Tory party as well as Zionists were responsible for the Grenfell Tower disaster (5 Pillars UK) 

November 8: Labour party suspends ex-Labour parliamentary candidate over remarks that anti-Semitism is a mere cover for anti-Socialism (Independent) 

November 9: Cambridge University adopts IHRA definition (The Jewish Chronicle)

November 10: Labour Councillor who said EHRC report overstated the problem of anti-Semitism and that Corbyn should be reinstated is being investigated by Labour party (Liverpool Echo)  

November 13: Labour party suspends Bristol members over statement calling for Corbyn’s reinstatement (Jewish News)

November 17: Corbyn reinstated in Labour party after he “apologizes” for saying anti-Semitism allegations against Labour under his leadership had been “overstated” (New York Times)

November 18: Anti-Semitic graffiti spray painted on wall and a beach hut in the seaside town of Hove (Brighton and Hove News)  

November 19: Corbyn is suspended from parliamentary party for at least three months pending investigation (The Guardian) 

November 19: UK Jewish groups increasingly replacing the use of “anti-Semitism” with the term “anti-Jewish racism” (Times of Israel) 

November 20: Leading anti-racist NGO in Poland criticizes Polish Embassy in London for trying to rehabilitate the reputation of an anti-Semitic, Polish politician from the interwar period (Algemeiner) Also see Poland 

November 21: Lord Meghnad Desai quits Labour over party’s failure to curb anti-Semitism after Corbyn’s party membership is reinstated (The Week

November 23: Labour’s chief whip tells Corbyn to unequivocally apologize for his statement that anti-Semtism in the party had been “dramatically overstated” (The Guardian

November 23: Per a UK NGO Facebook is, despite repeated warning, ignoring fascist and neo-Nazi network which raises funds on Facebook and Instagram (Algemeiner)

November 24: Three more UK universities adopt the IHRA working definition (The Jewish Chronicle) 

November 25: Corbyn supporter spared jail after sending anti-Semitic abuse and threats to Labour MPs (Sky News) 

November 27: UK MKs raise issue, Amazon investigates Alexa’s anti-Semitic response to questions about the Holocaust and conspiracy theories (Times of Israel)

November 27: Labour appoints standards adviser to implement recommendation of EHRC anti-Semitism report (The Jewish Chronicle) 

November 28: Union members call for Kings College to drop its 2018 adoption of the IHRA working definition (Jerusalem Post) 

November 28: Crown Prosecution Services criticized after most anti-Semitism probes into Labour anti-Semitism are dropped (The Sun)

November 29: Labour Deputy Leaders says the party will expel “thousands” of member over anti-Semitism if necessary (Mirror) 

November 30: Labour leader, Keir Starmer says Corbyn’s response to the EHRC report on anti-Semitism, is “just about as bad as you can get” (The Jewish Chronicle)

December 1: Neale Hanvey elected to Scottish National Party (SNP) body investigating misbehavior allegations despite having been suspended from the SNP for using anti-Semitic language in the past (The Press and Journal) Also see Scotland

December 1: At a meeting of Chingford and Woodford Green Labour Party Keir Starmer is criticized for his treatment of Jeremy Corbyn and a claim made that anti-Semitism is being weaponized (The Jewish Chronicle) 

December 3: Survey finds local politicians less likely to respond to local constituent’s email if the constituent had a stereotypical Jewish or Muslim name (British Politics and Policy Blog)

December 3: Premier League adopts IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism, but of 20 clubs, only Shefield United refused to sign onto a declaration against anti-Semitism (The Scottish Sun

December 6: Labour suspends anti-Zionist activist, Moshe Machover, over articles he authored including on “waponising antisemtism” (The Jewish Chronicle) 

December 7: Community Security Trust (CST) records highest rate of anti-Semitism during UK’s Covid-19 lockdown (Independent) 

December 7: Labour party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) approves draft action plain as required after damning anti-Semitism report from Equality and Human Rights Commision (News Chain) 

December 17: Labour party drafts a plan to combat anti-Semitism in response to ECHR Inquiry (Jerusalem Post)

December 17: CST finds a rise in anti-Semitic incidents on university campuses after a sustained drive to encourage Jewish students to report all incidents of anti-Semitism (Jewish News) 

December 22: Liberal Democrats investigate one of its own spokesman who claimed anti-Semitic scandals in the Labour party as “fake” (Algemeiner) 

December 22: London police increase patrols in a London Borough experiencing a number of anti-Semitic incidents (Hackney Gazette)

December 23: Anti-Semitic poster seen at an anti-lockdown protest in Nottingham (Nottingham Post)

December 23: Oxford University adopts IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (Jewish News) 

December 29: SOAS University in London repays student fees over toxic anti-Semitic environment (The Guardian)

December 29: Independent panel calls for investigation of toxic anti-Semitic environment at SOAS University (Algemeiner) 

United States

January 1: Reports of anti-Semitic flyers in Georgia are false but there were anti-Muslim flyers (JTA) 

January 1: Hasidic man attacked by two women and Jewish teen confronted by two men with a knife in Brooklyn in two anti-Semitic incidents (JTA)

January 1: ADL and others analyze data on anti-Semitic hate crimes and perpetrators (Jerusalem Post)

January 2: Suspect in Monsey Hanukkah attack is being eyed as suspect in November brutal assault against a Hasid in Monsey (New York Times) 

January 2: Massachusetts Council of Churches condemns recent rise in anti-Semitism and call on Christians to remember Christianity’s historical responsibility for anti-Semitism (Boston Globe) 

January 2: Seattle area Imam criticized for sermon on why Jews were turned into apes and pigs (770 KTTH) 

January 3: Two GOP leaders in Delaware face backlash over homophobic and anti-Semitic comments (CNN)

January 3: Improving collection of hate crime data is a first step in fighting anti-Semitism in U.S. (New York Times

January 3: Presiding Episcopal Bishop joins AJC social media campaign against anti-Semitism (Episcopal News Service) 

January 3: In wake of anti-Semitic attacks NYC School Chancellor roles out new anti-hate crime curriculum (New York Post) 

January 4: In another anti-Semitic incident in NYC man shouting anti-Semitism is accused of spitting on a woman in front of a Queens yeshiva (CBS Local New York)

January 5: New Jewish security tsar warns against politicizing anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

January 6: Cuomo, Schumer, de Blasio join 25,000 in solidarity march against anti-Semitism (Jewish Insider) 

January 6: Acting Homeland Security Secretary orders implementation of recommendations of internal panel to protect religious communities (JTA)

January 6: Democratic Majority for Israel issues a report on how anti-Semitism played a role in Corbyn defeat and warns against any trend toward adopting Corbynism in the Democratic party (Jewish Insider)

January 6: Ex-NBA star Amar’e Stoudmire calls on African-Americans to refrain from any anti-Semitism (JTA)

January 6: DC Jewish community rallies against anti-Semitism (dcist)

January 7: The school board member who spoke of Jewish brutes in the wake of the killings at a Jersey City kosher market has not responded to calls for her to resign (Jerusalem Post)

January 7: Across U.S. citizens and police rally around Jewish communities (JTA)

January 7: Calls for changes in New York’s new law outlawing bail for lower-level crimes in the wake of hate crimes perpetrated against Orthodox Jews  (JTA)

January 7: Radio personality hosts FL gun rights forum amid charges of anti-Semitism (Florida Today) 

January 7: Across U.S. police and communities rally around Jewish communities to demonstrate opposition to anti-Semitism (JTA) 

January 7: U.S. Department of Education agrees to investigate UCLA over anti-Semitism harassment complaint (Algemeiner) 

January 8: New Jersey NAACP official is suspended after complaining about the unfriendliness of “Hasidics” who are trying to gentrify black neighborhoods (JTA)

January 8: Senator Cotton calls out think tank funded by Koch and Soros of fomenting anti-Semitism (Jewish Insider) 

January 8: Ann Arbor city councilman denounces anti-Semitism of group protesting outside of local synagogue (m live) 

January 8: Rising anti-Semitism weighs on U.S. Jewish youth (AP News) 

January 9: Brooklyn councilman takes colleagues to task for spreading anti-Semitism (Jewish Insider) 

January 9: Former student at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania files a lawsuit against the university and food service for failure to respond to anti-Semitic harassment and vandalism by roommate (JTA) 

January 9: NJ pizzeria manager goes on an anti-Semitic rant when employees ask for time off for Jewish new year (

January 9: Civil Rights complaint accuses University of Georgia of failing to protect rights of Jewish students (Algemeiner)

January 9: Mexican restaurant in Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn vandalized with swastikas (Brooklyn Eagle)

January 9: Fake news and anti-Semitic blood libel growing out of Jersey City terrorism (Arc) 

January 9: Brooklyn religious leaders mobilized for efforts to confront anti-Semitism (Bklyner) 

January 10: Spotify to remove playlist titles deemed to be anti-Semitic (JTA) 

January 11: Anti-Semitic graffiti found at Brooklyn high school (NBC New York)

January 11: NYPD installing 100 cameras in three Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods (Haaretz) 

January 13: New Jersey bias crimes up 65% in 2019 (JTA) 

January 13: Car vandalized with homophobic and anti-Semitic graffiti in Queens neighborhood (Queens Eagle)

January 14: Historic Preservation Board in Sante Fe, NM orders pro-Palestinian murals down that have been attacked as anti-Semitic (Hyperallergic) 

January 14: Jersey City attackers had a large bomb and were targeting Jews and police (JTA) 

January 14: Virginia teen charged by FBI for calling in false emergency calls is linked to neo-Nazis (Times of Israel)

January 15: Delaware GOP leader ousted after blaming Jews for Trump impeachment hearings (JTA) 

January 15: Swastika painted on Lincoln, Nebraska synagogue (Lincoln Journal Star) 

January 15: Young people responsible for most of NYC anti-Semitic attacks and authorities hope Holocaust education will ameliorate the trend (JTA)

January 16: U.S. House Committee holds hearings on anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

January 16: Security agency says synagogues should not utilize armed guards who are not trained police officers (JTA)

January 16: LA-area condo owner ordered to remove swastika and other offensive material from her balconey (JTA) 

January 18: Man arrested for anti-Semitic harrasement of couple in Midtown Manhattan (New York Post)

January 19: NJ Governor signs two bills aimed at countering anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

January 20: New Labour MP tells students they should be ashamed of going to Zionist trips and conferences because they are supporting a racist ideology (The Jewish Chronicle)

January 21: George Washington University student, while criticizing President Trump’s executive order on antisemitism, posts that Anne Frank did not die in a Nazi camp (JTA)

January 22: University of Montana President denounces anti-Semitic flyers sent to student and faculty which appear to be linked to Farrakhan supporters (Algemeiner)

January 22: Vice President Pence says the world must stand against anti-Semitism and that Iran is the biggest purveyor of anti-Semitism in the world (Reuters) 

January 23: Pete Buttigieg says his administration will devote $1 billion to fight anti-Semitism and other forms of extremism (JTA)

January 23: Trump Administration again gives credentials to press organization that makes references to “Jew coup” when discussing impeachment (JTA)

January 25: Town in Vermont decries anti-Semitic flyers (Saint Albans Messenger)

January 26: Congresswoman Tlaib tweets and then deletes false story of Israeli settlers killing a Palestinian youth (JTA) 

January 26: Anti-Semitic hate crimes in Los Angeles up 60% between 2018 and 2019 (Jerusalem Post) 

January 27: Woman who threw pork chops at a synagogue is charged with a hate crime (JTA) 

January 28: Attorney General Barr vows to prosecute and track hate crimes more aggressively while blaming militant progressivism for the rise in anti-Semitism (JTA) 

January 27: Representative Tlaib posts and then deletes unsubstantiated claim that Israelis drowned a Palestinian boy (Jerusalem Post

January 27: Bi-partisan group of U.S. legislators writes UN Secretary-General calling for the adoption of a proposal to appoint a senior-level official to fight anti-Semitism (The Hill) 

January 28: Federal hate crime charges for New York woman who slapped three Jewish women and then was released (JTA) 

January 28: House overwhelmingly approves $10 million for Holocaust education (Jerusalem Post) 

January 28: U.S. House overwhelmingly passes Holocaust Education bill (Times of Israel)

January 28: Anti-Semitic graffiti found scrawled on NYC apartment building (Fox News)

January 29: House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, Energy and the Environment hears from witnesses on anti-Semitism and xenophobia in Europe (Jewish Insider)

January 29: Despite recent anti-Semitic violence, anti-Semitic attitudes remain relatively low in the U.S. according to ADL annual survey (Cleveland Jewish News)

January 30: FBI arrests member of hate group that had planned to turn pro-gun rally in Virginia into violent confrontation and has virulently anti-Semitic ideology (Algemeiner) 

January 30: Orthodox family thrown off a flight because of alleged body odor are suing American Airlines for discrimination (JTA)

January 31: Nine doctors at the University of Colorado School of Medicine allege anti-Semitism and age discrimination (KRDO)

January 31: Tampa City Councilman use the phrase “Jewed” in reference to a city contract and later apologizes (National Center) 

February 1: B’nai B’rith calls out Roger Waters as an anti-Semite and criticizes Major League Baseball for sponsoring ticket sales to his concerts (Times of Israel) 

February 3: Anti-Semitic graffiti is found a skatepark (The Herald-Record) 

February 4: Anti-Semitic hate crimes in NYC fell in January (The Forward) 

February 5: Vote at the University of California at Berkeley to condemn display put up by Palestinian students is postponed after scuffle breaks out between the group and Jewish students (JTA)

February 5: Los Angeles adopts legislation to prevent hate crimes in the wake of a 60.5% rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes (JTA) 

February 5: Facebook takes down New Jersey page, “Rise Up Ocean County,” because of anti-Semitism (The Forward) 

February 5: Far right head of TruNews web channel which has been accredited by the White House claims that Israel and Jews are behind Iowa vote debacle (Algemeiner)

February 6: Antisemtic graffiti found at Warwick, NY Skate Park (Warwick Advertiser) 

February 7: ADL says Caronavirus spread generates anti-Semitic and conspiracy theories (Times of Israel) 

February 8: AIPAC apologizes for ad calling out radical Democrats for pushing anti-Semitic policies and being perhaps a greater threat than ISIS (JTA) 

February 10: Jewish Alumna sues Harvard Club after being allegedly attacked by insturctor and losing her club membership (Algemeiner) 

February 10: Man shouts anti-Semitic slurs in Northeast Philadelphia kosher market (The Forward) 

February 10: Suite claims anti-Semitic discrimination at Milwaukee TV station (Jewish Chronicle) 

February 10: Las Vegas man pleads guilty to arms charge related to an alleged plan to bomb a synagogue (JTA) 

February 11: UC Berkeley Jewish leaders urge University to act after alleging that they were harrassed and threatened at two student government meetings (Algemeiner)

February 10: Amazon stops selling white nationalist books and the Nation of Islam’s anti-Semitic book, The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews (The Forward)

February 12: ADL report says white supremicists are targeting universities in 2019 (Algemeiner) 

February 12: Harvard undergraduates form new “anti-Zionist,” pro-BDS organization (JTA) 

February 12: Congresswoman alleges that AIPAC weaponizes anti-Semitism in response to withdrawn ad (Huffington Post) 

February 13: Long Island robotic competition judge makes anti-Semitic slur in front of students (NBC New York) 

February 13: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign adopts pro-BDS resolution (JTA) 

February 14: New documentary featuring Bill Clinton and other experts examines anti-Semitism in Europe and the United States (JTA) 

February 14: Swastikas and sinophobic vandalism found in Columbia University dorm (Columbia Spectator)

February 16: Radical Christian broadcaster, Rick Wiles, and his guests say transgendersim is a Zionist plot (LGBTQ Nation) 

February 17: Holocaust scholar, Deborah Lipstadt’s talk on anti-Semitism at University of California Berkeley disrupted by anti-Israel demonstrators (Algemeiner) 

February 17: Jackson Township in New Jersey hit with lawsuit over discrimination against Orthodox Jews in the zoning process (Hamodia)

February 17: White nationalist YouTube channel banned for hate speech (JTA)

February 17: Michigan State University student paints a swastika on his own fraternity house (The Jewish News) 

February 18: University of Illinois student government president vetoes pro-BDS resolution (JTA)

February 18: Republican Jewish leader fundraises for a candidate who once said Israel lobby controls the GOP (JTA) 

February 18: Star of David graffiti spray-painted on two Boston apartment buildings (JTA

February 19: Large blue swastika painted on Jewish business in New Jersey (JTA) 

February 19: Vandal uses “It’s OK to be white” stickers to deface North Carolina synagogue (The News & Observer) 

February 20: Cleveland area park vandalized with swastikas and graffiti cursing Jews (JTA) 

February 21: White Supremacists are working across borders connected by their hatred for Jews and immigrants (Jerusalem Post) 

February 21: Candidate for Congress and Georgetown University Graduate School Student Government VP calls for FBI to investigate politicians with questionable ties to Israel and calls for Americans to curtail the power of the Jewish lobby and other Jewish groups (Jewish Insider)

February 23: Nebraska man arrested for vandalizing Lincoln, Nebraska synagogue (JTA) 

February 23: Website that touted “Jew coup” against President Trump is permanently banned from YouTube (JTA) 

February 24: Over 50 JCCs around the U.S. receive emailed bomb threats (JTA) 

February 24: U.S. Envoy on Anti-Semitism criticizes French courts for failure to try murderer of Sarah Halimi (JTA)

February 25: Anti-Semitism alleged in Los Angeles school board race (LA Times

February 25: Ft. Wayne Bishop decries antisemitism, warns against theological errors and false and hateful anti-Semitism on social media (Catholic News Agency) 

February 26: Religious leaders in NY show solidarity with Jewish community and condemn recent anti-Semitism in NY (The Tablet) 

February 27: Jewish man assaulted in Brooklyn gym (Jewish Journal

February 28: NY governor, Andrew Cuomo, apologizes for rising anti-Semitism on his watch and introduces a legislative package of bills to combat anti-Semitism (Jewish Insider) 

February 28: Accusations of anti-Semitism at Palm Beach County schools (Sun Sentinel) 

February 29: NY Jewish firefighter accuses ex-boss of using anti-Semitic language (Jerusalem Post)

March 2: University of Maryland student arrested and charged for allegedly sending anti-Semitic text messages to a fellow Jewish student because of her religious beliefs (Baltimore) 

March 4: Anti-Semitic incidents on the rise in Wisconsin (Wisconsin Public Radio) 

March 4: Illinois GOP to spend money to defeat avowed Holocaust denier, white supremacist, and anti-Semite from winning the GOP primary for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District (Chicago Sun Times)

March 4: Woman who went on anti-Semitic rant against Israeli college student on subway is indicted (Fox News) 

March 5: Jewish student sues elite, NJ, public school for failure to confront anti-Semitism (New York Times) 

March 5: Man charged with bias crime after threatening Jewish man outside deli in Jersey City that was site of 3 killings in December (True Jersey) 

March 6: Nazi flag unfurled at Sanders presidential rally by apparent white supremacist (Washington Post

March 6: Anti-Semitic graffiti on Cincinnati area bridge blames Jews for killing Jesus (The Enquirer)

March 6: ADL writes Fox News about Fox anchor on “The Ingraham Angle” using puppet-master terminology to talk about how Mike Bloomberg will control a Biden Administration (ADL) 

March 8: Sanders campaign hires staffer who has called Zionism racist (JTA)

March 9: Columbia University President concerned with rising anti-Semitism on campus (The Jewish Voice) 

March 10: Sanders campaign denounces Imam who spoke at his Michigan rally for comments linking Israel to ISIS and for his condemnation of Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage (JTA)

March 10: Students for Justice for Palestine draw criticism for praising Palestinian terrorist (Algemeiner)

March 11: Cal State professor says Israel will put Arabs with the coronavirus into “mass prisons” (Algemeiner)

March 11: Brown University committee recommends the University divests from companies that profit from Israeli occupation (JTA) 

March 11:  Anti-Semitism thrives around coronavirus on mainstream online sites (The Forward)

March 11: Head of Humanities department at Park Point University sues the school for employment discrimination based on her Jewish and Israeli background (Jewish Chronicle) 

March 12: Louisiana man arrested for September 2018 vandalism attack on local synagogue (JTA)

March 12: ADL publishes a guide to  anti-Semitism for candidates running for national office (JTA) 

March 14: ADL says conspiracy theorists are spreading anti-Semitic ideas about Jews masterminding world-wide coronavirus outbreak (Times of Israel) 

March 15: Analysis and opinion on what it is like to be a Jew in America with the rise of anti-Semitism (The Atlantic) 

March 16: Amazon bans most editions of Mein Kampf after decades of lobbying from Jewish groups (The Hill)

March 16: Natan Sharansky condemns recent increase in an anti-Semitic conspiracy concerning the origins of the coronavirus in an online conference that was supposed to be held at the Museum of American Jewish history in Philadelphia (European Jewish Press) 

March 17: Rapper Electronica sparks anti-Semitic row with “Rothschild” and “synagogue of satan” lyrics (JTA) 

March 17: ADL blogs laundry list of  anti-Semitic and racist messaging relating to the coronavirus (ADL)

March 19: White Nationalist in Washington state arrested for making  anti-Semitic threats against his neighbor (JTA)

March 17: Wisconsin experienced an increase in anti-Semitic incidents in 2017 (Wisconsin Public Radio)

March 17: Jewish actress, Rosanna Arquette, tweeted that Israel’s work on a coronavirus vaccine is prove that Israel knew about the threat at a very early date but chose profit over saving lives (Jewish Journal)

March 19: NJ pizzeria fires manager for anti-Semitic rant (Grunt Stuff)

March 22: FBI reports that neo-Nazis and other white supremacists encouraging their members to spread coronavirus to police and Jews (ABC News) 

March 22: Head of ADL says there are clear links between white supremacists in the United States and the international far right (NBC) Also see Germany

March 23: Hasidic man denied service at a Toyota Service Center garage because he was “spreading the virus” (Haaretz) 

March 26: Missouri white supremacist who planned to use a car bomb on a hospital had said Jews were behind the coronavirus (Jewish Journal)

March 26: NYU President condemns ex-student’s shameless and callous tweet after the first Israeli coronavirus death is announced (Algemeiner) 

March 26: New Jersey Governor condemns those using coronavirus outbreak to blame Jews in Lakewood for spreading the virus (APP)

March 27: Anti-Semitic broadcaster, Rick Wiles, says AIPAC source of Covid-19 and that the virus is spreading through synagogues because of the Jews failure to accept Jesus Christ (Cleveland Jewish News) 

March 27: anti-Semitic hackers are posting neo-Nazi and pornographic material on Jewish sponsored Zoom sessions (The Forward) 

March 28: Man in Howell, NJ arrested for making threats against Orthodox Jews in Lakewood and State Police say they will not tolerate acts of anti-Semitism against Jews in Lakewood (Shore News Network)

March 28: Investigators looking into the sources of racist and anti-Semitic attack through Zoom chat of Salem, Massachusetts City Council meeting (Enterprise News

March 29: Bernie Sanders FL headquarters vandalized with swastikas (Times of Israel) 

March 30: Governor Cuomo to name domestic terrorism proposal for Monsey man killed in Hanukkah attack (Times Union)

March 30: Ocean County, New Jersey deputy fire marshall under investigation over anti-Semitic rant against Orthodox Jews of Lakewood (App)

March 31: Pennsylvania man charged for making threats online against Jews and other minorities (JTA) 

April 1: Rockville, Maryland synagogue vandalized with spray-painted swastikas (Wtop news) 

April 1: Three incidents of anti-Semitic vandalism this semester on 16th floor of Columbia University building (Columbia Spectator)

April 1: Jewish Federation of Rockland County and ADL condemn online anti-Semitism against ultra-Orthodox Jews in the county (Algemeiner)

April 1: Anti-Semites zoom bomb Yeshiva University online address (Huff Post) 

April 1: Jewish teen group meeting zoombombed by white supremacist (Cleveland Jewish News) 

April 1: Jews in Lakewood unfairly charged with flouting social distancing orders (New Jersey 101.5) 

April 2: 8Chan users coordinated Zoombombing campaign against Jewish school (Vice) 

April 3: New York legislature passes bill to combat anti-Semitism and domestic terrorism (Jewish Insider) 

April 4: Springfield, New Jersey congregation’s virtual Shabbat is zoom-bombed with Nazi images and anti-Semitic remarks ( 

April 6: U.S. Supreme Court turns down appeal for Jewish inmate on Texas death row who makes claim that trial judge was anti-Semitic (JTA)

April 6: Yale University Chabad Rabbi beaten and robbed as assailants use anti-Semitic language (Algemeiner) 

April 6: U.S. State Department sanctions Russian, neo-Nazi group as a terrorist group (Algemeiner) Also see Russia

April 6: Anti-Semitic graffiti found in Bedford, MA (Patch

April 7: Police looking for man who vandalized with graffiti Chabad House in Brookline, MA (WCVB) 

April 8: ADL announces Zoom providing new tools to protect Jewish communities and other communities from Zoombombing (ADL) 

April 8: Federal agencies issue joint bulletin expressing concern that extremists are using pandemic as an excuse to attack Jews and Asian-Americans (Yahoo News)  

April 9: Synagogue in Huntsville, Alabama vandalized with swastikas and slurs ( 

April 10: Second synagogue in Huntsville vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti ( 

April 12: Indiana University probes alleged anti-Semitism during a fight outside frat house (Grunt Stuff) 

April 14: Google algorithm continues to bring up anti-Semitic/holocaust denial image searches (Grunt Stuff) 

April 14: Police say Satanist who tried to torch a Church is also behind arson at Maryland synagogue (JTA) 

April 15: Radio host in Baltimore blames outbreak of coronavirus in African-American neighborhood on large numbers of Jews moving down from New York (The Forward)

April 17: Man allegedly tried to blow up a Massachusetts Jewish nursing home using a Christian pamphlet as a fuse (Talking Points Memo) 

April 17: Sacramento daily apologizes for running an Easter ad it admits was anti-Semitic (JTA

April 17: Pastor Rick Wiles says coronavirus spreading through synagogues is a punishment from God for rejecting Jesus (Heritage Florida Jewish News

April 17: Far-right calls pandemic social distancing a Nazi policy (Times of Israel) 

April 17: UC Irvine student government repeals resolution calling for boycott of Israel (JTA) 

April 18: Right-wing, youth, activist, “Gun Girl” accused of engaged with sending anti-Semitic messages on social media (Independent UK)

April 19: Windows of New Haven, Connecticut synagogue shot out with BB gun (JTA) 

April 19: Bail revoked for man charged with the attempted bombing at Jewish assisted-living facility in Massachusetts (JTA) 

April 19: Minnesota high schoolers create Tik-Tok video mocking Auschwitz victims (JTA) 

April 20: Sarasota, FL synagogue spray-painted with swastikas (JTA)

April 20: Anti-lockdown protests spawn anti-Semitic conspiracy sign and Holocaust imagery (JTA) 

April 20: Governor DeWine and other Ohio leaders condemn anti-Semitic sign at an anti-lockdown protest at the Ohio Statehouse (Cleveland Jewish News) 

April 21: White Supremacist group centered in Staten Island and New Jersey ramps up hate messaging and employs fears about coronavirus (Silive

April 21: A Wisconsin Mayor, Katie Rosenberg, is hassled by anti-Semites even though she is not Jewish (Times of Israel

April 21: NJ man alleged to have ordered attacks on two synagogues is released from jail (JTA) 

April 21: Two-thirds of American Jews feel less safe than any time in the last decade according to a survey by ADL (Times of Israel) 

April 21: Anti-Semitic Zoom bombing being investigated in Westchester County, NY (ABC 7 NY) 

April 22: “Palestine” in Arabic is spray-painted on U.Mass Hillel building on Holocaust Remembrance Day (JTA) 

April 23: Anti-Semitism trackers concerned that white supremacists spending more time online during social distancing are becoming more active in spreading conspiracy theories about Jews and encouraging attacks against Jews (JTA) 

April 23: Trump Administration’s new HHS spokesman has tweeted about Rothschild and Soros families exploiting the pandemic for control and to advance their agenda (JTA)

April 23: NY man charged with harassment for claiming Jews behind pandemic (JTA) 

April 24: President of Tufts University says award for Students for Justice in Palestine chapter should not have happened (JTA) 

April 24: Taylor Swift calls out the Soros family for greed over a dispute with record company (JTA) 

April 25: Beverly Hills police chief retires after lawsuits alleging racism, anti-Semitism and harassment (LA Times) 

April 26: Anti-Semitic flyers left outside homes in small Montana town (The Forward) 

April 28: Bi-partisan group of U.S. Senators endorse increased funding for the office of the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism (Algemeiner)

April 28: White Supremacist stickers show up in North Brooklyn (Brooklyn Paper) 

April 28: Utah Attorney General cancels contract with company whose founder as a youth belonged to the KKK and participated in a shooting of a synagogue (The Salt Lake Tribune)

April 29: NYC Mayor reacts to overcrowded ultra-Orthodox funeral with warning to Jewish community which draws sharp rebukes for singling out the Jewish community (JTA)

April 29: Swastikas found painted on trees in park in Edmond, Washington (Edmonds Beacon) 

April 29: NYPD searching for suspect in attack on Jewish teens in Williamsburg (ABC 7 NY) 

April 29: Swastikas and other anti-Semitic and racist graffiti painted over with messages of love at Ohio University (Cleveland Jewish News) 

April 30: Trump restates his rejection of anti-Semitism in Jewish Heritage month proclamation (JTA) 

April 30: Jewish Security Network makes plans for ehanced security for Jewish institutions when pandemic social distancing ends (JTA) 

April 30: President Trump vows to tackle anti-Semitism in his Jewish-American Heritage Month proclomation (Times of Israel) 

May 1: ADL says it has recorded a significant increase of COVID-19 related anti-Semitism directed at Orthodox communities in New York and New Jersey (Haaretz

May 2: Neo-nazis want to protest in Williamsport, PA in July ( 

May 2: Right-wing, anti-lockdown protestors carry Nazi themed signs agains the Jewish governor (Raw Story) 

May 3: Ohio’s Jewish Health Director is the target of anti-lockdown demonstrators as a State Representative calls her the “Globalist Health Director” (Washington Post)

May 3: Holocaust imagry and rhetoric continue to show up at anti-social distancing rallies at State Capitols (JTA) 

May 5: U.S. Special Envoy on Anti-Semitism believes we should encourage philo-Semitism as a counter to anti-Semitism (Times of Israel) 

May 5: Two progressive Jewish groups create web site to track right-wing anti-Semitism (Huff Post) 

May 5: Pennsylvania state legislator who says Governor’s witholding data on coronavirus is like Nazi Germany, later apologizes (JTA) 

May 6: Southern California man wears what appeared to be a KKK hood in grocery store (CTV News) 

May 6: Las Vegas woman charged with anti-Semitic stalking of her neighbors (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

May 6: Recent anti-Semitic incidents in Montana (Bozeman Daily Chronicle)

May 7: Democratic party candidate forum, including a Jewish candidate, targeted by anti-Semitic Zoombombing (JTA) 

May 7: Column in Princetonian student paper calls out Princeton College Republicans for a virtual event for GOP congressman who allegedly made anti-Semitic remarks in the past (Daily Princetonian) 

May 8: California man wearing a swastika mask in a market confronts local law enforcement (Times of San Diego) 

May 9: Oklahaoma City University virtual graduation interrupted with Zoombombing in the form of swastika and racial slur  (Washington Post) 

May 10: Worchester, MA synagogue broken into by teens (Telegram) 

May 11: Two arrested for allegedly tearing of the face mask of Jews in Williamsburg (JTA) 

May 12: ADL says 2019 was a record year for anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. (JTA

May 13: Racist and anti-Semitic Queens man arrested in weapons bust (NY Daily News) 

May 14: Senate passes Holocaust education legislation (JTA) 

May 14: Snapchat video shows three Alabama teens drawing a swastika on boy’s back (JTA) 

May 16: Alaska State Representative who compared pandemic policies to Nazi rules states that Hitler was not a white supremacist but someone who feared the Jewish nation (Washington Post)

May 17: Senate passes “Never Again Act” supporting Holocaust education and now goes to President for signing (European Jewish Press) 

May 17: Police investigating anti-Semitic   grafitti on Philadelphia Red Cross building (Fox 29) 

May 18: Trump retweets a video by conservative who has been shunned for her support of a Holocaust revisionist (JTA)

May 18: Menorah in front of Chabad at Elon University in North Carolina is vandalized (JTA) 

May 18: Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney questions numbers of Holocaust victims (Algemeiner) 

May 18: U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) funding study on European anti-Semitism (JTA) 

May 18: Anti-Semitic signs and rhetoric at protest against Governor Pritizger’s lockdown policies (ABC 7 Chicago)

May 19: Biden calls out anti-Semitism on the left as well as on the right (New York Times) 

May 19: Hateful tweets against Israel by Stanford student leader stir up controversy (Algemeiner) 

May 20: Jewish groups express concern over appointment of pro-BDS professor as temporary head of George Washington University’s Elliot School of International Affairs (Jewish Insider) 

May 20: Justice Department files lawsuit aimed at discrimination against Orthodox Jews by Jackson, NJ Township ( 

May 20: Former Iranian intelligence chief involved in AMIA bombing in Argentina in 1995 is sanctioned by U.S. (JTA) Also see Iran

May 21: Man observed on NYC subway’s J line writing anti-Semitic graffiti (bklyner)

May 21: Trump praises the “good bloodlines” of historic anti-Semite, Henry Ford (Haaretz)

May 22: Police in Philadelphia identify man who allegedly spray painted swastikas and other graffiti in Center City (Fox 29

May 24: Aryan Brotherhood member who carried anti-Semitic sign at Columbus protest is being investigated by police after reports of him targeting Jews around in Kent State University (Cleveland Jewish News) 

May 24: Windows smashed in Peoria, IL synagogue (JTA) 

May 25: Congresswomen, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Nita Lowey, Kay Granger and John Carter send letter to the Veterans Administration to urge the Department to replace gravestones for WW II era German POWs that incorporated swastikas (Congress of the United States Committee on Appropriations)

Mau 26: KKK flyers distributed in Carroll County, Maryland (Baltimore Sun)

May 27: Two men charged in Westchester County, NY with defacing public property with anti-Semitic graffiti (Westchester 

May 27: Bench near Minneapolis synagogue vandalized with swastikas (JTA) 

May 27: Woman arrested for vandalizing Texas synagogue (JTA) 

May 27: ADL report on radical anti-Israel movements on campus in 2019 and urges university administrators to protect Jewish students under attack (Algemeiner)

May 28: Democratic Socialists of America’s BDS working group tries to tie police actions in the killing of George Floyd to Israel (Algemeiner)

May 28: Candidate for Republican Senate nomination in Delaware hires self-identified monarchist and anti-Semite as campaign manager (Right Wing Watch)

May 29: Middle School in DC vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti (The Hoya) 

May 29: President Trump signs “Never Again Education Act” to strengthen Holocaust education (White House) 

May 29: Jewish Republican state representative accuses his primary opponent of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

May 31: Synagogue in Richmond as well as a number of Los Angeles synagogues vandalized in the wake of George Floyd protests (JTA) 

June 1: Neo-Nazis accelerationists discuss attacks on Jewish institutions during social unrest (Vice)  

June 1: Veterans Affairs Department reverses course and agrees to replace German POW tombstones inscribed with swastikas (JTA) 

June 1: Racist and swastika graffiti found around Poughkeepsie, NY (Hudson Valley Post) 

June 2: Protests over George Floyd’s murder ignite claims by some on the right that Soros is funding the protests (The Forward) 

June 2: Jewish institutions and business attacked during protests in Los Angeles—including incidents where anti-Semitic graffiti was left behind (JTA)

June 4: Pro-BDS petition to University of California blames Israel for teaching U.S. police methods that killed George Floyd (Algemeiner) 

June 4: White House deletes tweet with false claim that bricks outside Chabad House in Sherman Oaks, CA were placed there by Antifa to incite violence (The Daily Beast

June 5: L.A. Federation and local ADL office say fake news and social media exaggerate anti-Semitism assoiciated with local protests and vandalism (The Forward)

June 5: Twelve GOP county chairs post conspiracy theories regarding George Floyd death some of which blame Soros for funding protest (Texas Tribune)

June 7: University criticizes Penn State students who posed with swastikas drawn on their shoulders. Petition to expell students gains 134,000 signatures (Times of Israel)

June 7: American rapper, Ice Cube, shares anti-Semitic views and support for Farrakhan (The Post Millennial) 

June 9: Swastikas drawn on street in front of New Orleans Jewish cemetery (JTA) 

June 9: Zoombombers disrupt Pennsylvania synagogue’s online service with racial and anti-Semitic slurs (Trib Live) 

June 9: Israel pushes back against efforts to blame it for U.S. police brutality (Algemeiner) Also see Israel

June 9: Anti-Semitic flyers and drawing found in a neighborhood bordering Georgetown University (The Hoya) 

June 9: President of the student government at UC Davis vetoes resolution supporting BDS movement because of “minimal to no input” from the Jewish community (JTA

June 10: Swastikas and Star of David found near shopping center outside of Dayton, Ohio (Cleveland Jewish News) 

June 11: Rapper Ice Cube doubles down on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories (JTA) 

June 11: Per State Department’s International Religion Freedom report, Venezuelan government and supporters engage in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories disguised as anti-Zionist rhetoric (Algemeiner) 

June 11: Arizona elementary school principle is fired over anti-Semitic and racist texts sent to Jewish employee with a biracial son (JTA) 

June 12: Gallaudet University suspends fraternity after members identified as wearing prohibited robes that resemble Ku Klux Klan robes/hoods 

June 12: President Trump boosts GOP candidate in Georgia congressional, primary, run-off who posed with Klan head and who charged Soros and Rothschilds with conspiracy (Times of Israel) 

June 13: Huntsville, Alabama police investigate racist, antisemitic, homophobic graffiti on parkway overpass (Waay TV ABC) 

June 15: Nashville Holocaust Memorial vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti (JTA) 

June 15: Racist and anti-Semitic grafitti found in the “Little Africa” neighborhood in Spartanburg County, South Carolina (WSPA 7 News)  

June 16: West Virginia Democratic party state chair calls on GOP to denounce their candidate for State Senate District 11 after anti-Semitic Facebook post (WVVA

June 16: Ohio man who held anti-Semitic sign at protest indicted on federal weapons charges (Jewish Journal) 

June 17: Fountain dedicated to Holocaust survivors in California is toppled and smashed (JTA) 

June 17: Jewish comedian, Chelsea Handler, after being criticized deleted a video clip of Farrakhan as well as her defense of his remarks that she had posted on Instagram (JTA)

June 17: Congresswoman Watson Coleman’s re-election campaign called on authorities to investigate anti-Semitic emails masquerading as having been sent by her campaign (New Jersey Globe)

June 18: Trump campaign is using symbol identified with Nazis to slam antifa (JTA)

June 18: “Hitler did nothing wrong” graffiti found on Portland Oregon bus stop (Jewish Journal

June 19: Jackson Township in New Jersey disputes anti-Semitism charge (Jersey Shore Online) 

June 19: Democrats in Nevada urge statue of former Senator McCarren in the Capitol be removed and McCarren airport be renamed because of his racist and anti-Semitic record (Las Vegas Sun) 

June 21: Winona Ryder accuses Mel Gibson of anti-Semitism by calling her an “oven dodger” (Yahoo News) 

June 21: Pink Floyd co-founder, Roger Waters, goes on Hamas affiliated news agency to claim Sheldon Adelson is Trump’s puppet master and that Israeli police are responsible for teaching U.S. police racist policing tactics (Jerusalem Post) 

June 22: Jewish security professional calls for U.S. Jewish communities to emulate European communities in taking more responsibility for their own security (Times of Israel

June 22: Pomona College senior class president discovered to have posted anti-Semitic statements (Algemeiner) 

June 22: House added provision in the annual Defense Authorization bill mandating anti-Semitism question to workplace survey of Pentagon employees (The Hill)

June 22: Police identify man who painted swastikas on gravestone at Providence College (WPRI Eyewitness News) 

June 23: ADL report finds that Jews and other minorities subjected to increases in online harassment in 2020 (Algemeiner) 

June 23: Nevada Jewish man stabbed in head by attacker who shouted anti-Semitic slurs (Times of Israel) 

June 23: After a no confidence vote fails a new petition calling for the new Florida State Student Senate President to resign or be impeached over anti-Semitic post is circulated (Algemeiner) 

June 23: Huntsville police find anti-Semitic language and symbols on highway overpass (WAAY 31 ABC) 

June 24: University of Cincinnati removes former Reds owner, Marge Schott’s name from their baseball stadium over her racist and anti-Semitic remarks (JTA) 

June 24: Swastika, racist and “White Power” graffiti found in Vallejo, CA park (Jewish Journal) 

June 25: Zoom call with 500 Wake Forest University employees hacked with racist and anti-Semitic remarks (WXII 12) 

June 25: U.S. State Department says white supremaist terror on the rise (The Hill) 

June 27: Activists call for taking down St. Louis namesake statue of Louis IX because of his anti-Semitic policies (Times of Israel) 

June 27: Local fire district board member in Chino, CA censured for anti-Semitic remark (Haaretz) 

June 27: NH commercial billboard is vandalized with racist and anti-Semitic graffiti (Sentinel Source) 

June 28: Candidate for Ann Arbor City Council criticized for participating in anti-Zionist protests in front of synagogue and carrying poster boards equating Israel policies with Nazis Germany (Jewish Journal) 

June 28: BDS groups plan “Day of Rage” anti-annexation protests across U.S. on July 1 (Jerusalem Post) 

June 29: Sidewalk in front of Bangor, Maine synagogue is defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti (WABI TV) 

June 29: Two Little Ceaser employees fired for making a pizza with swastika formed out of pepperoni (JTA)

June 29: A number of large corporations stop Facebook advertising as the tech giant reforms some of its policies on how to deal with hate speech (JTA) 

June 29: Rapper, Ice Cube, tells CNN’s Jake Tapper to “Watch your mouth,” after Tapper called Louis Farrakhan a vile, anti-LGBTQ, antisemitic, misogynist (Mediaite)

June 30: California construction union withdraws ad against Jewish State Senator after charges that it utilizes anti-Semitic themes of Jews and money (CalMatters

July 1: Swastikas drawn on home and bench in Baltimore Jewish neighborhood (JTA) 

July 1: Popular video game streaming platform, Twitch, accused of allowing anti-Semitism and harassment (Jerusalem Post)

July 1: New York man charged after he made anti-Semitic death threats against a Jewish individual in Connecticut (Daily Voice) 

July 1: Oklahoma Man with Nazi fixation arrested after shooting woman who attempted to remove swastika flag in his yard (Algemeiner)

July 1: White supremacist graffiti found on Vermont reservoir (Times Argus) 

July 1: Massachusetts man charged with spray painting swastika on a car and “White Power” on the street (Boston 25 News) 

July 1: More anti-Semitic graffiti found in Massachusetts town (Lowell Sun) 

July 2: Anti-Israel “Day of Rage” protests target Jewish organizations in Boston and San Diego (Algemeiner) 

July 2: Demonstrators in DC link Black Lives Matter and Palestinian protests and chant “Israel, we know you, you murder children, too” as part of Day of Rage protest (JTA)

July 3: Virginia Beach man arrested for allegedly posting white supremacist and neo-nazi stickers (WFXR Fox News) 

July 3: University of Texas disavows ex-professor who called for Israel to be bombed “until the sand turns to glass” (Algemeiner)

July 4: Activists at a Day of Rage protest in Brooklyn call for elimination of Israel and the U.S. government (Times of Israel) 

July 5: In a three-hour speech, Louis Farrakhan denies charges of anti-Semitism by denigrating the Talmud (JTA) 

July 5: After criticism, newspaper removes cartoon comparing mask requirement to the Holocaust (JTA) 

July 6: Philadelphia Eagles receiver, DeSean Jackson, posts fake anti-Semitic Hitler quote twice on Instagram but claims he has no hate for Jews (Yahoo Sports) 

July 7: Three teens accused of throwing rocks at a Yeshiva (Patch) 

July 7: AMCHA report says Israel related anti-Semitism on campus saw dramatic rise in 2019 (Jewish Journal) 

July 8: U.S. Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism charges J Street with using “crude anti-Semitic conspiracy theories to advance their agenda” and J Street pushes back (Jewish News Syndicate) 

July 8: Former NFL player Stephen Jackson defends NFL player DeShawn Jackson’s anti-Semitic statements and cites Rothschild’s in his own anti-Semitic comments on Instagam video (Forbes

July 8: United Hatzalah call on anti-Semitism zoombombed (Jewish Journal) 

July 9: Walla Walla, Washington police officer says he will remove tattoo resembling insignia of Nazi SS (JTA)

July 9: Presidents Conference of Major Jewish American Organizations call for zero tolerance of rising anti-Semitism (Algemeiner) 

July 10: Former NBA player, Stephen Jackson defends anti-Semitic posts (Times of Israel) 

July 12: Police looking for three suspects who yelled anti-Semitic slurs and beat an Orthodox man in Brooklyn (CBS Local New York) 

July 12: TV host, Nick Cannon spreads anti-Semitic conspiracy theories referencing the Rothschilds online (Jewish Insider) 

July 13: Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson accepts an invitation by Holocaust survivor to visit Auschwitz together (Washington Post

July 13: Connecticut synagogue’s online service hacked by anti-Semites (Hartford Courant) 

July 16: FSU Student Government adopts IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News) 

July 16: Two synagogues in Sarasota are vandalized with swastikas on the same day (JTA) 

July 17: Anti-Semitic stickers posted in downtown Tucson, AZ and at University of Arizona campus (Arizona Jewish Post) 

July 17: Estranged niece accuses Trump family of knee-jerk anti-Semitism (Algemeiner) 

July 18: NBA legends Charles Barkley and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar criticize black celebrities for anti-Semitic remarks (NBC Sports) 

July 19: White nationalist group stage brief rally in Williamsport, PA (Penn Live Patriot News) 

July 20: Wisconsin man pleads guilty to vandalizing Racine synagogue as part of a neo-Nazi campaign of intimidation (JTA) 

July 20: One teen charged with harassment as a hate crime and co-defendant with arson against an alleged victim who is Jewish (ABC WKBW Buffalo)

July 20: Man who robbed four teens at Baltimore mall and called them “dirty Jews” is arrested (JTA) 

July 20: Madonna is criticized for posting Farrakhan video on Instagram (JTA) 

July 21: Florida State University student government adopts IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (FSUNews) 

July 21: Graffiti, some anti-Semitic, is spray painted on cars in two towns (Lowell Sun) 

July 22: Greater New Haven JCC spray-painted with swastika (Fox 61) 

July 23: Ilan Omar criticized for mailer which names three of her challenger’s donors, all of whom are Jewish (JTA)

July 24: NAACP head in Philadelphia defends Desan Jackson with an anti-Semitic cartoon and a quote from a white supremacist but attributed to Voltaire (Billy Penn)

July 24: U.S. Houses passes a measure that doubles the amount budgeted for the State Department office combatting anti-Semtism (Jewish Insider) 

July 24: Orthodox man in Brooklyn assaulted by three unidentified men preceeded by an anti-Semitic curse (JTA) 

July 24: Swaskitas, white pride sticker found on stop signs in Berea, Ohio (Cleveland) 

July 25: Jewish Federation of Philadelphia calling for head of NAACP in Philadelphia to resign after posting anti-Semitic image and quote (6 ABC) 

July 26: Jay Electronica joins fellow rappers in tweeting  anti-Semitic tirade citing National of Islam and Christian Bible (Jerusalem Post) 

July 27: Couple wearing swastika masks in Walmart are confronted by other customers (JTA) 

July 27: Swastika and other graffiti found on torah center and other buildings in Cleveland suburb (JTA) 

July 27: Swastika and other anti-Semitic graffiti scratched on car near Ohio State University (Cleveland Jewish News) 

July 28: Georgia Senator’s re-election campaign run ad with a doctored picture of his Jewish opponent with a noticeably elongated nose (JTA) 

July 28: Neo-Nazis disrupt zoom fundraiser for an Ethiopian Jewish community (San Diego Jewish World) Also see Ethiopia

July 29: Trump choice for Ambassador to Germany criticized by some Jewish groups for past statement about neo-cons and their loyalty to the Israeli government (Algemeiner)

July 29: Firefighter Lt. in Norwalk, CT. disciplined for anti-Semitic remarks (Patch) 

July 29: Chicago Tribune demotes its lead columnist for piece blaming protest violence on George Soros (JTA) 

July 29: Pennsylvania governor calls on head of Philadelphia NAACP to resign after he posted anti-Semitic graphic (NBC Philadelphia) 

July 30: Holocaust memorial in Charleston, SC is vandalized with anti-Semitic grafitti (ABC News) 

July 30: Holocaust survivors launch campaign to get Facebook to fight Holocaust denial (Jewish Chronicle) 

July 30: U.S. State Department report criticizes Poland and other central and eastern European countries on holocaust restitution (Times of Israel) Also see Poland

July 31: Dallas synagogues joint Tisha B’Av service disrupted by anti-Semitic messaging (Algemeiner) 

July 31: Twitter permanently bans David Duke (JTA) 

July 31: Jewish security professionals warn that the U.S. Jewish community must confront the rise of violent, domestic anti-Semitism (Security Info Watch

August 1: White supremacist flyers with swastikas found in Austin area neighborhood (Kxan)  

August 2: Philadelphia Jewish Federation says it is outraged that local NAACP has not removed their president from his post after he posted anti-Semitic cartoon (Philadelphia CBS Local)

August 3: Queens pharmacist arrested for arson found with anti-Semitic flyers and notebooks supporting mass shooting (Patch) 

August 4: Former Kansas City Chiefs running back charges Jewish “cabal” with engaging in “Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Pedophilia, Ritualistic Child Torture, Perversion, Human Sacrifice/Murder.” (Jewish Journal) 

August 4: Black and Jewish historical cemeteries in Virginia vandalized with hate symbols (JTA) 

August 5: President Trump claims George Soros is funding Antifa (Talking Points Memo) 

August 5: New Mexico Holocaust Museum is vandalized (JTA) 

August 5: Candidate who expressed support for BDS upsets long-time incumbent in Missouri Democratic primary (JTA) 

August 5: Four men arrested for hanging “Hitler was Right” banner on AZ bridge (JTA) 

August 6: Dallas synagogues service is Zoom bombed by intruders shouting hate messages (JTA) 

August 6: State of Delaware to require Holocaust education starting in the 2021-2022 term (JTA) 

August 6: USC President says letter of resignation of student government VP is heartbreaking and that anti-Semitism has no place in the University (Jewish Journal) 

August 6: Man arrested for breaking and entering into two Jewish institutions in Massachusetts (This Week In Worcester) 

August 7: White power, anti-Semitic flyers found in mailboxes in Scott County, Kentucky (WKYT) 

August 7: National NAACP will not force the resignation of Philadelphia chapter head who posted anti-Semitic cartoon (Fox News) 

August 7: Jewish groups oppose Trump pick for German Ambassador over anti-Muslim and Holocaust comments (CNN) 

August 7: Jewish groups decry Trump’s pick for Ambassador to Germany over his attacks on Muslim immigrants and his call for downplaying of Germany’s Nazi history (JTA) 

August 8: After Oakland A’s bench coach makes a Nazi salute former MB player, Cody Decker, says anti-Semitism is rife in professional baseball (TMZ) 

August 9: Instagram page shares stories of anti-Semitism on college campuses (Jerusalem Post)  

August 10: 128 NGOs call on Facebook to adopt IHRA working definition (The Medialine) 

August 10: Harrisburg, PA synagogue vandalized with swastikas (Penn Live) 

August 10: In light of growing campus anti-Semitism, Hillel launches initiative to assist college administrations to combat anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News) 

August 10: Georgia congressional candidate accuses two GOP candidates in her state of using anti-Semitic conspiracy theories to attack Soros (Jewish Insider)

August 10: Massachusets school vandalized with swastika (7 News Boston) 

August 11: Facebook cracking down on hate speech and expands definition of anti-Semitism (Jewish Insider) 

August 11: Right-wing North Carolina congressional candidate deletes pictures from his vacation to one of his “bucket list” places to visit— Hitler’s retreat (JTA)

August 12: Office of NYC Assemblywoman vandalized in anti-Semitic attack (Jewish Insider) 

August 12: Anti-Semitic griffiti vandalism at Hollywood Temple Beth El in southern California (Canyon News) 

August 12: Trump congratulates and lauds candidate accused of anti-Semitism after her Georgia congressional primary victory (Times of Israel) 

August 12: Second upper East Side building hit with anti-Semitic graffiti in the past two weeks (New York Post) 

August 12: Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia joins with other religious leaders and groups in condemning anti-Semitic meme used by Rodney Muhammad head of local NAACP chapter (Catholic Philly) 

August 13: Facebook post of a picture of local Rhode Island banner that said “Stop Anti-Semitism” draws anti-Semitic response (GoLocalProv News) 

August 13: Florida State University announces measures to combat antisemitism, including adoption of IHRA definition (Jewish Journal) 

August 13: Extreme left-wing activists call for a boycott of ADL (The Forward) 

August 14: ADL report highlights hate and anti-Semitism on Tik Tok (Algemeiner) 

August 14: ADL reports that “Days of Resistance” protests in eight U.S. cities included some anti-zionist/anti-Semitic rhetoric (Jewish Journal) 

August 14: Rhode Island businessman defends his Holocaust denial and other statements denigrating Israel on Facebook post (GoLocalProv News) 

August 15: Instagram account shares anonymous stories of anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses (Times of Israel) 

August 15: Democratic Socialist of America NYC co-chair refuses to say whether DSA accepts Israel’s right to exist (Times of Israel) 

August 15: Chess great, Gary Kasparov blasts NYC chapter of Democratic Socialists of America for releasing a NYC candidate questionnaire which asks city council candidates to pledge to not visit Israel (Jerusalem Post) 

August 17: Florida State University President says anti-Semitism has no home on his campus (Jerusalem Post) 

August 17: Anti-Semitic graffiti defaces sign outside historic synagogue in Philadelphia (Fox 29) 

August 18: U.S. Anti-Semitism Envoy urges Houthis to release Yemeni Jew (Jerusalem Post)  Also see Yemen

August 18: Man, woman and 16-year-old girl charged with spray painting anti-Semitic graffiti on businesses in Cleveland suburb (Cleveland 19)

August 18: Fifty-two New York Assemblymen condemn Democratic Socialists of America for requesting that candidates for elected offices refuse to take trips to Israel (Jewish Insider

August 19: Second fire in five days at Portland, Oregon Chabad Center (JTA) 

August 19: Facebook restricts thousands of pages devoted to QAnon conspiracy (JTA) 

August 19: NY man threatens to shoot up Jewish camp over alleged pandemic restrictions (JTA) 

August 19: FBI twitter account releases link to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion without any relevant context (JTA)

August 19: ADL demands Walmart stop selling books promoting Holocaust Revisionism (Algemeiner) 

August 20: Anti-Semitic and racist graffiti found in a park in northeast Ohio (WKYC) 

August 20: Brandeis University targeted with bomb threat (The Forward) 

August 20: Tik Tok removes 380,000 video and 1,300 accounts for violating hate speech policies (including Holocaust denial) (Daily Mail)   

August 20: Biden disavows Linda Sarsour’s policy positions on BDS and states she has no role in his campaign after it is reported she addressed an online meeting of Muslim-Americans supporting the former vice president (Times of Israel) 

August 20: FBI apologizes for lack of context when releasing Protocols (The Hill) 

August 20: Beverly Hills City Council passes resolution condemning anti-Semitism in response to recent incident at USC (Beverly Hills Courier)

August 21: Progressive Jewish organizations join with racial justice groups in alliance to call out right-wing anti-Semitism (HuffPost) 

August 21: Biden closes Democratic convention with condemnation of anti-Semitism (JTA)

August 21: Nazi graffiti found spray-painted on Gatlinburg, TN store (WVLT)

August 21: White Nationalist group forms racist, anti-Semitic political party (Southern Poverty Law Center)

August 22: Former Cleveland Clinic residents’ training certificate revoked over anti-Semitic social media comments (

August 22: Indiana school investigating social media post of students forming swastika in school gym (WTHR

August 23: ADL and synagogue plan unified response to swastikas found in Atlanta area neighborhood (11 Alive) 

August 23: Anti-Semitic banner hung from overpass on major Los Angeles freeway (Hamodia)

August 24: Judge finds anti-Semitic protests outside a Michigan synagogue during Shabbat services are constitutionally protected (JTA)

August 25: Bomb threat left on voicemail of Virginia synagogue (JTA)

August 25: Head of “Goyim Defense League” responsible for anti-Semitic banner over LA freeway (Times of Israel)

August 25: Joe Biden forcefully rejects endorsement by Richard Spencer (JTA) 

August 25: RNC drops scheduled convention speaker after she retweeted deeply anti-Semitic thread that included a reference to the Protocols (Politico)

August 26: The Trump Administration’s record in neglecting the threat of domestic terrorism (Politico) 

August 26: Philadelphia chapter of NAACP is taken over by the national organization in response to an anti-Semitic post by the local chapter’s President (The Philiadelphia Tribune

August 26: Chabad building on University of Deleware’s campus is damaged by arsonist (NBC Philadelphia) 

August 26: Media Matter finds 2018 video by GOP congressional candidate endorsing anti-Semitic, replacement theory (JTA) 

August 26: Critic says Lincoln Project video calling Jared Kusher “evil” is anti-Semitic (JTA) 

August 27: Progressive academics come to defense of USC student bullied to step down from student government because of her support of Zionism (Algemeiner

August 28: If Not Now walks back calling “Free Palestine” graffiti scrawled outside of Wisconsin synagogue “anti-Semitic” after blowback from allies on the progressive left (Algemeiner

August 28: Anti-Semitic and racist graffiti found in front of a train station in New York suburbs (Lohud) 

August 28: Linda Sarsour says right-wing Zionists are allied with anti-Semitic, White Nationalists in attacking her (Jewish Journal) 

August 28: AJC calls upon the government and civil society to oppose QAnon’s anti-Semitism (PR Newswire) 

August 28: North Carolina man arrested for leaving anti-Semitic threats on voicemail (7 News WSPA) 

August 28: Web site of organization behind an anti-Semitic banner on LA freeway blaming Jews for coming race war is taken down but a new site quickly replaces it (Times of Israel)

August 31: NYC police are investigating a hit and run in Brooklyn in which two identifiably Jewish men were struck on a sidewalk (Algemeiner

September 1: Army removes officer from his leadership role at Ft. Stewart after he posts Holocaust joke material on TikTok (Stripes)

September 1: HBO series, Lovecraft Country, is criticized for using a plot point that invokes a historical anti-Semitic libel (JTA) 

September 1: Swastika and “White Power” graffiti scrawled on office of Bronx, Jewish lawyer (NY Daily News) 

September 2: Poster declaring “Hitler was right” hung at Arizona State University (Times of Israel) 

September 2: Iran’s Ali Khamenei slams Israel UAE relationship and uses anti-Semitic tweet against Jared Kushner (Jerusalem Post)  Also see Iran

September 2: Former Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio sets up “watchdog” organization focused on groups including “radical of the Jewish left” (Algemeiner

September 3: Right-wing media highlights Jacob Blake’s father’s past anti-Semitic Facebook posts as Joe Biden prepares to meet with the Blake family in the aftermath of Blake’s shooting (JTA) 

September 3: Jewish Democrats produce digital ads charging GOP Senate candidates in Georgia and Michigan of engaging in anti-Semtism (Jewish Insider

September 4: Racist and anti-Semitic slogans spray-painted on walkway in Swampsott, Massachusetts (Wicked Local Swampscott) 

September 4: Two members of far-right movement, Boogaloo Bois, arrested for attempting to support Hamas (JTA) 

September 4: School officials in Marin County, CA believe they have identified students behind an anti-Semitic Instagram account (The Jewish News of Northern California

September 4: GOP state representative in Louisiana criticized for tweeting same anti-Semitic mural former UK Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was called-out on (Algemeiner

September 5: Man with knife attempts to enter NYC Jewish school bus (Jerusalem Post) 

September 5: Right-wing media calls out anti-Semitic posts by Jacob Blake’s father before Biden visit to the family (Times of Israel) 

September 6: Nyak, NY town board meeting disrupted by anti-Semitic zoom bomb (Jerusalem Post) 

September 6: Two TV shows alleged to include anti-Semitic tropes (Aish) 

September 6: Biden’s criticism of Linda Sarsour and BDS highlight issue for Democrats of when criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic (Spectrum News 1) 

September 8: How “Holocough”morphed from an anti-Semitic threat to spread COVID-19 to Jews into a rallying cry for a whole range of extreme right-wing conspiracies (The Daily Beast) Also see UK

September 8: Soros leading target of anti-Semitism but some Jews still criticize him (JTA) 

September 8: Wisconsin man charged with hate crime after removing neighbor’s lawn sign and then calling them a “dirty Jew” (JTA) 

September 11: Controversy over Jewish Democratic ad which links GOP Senate candidate to anti-Semitism (Detroit Free Press)

September 11: Park in Douglas County, Colorado defaced with racist and anti-Semitic graffiti (CBS Local Denver)

September 12: Brooklyn hospital tries to fire doctor over anti-Semitic posts (Jerusalem Post)

September 12: VP Pence drops out of fundraiser hosted by QAnon supporters who shared anti-Semitic posts (Times of Israel)

September 13: Bridge and art district in Chattanooga defaced with swastikas (Times of Israel)

September 14: Latino voters in Florida targeted with antisemitic, QAnon, conspiracy theories that attack Democrats (JTA)

September 14: Trump campaign calls Bloomberg an “elitist globalist” after his $100 million pledge to beat Trump in Florida (JTA)

September 16: Study finds nearly two thirds of young Americans do not know six million Jews killed in Holocaust and one in ten believe Jews responsible for the Holocaust (The Guardian)

September 16: GOP Senate nominee in Delaware has pushed anti-Semitic and 9/11 conspiracies (The Daily Beast)

September 16: Political Director for Democratic Senate candidate in South Carolina, Jaime Harrison, said to have history of anti-Semitic and homophobic comments (Free Beacon

September 16: Democratic super PAC mailer depicts Republican Jewish congressional candidate clutching U.S. cash as bills rain down around him (JTA

September 16:  U.S. Army National guardsman shouts out an anti-Semitic username on Twitch (The Verge)

September 16: ADL says State Senato Bob Onder’s tweet referencing George Soros evokes anti-Semitism (St. Louis Jewish Light)

September 16: Two left-wing Jewish groups allege Trump ad showing Bernie Sanders as Biden’s puppetmaster is anti-Semitic (Times of Israel)

September 17: Trump criticized for repeatedly telling American Jews that Israel is “your country” (Business Insider)

September 18: Miami Herald apologizes for carrying an anti-Semitic insert in it Spanish language sister publication, el Nuevo Herald (Washington Post

September 19: Arts Center at NYU is vandalized with anti-Semitic and racist graffiti (NYU Local)

September 19: Fox host apologizes for panelists calling out Gingrich’s anti-Soros rhetoric (Times of Israel)

September 20: QAnon becoming increasingly anti-Semitic (Times of Israel)

September 21: Rock outcropping near the Missouri Institute of Natural Science defaced with racist and anti-Semitic graffiti (Ky3)

September 23: Biden campaign denounces Trump’s alleged use of anti-Semitic tropes (The Hill)

September 23: Florida congresswoman asks FBI to investigate anti-Semitic and racist content among Latino circles in Florida (The Hill)

September 23: Zoom announces it will not host San Francisco State University event with Palestinian hijacker, Leila Khaled (JTA)

September 24: Jewish TV commentator says no difference between rhetoric of Trump and Hitler (JTA)

September 25: Jewish members send letter to Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, urging him to stop using anti-Semitism  as a partisan issue (Jerusalem Post

September 25: Katz Moving van in East Village defaced with Nazi graffiti (AM NY)

September 25: Users take Google to task for anti-Semitic memes in search results, prompting apology (Radio)

September 27: Police in Great Barrington Massachusetts investigating anti-Semitic graffiti on a church as a hate crime (Berkshire Eagle)

September 28: Anti-Semitic vandalism of Kalispell, Montana billboard (KPAX)

September 28: Cartoon depicting billionaire Michal Dell and opposing construction project in Santa Monica, California sets off charges of anti-Semitism (Surf Santa Monica)

September 29: University of Ilinois student government passes Black Lives Matter resolution that includes call to divest from Israel (JTA)

September 29: BDS resolution passes at Columbia University (Jewish Journal) 

September 29: Private app, Clubhouse, hosts discussion which targets Jews on Yom Kippur (Bloomberg) 

September 29: Members of Congress join global task force to deal with online anti-Semitism (JTA) 

September 29: In first presidential debate Trump fails to condemn white supremacist group, Proud Boys (JTA) 

September 29: Proud Boys connection to anti-Semitism (JTA) 

September 29: Pennsylvania man pleads guilty to anti-Semitic harassment (Patch) 

September 29: Miami University business fraternity is zoom bombed with racist and anti-Semitic messages (Campus Reform) 

September 30: Van belonging to a Dayton, Ohio strip club is vandalized with anti-Semitic sticker (Cleveland Jewish News) 

September 30: CUNY law school condemns and then backtracks condemnation on a video showing a law school student threatening to set fire to a man wearing an IDF sweatshirt (Algemeiner)  

September 30: Jewish high school students in northern Carlifornia ask school district to take more concrete action against anti-Semitism (JTA) 

October 1: NYU reaches settlement with U.S. Department of Education over anti-Semitism (Algemeiner) 

October 1: Anti-Trump ad suggesting comparisons with early 1930s rise of Nazis is criticized as offensive (Times of Israel) 

October 1: Jewish senator criticizes Republicans for burying a bill that targets domestic, white supremacist terrorists (JTA) 

October 1: California governor vetoes bill making ethnic studies a high school graduation requirement after protests over the failure to adequately address anti-Semitism (JTA)

October 1: Anti-Semitic vandalism at park in Seaford, NY (Patch) 

October 1: Woman destrpus synagogue poster on Upper East Side of Manhattan (Patch) 

October 2: House passes resolution condemning QAnon including anti-Semitism (JTA) 

October 2: Wisconsin victim of suspicious fire says anti-Semitic graffiti spray painted on home and vehicle (Post Crescent) 

October 4: Police appeal to public in Kalispell, Montana after series of anti-Semitic vandalism of billboard, silos, signs, doors (Jerusalem Post

October 4: anti-Semitic graffiti found at site of Appleton, Wisconsin house fire (Jerusalem Post) 

October 4: Jewish leaders in Queens, NY denounce intense coverage of covid-19 in heavily Jewish neighborhoods and warm of anti-Semitic consequences (Queens Eagle)

October 5: GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in Delaware appears on site with ties to white supremacists (JTA) 

October 5: Watchdog group, CAMERA, expresses deep concern to Christian publishers over anti-Israel and anti-Semitic content in some books (Algemeiner)

October 6: YouTube removes Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam channel (JTA)  

October 6: Pottery shop in Brooklyn accused of anti-Semitism after it banned residents in COVID-19 hot spots from painting pottery in store (New York Post) 

October 6: ADL reports Jewish lawmakers face anti-Semitic tropes online (NBC Philiadelphia) 

October 6: Man arrested for allegedly vandalizing an Orthodox synagogue in Brooklyn (JTA) 

October 6: White supremacists remain largest terrorist threat in U.S. per Homeland Security (CNN) 

October 7: ADL says Soros related conspiracy theories central to the deluge of online anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish Member os Congress (see also Social Media/Internet)

October 7: President Trump shares a tweet from actor James Wood calling Mayor Bill De Blasio “an anti-Semite thug” (JTA) 

October 7: Facebook now says it will ban all pages supporign QAnon (Ha’aretz) 

October 8: U.S. officials fear violence on election day and fear Jews could be a target (JTA) 

October 9: Orthodox Jewish man beaten on Coney Island boardwalk (JTA) 

October 9: Swastika drawn on steps of Columbia’s Low Library is fourth anti-Semitic vandalism reported this past year (Columbia Spectator)

October 9: Governor Cuomo calls out anti-Semitic vandalism on private property in Merrick, Long Island and on Hofstra University campus (

October 10: Two Orthodox umbrella groups and the Jewish Federations of North America call for quadrupling of security funds for nonprofits (JTA) 

October 10: Swastikas placed across street from Temple Israel in Portsmouth, NH (Seacoast Line) 

October 11: anti-Semitic remarks yelled during Yom Kippur service at Indiana University Hillel (idsnews) 

October 12: Facebook will change policy and ban Holocaust denial and distortion (JTA) 

October 12: Flyer defaced with anti-Semitic phrases stuffed into door of Pennsylvania State Representative (PA homepage) 

October 12: Anti-Semitic, white nationalist Patriot Front hangs banner across highway in Utah (KJZZ) 

October 12: Swastika stickers placed on multiple businesses in Bellingham, Washington (Bellingham Herald) 

October 12: Anti-Semitic grafitti on monument at University of Wisconsin in Madison (University of Wisconsin-Madison News)

October 13: Police Athletic League clubhouse on Long Island broken into and vandals spray paint swastika on wall (The Island Now) 

October 13: Online classes at Portland high school disrupted by racist and anti-Semitic remarks (Portland Tribune) 

October 14: Jewish mayor of Anchorage resigns over sexting scandal that had an anti-Semitic element (JTA) 

October 15: Connecticut synagogue’s memorial service zoom-bombed with Nazi imagery (Algemeiner) 

October 14: Wife of Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas says George Soros’ family carrying on “evil legacy” and is running the Democratic party (JTA) 

October 15: Jewish leaders from three Rockland County congregations filed lawsuit accusing Governor Cuomo of anti-Semitic discrimination (ABC News) 

October 15: Skinhead pleads guilty to trying to bomb a Colorado synagogue (JTA) 

October 16: NY congressional candidate’s signs defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti (Jerusalem Post)

October 16: Following Facebook, Twitter will now ban Holocaust denial or Holocaust distortion (JTA) 

October 16: Jewish student at Rollins College claims professor guilty of anti-Semitic discrimination in his course (The Sandspur)  

October 16: Twenty-one white supremacists indicted in Utah on federal drug and firearm charges (NPR) 

October 16: Synagogue in Benton, Illinois vandalized (Benton Evening News) 

October 17: Deputy Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism criticizes three German MPs for supporting BDS (Jerusalem Post) Also see Germany

October 17: San Diego rabbi attacked by a 14-year old (CBS 8) 

October 17: Ex Trump aide alleges Trump made joke  about gas chambers in front of Jewish executives (Times of Israel) 

October 17: Lafayette, Indiana police fire new police recruit who was exposed as being part of neo-Nazi forum (JC Online) 

October 19: Jewish Republican congressional candidate calls Soros a “Nazi sympathizer” (JTA) 

October 19: Nazi symbol spray-painted in Iowa City’s park (Press Citizen

October 19: Oakland, CA synagogue defaced with swastikas (The Jewish News of Northern California) 

October 21: “End White Silence” sign outside chiropractor office defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti (Ithaca Voice) 

October 21: Trump administration considering labeling Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam as anti-Semitic (Washington Post) 

October 21: Northwestern University president spars with activists and professors over charge of anti-Semitism (JTA) 

October 22: Former Berkeley mayoral candidate arrested for spray painting swastika on synagogue (Mercury News)

October 23: Complaint filed on behalf of Jewish students at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign regarding “unrelenting campaign of anti-Semitic harassment” (Chicago Sun-Times) 

October 23: PA GOP mailer denounced as anti-Semitic (Delaware County Daily Times) 

October 23: ADL criticizes potential State Department move to declare three human rights groups as anti-Semitic (Times of Israel) 

October 23: A pro-Israel group holds counter-vigil to highlight alleged anti-Semitism in the Black Lives Matter movement (ABC 6) 

October 23: Students at Foothill College pass resolution adopting IHRA definition (The Jewish News of Northern California)

October 23: Congressman Deutch condemns State Department proposed plan to label human rights NGOs as anti-Semitic (Jewish Insider) 

October 23: Activist accused of anti-Semitic tweets speaks before virtual Georgetown University event (The Hoya)  

October 23: Congressman Adam Schiff criticizes his GOP opponent, Trump and members of GOP House leadership of encouraging anti-Semitism through anti-Soros rhetoric (The Jewish News of Northern California)  

October 25: Sign for Arizona Jewish candidate is vandalized with swastika (KWQC) 

October 26: The American Jewish Committee’s State of anti-Semitism in America 2020 report, shows that nearly one half of Americans are unfamiliar with the term anti-Semitism (American Jewish Committee) 

October 26: AJC poll of anti-Semitism 2020 (general population) (American Jewish Committee) 

October 26:  State Department holds conference highlighting online anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

October 26: Hispanics voters in Florida targeted with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in run-up to the election (Times of Israel) 

October 26: After co-sponsoring a BDS event, Butler University student government drops resolution based on IHRA working definition and adopts a watered-down, generalized condemnation of anti-Semitism (The College Fix)

October 27: NYU Chapter of AAUP Professors Group slams Zoom for denying a platform for Palestinian Terrorist (Algemeiner) 

October 27: Cartoon caricature of local candidate elicits charges of anti-Semitism in Santa Cruz, California (Good Times) 

October 27: Man who had been charged with making an anti-Semitic, mass murder threat is re-arrested (Patch)

October 27: After anti-Semitic defacement of chiropractor’s office, three more downtown Ithaca locations vandalized with racist and anti-Semitic graffiti (Ithaca Voice)

October 28: Cafe in Brooklyn vandalized with anti-Semitic message targeting Syrian Jews (Bklyner) 

October 28: Former Vice President Biden vows to confront anti-Semitism on second anniversary of Tree of Life shooting (i24 News) 

October 29: Twitter chief criticized for testifying that Holocaust Denial does not violate the platforms misinformation policies (Algemeiner)

October 29: Police follow a trail of anti-Semitic posters and vandalism to discover weapons and explosive cache in Ithaca, NY home (Syracuse) 

October 29: FBI arrests man linked to vandalizing Michigan synagogue with swastika graffiti (The Jewish News)

October 29: FBI investigating Swastika and “Trump” spray-painted on California couple’s garage door (Newsweek)

October 30: In the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension from the Labour party over his comments on the party’s record on anti-Semitism, Democratic Socialists of American declares solidarity with the former Labour leader (Algemeiner) Also see the United Kingdom

October 30: Teenager arrested for bomb threat against Virginia synagogue (Patch)

October 30: Neo-Nazi in Michigan who wanted to start race war is arrested (Detroit News)

October 30: ADL condemns conservative PAC for calling Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum an anti-Semite (JTA)

October 30: PACE University adopts IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (Algemeiner)

October 31: Extremist Black Hebrew Israelite sect member shouts anti-Semitic slogans at Jewish bystanders at racial justice protest in Philadelphia (Jerusalem Post)

November 1: Alaska Senator’s ad attacking his Jewish opponent criticized as anti-Semitic (Times of Israel)

November 1: The University of Connecticut investigates series of anti-Semitic acts (WFSB)

November 1: Second fire in three months at Chabad Center in Wilmington, Delaware (Algemeiner) 

November 1: Anti-Semitic and racist graffiti scrawled on street in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey (New York Post)

November 1: High school journalist uncovers Hitler quotes in Kentucky state police manual (JTA)

November 2: Jewish candidate alleges his opponent used an anti-Semitic trope of a “shrugging Jew” in a campaign mailer (The Jewish News of Northern California)

November 3: Michigan Jewish cemetery vandalized with “Trump” and “MAGA” graffiti (Times of Israel)

November 3: Jewish organizations call for resignation of Long Island Sanitation Commissioner over anti-Semitic posts (Algemeiner)

November 4: Assemblywoman’s campaign posters are vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti (New York Post) 

November 5: Two Democratic party billboards vandalized with swastikas and white nationalist references (Oregon Live) 

November 5: Florida Gulf Coast University police claim they have identified the person who put anti-Semitic signs around the University (News-Press) 

November 5: Jewish student files complaint with the Education Department against University of Illinois over anti-Semitism (The Daily Illini) 

November 6: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Accuses Israel of “Ethnic Cleansing” (Algemeiner) 

November 6: NYPD official accused of anti-Semitic and racist posts (NPR) 

November 6: Ohio family finds anti-Semitic and racist graffiti on car (The Chronicle-Telegram)  

November 8: Newt Gingrich claims that plot to steal the election from President Trump was financed by George Soros (Hill Reporter) 

November 9: University of Kentucky Jewish Center Menorah and sign are vandalized (Kentucky) 

November 9: Leaflets with swastikas and racist/anti-Semitic messages left by neo-Nazis in San Antonio area neighborhood (Fox San-Antonio) 

November 10: NASCAR driver suspended for anti-Semitic posts (Yahoo! Sports)

November 11: FBI agents raid home of Staten Island man who posted threats to do violence against Democrats including the “Jew Senator from Jew York,” Chuck Schumer (NBC New York) 

November 11: A neo-Nazi faction of the extremist group, Proud Boys, has broken off to form a more openly racist and anti-Semitic group called the “Proud Goys” (Newsweek)

November 11: After Newt Gingrich charges Soros behind a plot to steal the election from Trump, the ADL warns against the use of conspiracy theories about rich Jews (Ha’aretz) 

November 11: Secretary of State, Pompeo, announces a process whereby the U.S. can label groups as anti-Semitic (Politico) 

November 12: Interparliamentary task force pushes social media on online anti-Semitism (Times of Israel) 

November 13: Las Vegas man sentenced for planning attack on ADL and synagogue (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

November 13: Racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic messages sent to students in an entire Illinois school district after a teacher’s email account was hacked (CBS Local Chicago)  

November 15: Secure communities network develops programs to help Jewish institutions respond to terror attacks (Jerusalem Post)

November 15: Douglas Macgregor, a top adviser to President Donald Trump’s new acting defense secretary, routinely blames “the Israeli lobby” and “neocons” for pushing the United States into wars (JTA)

November 16: FBI reports anti-Semitic hate crime rose 14% in 2019 (JTA)

November 16: New advisor to acting Secretary of Defense blamed Israel lobby for pushing U.S. into wars (Jewish Exponent) 

November 17: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign shares plan to address anti-Semitism (Fox Illinois) 

November 17: Jewish cemetery in Cleveland vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti (Cleveland Jewish News) 

November 18: Per a London think tank an anti-Semitic newsletter claims Israel conspired against President Trump (The Forward) Also see Israel

November 18: President Trump to appoint a former speachwriter who attended a white nationalist conference to a U.S. panel monitoring Holocaus sites (JTA)

November 19: SFSU student government passes pro-BDS resolution (Algemeiner) 

November 19: Trump Administration labels BDS anti-Semitic (NPR)

November 19: Marin School District again rocked by anti-Semitic social media posts (The Jewish News of Northern California) 

November 19: Secretary of State Pompeo declares BDS as anti-Semitic and directs Office of the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semtism to identify organizations supporting the Global BDS Campaign (U.S. Department of State) 

November 20: Simon Wisenthal Center warns of anti-Semitism on Parler (Algemeiner) 

November 20: BDS condemns Secretary of State Pompeo for calling the movement anti-Semitic (Middle East Monitor) 

November 21: Jewish Voice for Peace drawing criticism for holding a panel on anti-Semitism featuring Congresswoman Talib, a BDS supporter and the only Jewish participant a supporter of a single state solution (Jerusalem Post) 

November 23: Anti-Israel activists at Tufts University push for referendum condemning campus police for participating in ADL exchange programs with Israel (Jewish Insider

November 23: City, State and Federal authorities investigating possible hate crime after Columbus couple allege neighbor launched anti-Semitic screed on election night and shortly after had their window vandalized (ABC 6) 

November 25: Science Professor at a Michigan university suspended and being investigated for racist, anti-Semitic and homophopic posts on Twitter (Talking Points Memo)

November 28: Parler has been bringing together QAnon theorists and white nationalists as well as more mainstream Trump supporters (Times of Israel) 

November 30: Congresswoman Talib retweets and then erases “from the river to the sea Palestine will be free” (Jewish Journal) 

November 30: Dead pig found outside a rabbi’s door in heavily Orthodox New Jersey township (JTA) 

December 1: San Antonio Mayor and City Council receive hate messages after the city adopted a resolution condemning hate speech against Asians and Jews related to the Covid-19 virus (K STAT 12 News)

December 2: Article in a publication of one of Georgetown University’s programs draws fire for drawing comparison between Austrian government policy and Kristallnacht (Cleveland Jewish News) Also see Austria

December 2: Rapper says no more than 500,000 died in the Holocaust (JTA) 

December 2: Rudy Giuliani again questions George Soros’ Jewish identity (JTA) 

December 2: The Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office sues the town of Airmont over the town’s zoning that is alleged to be engineered to discriminate against Orthodox Jews (New York Post)

December 7: Georgia U.S. Senate candidates exchange accusations of anti-Semitism and white supremacy (JTA) 

December 7: Exclusive Facebook Group, Girl’s Night Out, purged its Jewish members (Mosaic Magazine) 

December 8: Anti-Semitic graffiti found on Waterbury’s “Holy Land” landmark (WTNH)

December 9: Neo-Nazi Arizona man who conspired to threaten journalists sentenced to 16 months in prison (New York Times)  

December 9: Ann Frank memorial in Boise vandalized with swastika stickers (JTA)

December 11: Laconia, New Hampshire school board member posts and then apologizes for an anti-Semitic meme (Laconia Daily Sun) 

December 11: Castle Rock, Colorado business apologizes after criticized by ADL for posting a sign invoking Nazi imagery to make a statement about Second Amendment rights (Castle Rock News Press) 

December 12: A driver shouting anti-Semitic slurs runs over an attendee at menorah lighting at University of Kentucky (WKYT) 

December 12: Buffalo area County Executive lashes out against individuals who made anti-Semitic comments about his Jewish Health Commissioner (Buffalo News) 

December 12: U.S. neo-Nazi website owner ignores $14 million award owed to Jewish plaintiff (Times of Israel) 

December 14: A Davenport synagogue was vandalized just before the first night of Hanukkah (WQAD)

December 14: Long Island Jewish school’s website is hacked with Nazi images (New York Post) 

December 15: Jewish man and son threatened with anti-Semitic slurs in Miami Beach (Miami CBS Local)

December 15: Amherst, Massachusetts high school vandalized with racist and anti-Semitic graffiti (Gazette Net) 

December 15: Institute study finds online anti-Semitism peaks at times of national tension and is partly driven by Russian trolls (JTA) 

December 16: Senate passes by unanimous consent bill to upgrade the status of the State Department Envoy to Monitor and Combat anti-Semitism (Jewish Insider)

December 16: Forest Hill Queens home vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti (Patch

December 16: Panel on anti-Semitism hosted by anti-Zionist group draws criticism (Jerusalem Post) 

December 16: Corbyn gives an interview to the anti-Semitic editor of a website under investigation by the government’s anti-Semitism adviser (The Jewish Chronicle) 

December 17: U.S. Senate passes bill upgrading the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism to ambassadorial status (Haaretz) 

December 17: College condemns anti-Semitism after Dartmouth Green menorah is vandalized (The Dartmouth) 

December 18: Anti-Semites harass two Jewish Wisconsin judges after they denounced a Trump election lawsuit (Haaretz) 

December 18: U.S. Envoy says boycotting Israeli settlements is anti-Semitic (Middle East Eye) 

December 19: Police seeking two men for vandalizing Brooklyn yeshiva with anti-Semitic graffiti (PIX 11) 

December 21: Tuft students pass resolution targeting the training of U.S. law enforcement in Israel (Jewish Insider) 

December 21: UC Merced professor deletes his anti-Semitic filled Twitter account (Jewish Weekly) 

December 21: Spending bill doubles the amount of security dollars for non-profits (JTA)

December 22: Hillels of Georgia seek investigation of alleged anti-Semitism at Georgia Tech (Atlanta Jewish Times)

December 22: Illinois high school investigating zoom bombing incidents that included anti-Semitic and racist language (Chicago Tribune)

December 25: Swastika vandalism in Takoma Park, Maryland (Jerusalem Post)

December 29: Avowed white supremacist and anti-Semite sentenced to 27 months in prison (Cleveland Jewish News)

December 29: University of Northern Colorado investigating a report of an anti-Semitic incident on campus from online sources (Greely Tribune) 

December 30: University of California Merced investigating anti-Semitic tweets of professor (Jewish Journal) 

December 30: NYPD search for man suspected of vandalizing four Brooklyn synagogues (Algemeiner)

December 31: House passes Senate legislation to upgrade Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat anti-Semitism to Ambassadorial rank and sends the legislation to the White House for President’s signature (Algemeiner) 

December 31: KKK distributes recruitment flyers in Northern California town repeating Trump’s false claim that November election was stolen (JTA) 

December 31: Fire set at Portland, OR synagogue but Rabbi doubts that there was antisemitic intent (Oregon Live)


January 27: Uruguay adopts IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day (Simon Wiesenthal Center)

Vatican City

January 25: Seventy-five years after the liberation of Auschwitz European Catholic bishops condemn racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism (Catholic News Agency)

October 28: Vatican’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews and the International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultation issue statements marking 55th anniversary of Nostra Aetate (National Catholic Reporter

November 23: Cardinal condemns anti-Semitism for contradicting Christian values and a rejection of Christianity’s own origins at a U.S. organized forum in the Vatican on combatting anti-Semitism (The Catholic Universe) 


June 11: Per State Department’s International Religion Freedom report, Venezuelan government and supporters engage in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories disguised as anti-Zionist rhetoric (Algemeiner)


August 18: U.S. Anti-Semitism Envoy urges Houthis to release Yemeni Jew (Jerusalem Post) Also see U.S.

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