The Virtual Seder: Get Moment’s 2021 Seder Supplement

By | Mar 31, 2020
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Moment's 2021 Seder Supplement

Fill out the form below to download our 2021 Seder Supplement “The Seder is Already Virtual: Reflections for a Ritual in Extraordinary Times” by Amy E. Schwartz.

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This multi-denominational supplement draws on Moment’s popular “Ask the Rabbis” section, which includes rabbinical wisdom ranging from independent to Orthodox. We’ve also included insight from interviews with scholars and writers as well as articles and poems from the Moment archives and other sources. Any or all of the commentaries and meditations below are suitable for reading aloud. We’ve put some in bold for easy reference. Or you may simply want to read through the supplement before your seder for possible themes to prompt the conversation. Please feel free to print out copies and/or share with family and friends.

Seder Supplement 2021

4 thoughts on “The Virtual Seder: Get Moment’s 2021 Seder Supplement

  1. Anat Bar-Cohen says:

    Thanks for your excellent content.

  2. CB Whyte says:

    looking forward to reading the content

  3. Sharon Forman-Toll says:

    Thank you!!

  4. Would really like to see and potentially use your seder supplement, though the time is getting short.
    I have been reading Moment on & off since your early years.

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