What Three Words Describe Your Judaism?

By | Feb 01, 2024
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During Hanukkah, we asked participants on /r/Jewish, a discussion forum on the social media platform Reddit, to describe their Jewish observance in three words and, if they wanted, to expand on what it means to them. Here are a few of the responses.

From irealllylovepenguins:
Wrestle with G-d

From Nobaconator:
“Fine! F**k it!”Are definitely words I use the most when it comes to Jewish observance. You’re tired and want to sleep all day, but people are coming over for Shabbat, friends you haven’t seen in weeks. Fine, f**k it! Let’s make a nice dinner.

You bought a nice Hannukiah last winter, but look, here’s one that’s all glittery and pretty. Fine! F**k it! Let’s buy this one.

The only salsa your son will put anywhere near his mouth is not kosher. Now you have to make it by hand if you don’t want him to starve. Fine, f**k it!

I exist Jewishly amidst complaints and spite!

That’s not to say there isn’t joy in Judaism. There is joy everyday. But there are times when the ritual is important, even if it’s not particularly joyful in the moment, and that’s an important part of observance too. Not just the good, but the difficult. And the mundane.

From heywhutzup:
I eat donuts

From RedOrangeYellow88:
I’m Reform / secular so I just focus on being a good person and brushing up on my Jewish history and education. Going to more Jewish spaces and events.

From hummingbird_romance:
1. Striving: I’m always striving for growth and a closer relationship with Hashem.
2. Serious: I take Judaism and the Torah seriously. I believe the Torah is true.
3. Rewarding: There are so many halachos and mitzvos that I’m particularly grateful for.

From gunsandm0ses:
Fight G-d; lose.

From AndrewStirlinguwu:
“Ah, F**k it!” I am a professional procrastinator, and tell myself the aforementioned adage when I want to feel like I am making some kind of progress in my conversion.

6 thoughts on “What Three Words Describe Your Judaism?

  1. carol mukhopadhyay says:

    Cultural-ethnic identity only
    Feminist-atheist-anti-patriarchal aspects of Judaism [which sadly, is fundamental to a male god]

  2. Sheila Franklin says:

    My 3 words about my Judaism, which is probably the approach of most modern Jews.


  3. Lois says:

    My Soul’s Jewish: for me, it’s not necessary to choose a denomination or specific observances to be a Jew, it is inborn, inherited, instinctual, indelible.

  4. Elaine Crane says:

    My three words:


  5. Ploni Almoni says:

    Kahane Was Right!

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