Time for another Facebook Fan giveaway!

By | May 17, 2010

Facebook Fan Giveaway: Win a Free Copy Of “Ground Up” by Michael Idov!

Another in a series of giveaways to celebrate our 35th anniversary, become a fan of Moment by Friday (May 21) and be entered in our Facebook Fan lottery to win this amazing novel. Moment will send 3 lucky winners the book free of charge (note: only to US addresses).

From Idov, a staff writer for New York magazine, comes a sagely wry novel loosely based on his experience running the short-lived Cafe Trotsky on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Packed with insight and frequent hilarious asides, Idov’s debut mercilessly takes down money is an illusion bohoism.

One thought on “Time for another Facebook Fan giveaway!

  1. faye ross says:

    this looks like a nice read!!! 🙂

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