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By | Apr 02, 2010
Arts & Culture, Latest

By Michelle Albert

  • President Obama walked out of a dinner at the White House with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Petulance and politics probably aren’t a good mix.
  • A Palestinian man who tried to bomb a Bronx synagogue in 2000 was recently convicted of a hate crime. Though the building was the target, the judge presiding over the case deemed that the real victim was the synagogue’s congregation.
  • War games simulations at the Brookings Institution focused on the possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran.
  • Axum, an Israeli/Ethiopian/Moroccan hip-hop group, is bringing da jewish funk to the south with a tour of Hillels, Jewish Day Schools and Jewish centers in Georgia.
  • Genetics could be the reason why your Ashkenazi bubbe is 98 years old and still dancing the hora.

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