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By | Nov 13, 2009

By Sarah Breger

Ari_Teman_hero_mAri Teman, the founder of JCorps, won the first Jewish Community Hero award this week. JCorps is an organization that runs programs for young Jewish volunteers in cities around the world. [JTA]

TNRtv put together a video on the anti-Semitic group Westboro Baptist Church as they protested against Jews and gays outside synagogues and schools in New York this week. The video shows that with the Jews from Great Neck the Westboro Baptist church may have met their match. [TNR]

Frederic Aranda’s gripping photographs of the Lubavitch community on Tablet. [Tablet]

The Forward announces their picks for the top 50 Jews of the year. You are not on it. [Forward]

Time’s Joe Klein and The New Republic’s Jamie Kirchick’s discussion on Israel and the media turns nasty at the GA. [WAPO]


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