The Year Everything Changed

June 23, 2020 in Big Questions, Cover Story, Summer Issue 2020
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  • Jeff Ong 09:19h, 26 June Reply

    “Leonard Fein was Moment’s founding editor for 11 years. His editor’s column came alive with his passions – social justice and ending racism and poverty, Judaism, Israel and the American Jewish community.”

    At such a time as this in America, I find it remarkable that the editorial team at Moment feels confident in publishing a “collective history” as seen almost entirely through the white / Euro-centric / Ashkenazi perspective.

    Where are the perspectives that highlight non-Ashkenazic voices? Did all of your contributors consent to a collective piece that highlights the voices of an (almost) all white Ashkenazi authors?

    At best, this piece is tone deaf. At worst, its racist due to its erasure of non-Ashkenazic perspectives (both in editorial representation and content) and its place in Jewish history.

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