Theodore Bikel

90th Birthday Tribute to the Legendary Theodore Bikel

Thanks to all who joined us for a spectacular night of festivities and feting in honor of musical and acting legend Theodore Bikel. In case you missed it (or just want to see it again), here is a tribute video to our honoree.

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Have you checked out Moment's March/April issue?

It's on newsstands now! Check out our cover story on Bernie Madoff, the man who ran what was perhaps one of history’s largest Ponzi schemes, remains a mystery. Rabbis representing the spectrum of Jewish belief reflect on what ethical lessons we can learn from the scandal, and Charles Ponzi biographer Mitchell Zuckoff discusses why Madoff targeted Jewish charities and how ethnicity has factored into the media coverage of the affair. Also in this issue, we profile minority whip Eric Cantor. He made headlines by persuading his Republican colleagues not to vote for the stimulus package. Is this highest-ranking Jew in the history of the House, and its only Jewish Republican, the Moses who will lead the GOP out of the wilderness to the Promised Land? Former Wall Street Journal reporter Robert S. Greenberger profiles the 45-year-old...

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Laughter Through Tears

By Jeremy Gillick Sholom Aleichem, the revered 19th century writer whose earnest, incredulous and good-natured humor came to define a century of Jewish jokes, is back. Not resurrected--Aleichem was never much of a believer, though he undoubtedly would have welcomed the Messiah into the world like an old friend into his home--but reincarnated in the body and voice of Theodore Bikel. At 84, the man who made Fiddler on the Roof into an American story--Bikel has played Tevye the Dairyman upwards of 2000 times--has brought back to life the man whose writings shaped his long and illustrious career. "Laughter Through Tears," which recently premiered at the DCJCC's Theater J and which, following it's strong reception, was extended to run through January 18th, is a one-man tribute to Sholom Aleichem. Written, acted and sung by Bikel himself, the...

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