Sunrise demonstrators protest. Their signs say "for the air we breathe, for the water we drink, for the people we love, for the places we call home, we deserve a future."

Sunrise DC Quits Rally Because of ‘Zionist’ Groups’ Participation

When bikers, walkers and runners convene on Saturday at the Freedom to Vote Relay's finish line near the Capitol, one group will not be in attendance: Sunrise DC. The group’s decision is due to the participation of groups “in alignment with and support of Zionism and the State of Israel” at the rally.  Sunrise DC, the Washington chapter of a youth-led movement called Sunrise, gained traction in 2017 as a climate change advocacy group. This Sunrise “hub” is specifically dedicated to uplifting the voices of city residents who, they believe, should have a say in the national government. Other speakers at the rally will raise awareness about the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and DC statehood, two topics central to the Sunrise DC mission.  Citing its commitment to racial justice, self-governance and indigenous sovereignty, the group...

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Rally against antisemitism at the U.S. Capitol

“No Fear” Rally Against Antisemitism in D.C. Draws Over 2,500

More than 2,500 people showed up at the National Mall next to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC in solidarity against antisemitism Sunday. The rally was held in response to an increase in antisemitic violence in recent months. The two weeks of military conflict in Israel and Palestine this May coincided with a 75 percent increase in antisemitic incidents reported to the Anti-Defamation League compared to two weeks before the fighting.  Speakers included Elisha Wiesel, son of the late Nobel Laureate and Moment cofounder Elie Wiesel; Jeffrey Myers, rabbi at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA, where 11 were killed in 2018; Talia Raab, who received rape and death threats after organizing a “Walk for Israel” in Naperville, IL; and Rabbi Schlomo Noginski, who was stabbed repeatedly outside a Jewish center in Boston earlier this...

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