recent Israeli election

Winners and Losers in the Most Recent Israeli Election

More than a week after the most recent Israeli election, Israelis are still trying to find a way to make sense of what happened—and, no less important, what didn't happen. Based on the results, it is reasonable to assume that incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not be reasonable and will not concede that he cannot form a majority. He will probably drag Israel into another election, the fifth in five years, likely to be held in the summer or early fall. According to Israeli law, a new Knesset will be sworn in, and the current government will continue as an interim government until a new one is formed—or not—after the next round. However, before these elections recede into the previous ones’ not-so-distant memories, it is worth examining who the winners and the losers are and what...

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independant voters

Jews in the Middle: Who Are the Jewish Independent Voters?

Politics & Power will now be published every other week. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know! 1. The Jewish vote is in. Again.  So much has happened since Americans went to the polls four months ago, and quite frankly, no one misses the days leading up to the election. But let’s try to take just one more look at the eternal question bewildering the Jewish world ever since: How did the Jews vote? The issue was discussed, argued and debated back in November, with the same decades-old storyline. Yes, Jewish Americans once again voted overwhelmingly for the Democrats, but was there a shift in voting trends? Professional Jewish Democrats and Republicans will continue debating this question until the cows come home (or at least until their donors agree that results trend in a way that...

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Religion in the News

By Caitlin Yoshiko Kandil The biggest religion news stories in 2011 involved tensions with Islam, followed by faith in presidential politics, a new Pew report reveals. Some of the key findings in the study, “Religion in the News,” include: Religion coverage made up just 0.7 percent of all mainstream media coverage in 2011, down from two percent in 2010 Religion received as much attention as race, gender and LGBT issues Islam made up nearly one-third of all religion news stories last year The top religion stories of the year included: religion in the election, Peter King’s “Radical Islam” congressional hearings, anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States, the Westboro Church protests, religion in September 11th commemorations, the Catholic priest abuse scandal and Terry Jones’s Quran burning For more on religion coverage in the mainstream media, Moment speaks with Jesse Holcomb, a research...

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