Can the Government Save America from Antisemitism?

Jewish Politics & Power is published every other week. Sign up for our newsletter for updates. 1. Washington Takes on Antisemitism With its ornate decorations and side windows overlooking the West Wing entrance to the White House, The Indian Treaty Room, on the fourth floor of the Eisenhower Executive Building in Washington, DC, is ripe with history, from hosting official signing ceremonies to presidential press conferences dating back to the 1950s. Last Wednesday, the Biden administration chose this venue for its first-ever roundtable on antisemitism, led by Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff. For a meeting full of symbolism, it was an opportunity for the White House to visually convey the importance the administration sees in sending out a clear message against antisemitism. “An epidemic of hate” is how Emhoff described the rash of anti-Jewish incidents and expressions flooding America in recent months....

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after trump

Trump in Perspective

That which was is that which will be, and that which is                                           done is that which will be done, there is nothing new                                                                           under the sun.  —Ecclesiastes: 1:9 If you are already fed up reading about Donald J. Trump, just wait. Books will be written about Trump for decades to come, exploring why the American people elected him and how America can prevent similar mishaps in the future.  The January 6 Trump-inspired attack on the Capitol was a national...

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