Should Israel Recognize Kosovo's Independence?

By | Feb 18, 2009
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By Jeremy Gillick

In February of 2008, the Republic of Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia. Now, as the country of two million–almost all of whom are Muslim–celebrates its first birthday, Israel wonders whether or not to recognize it.

Over 50 nations have already done so, including the United States, the U.K., Germany, France and Turkey, but Israel has thus far avoided the issue entirely. As Ha’aretz puts it, “Jerusalem is hesitant to endorse the independence of a break-away Muslim country, in light of the implications it could have for Israel with regard to the Palestinians.”

“Israel may also view recognition of the breakaway republic as one that could potentially lead to a domino effect which could encourage other contested areas to declare independence, and possibly raise international calls for Palestinian statehood.”

In worrying about the potential repercussions, though, Israel overlooks an inconvenient truth: Kosovo’s Albanian Muslims are arguably more supportive of Israel than Muslims anywhere else in the world.

In some ways, the dilemma parallels Israel’s Armenian problem. Although Israel has a sympathetic Armenian population, it has refused to recognize the Armenian genocide for fear of damaging its relationship with Turkey.

Whereas the evidence might justify Israel’s position in the case of Turkey and the Armenian genocide, since Turkey is a crucial ally in a region generally unfriendly to Israel, in the case of Kosovo, Israel’s stance is based largely on speculation.

And if Israel wants a Palestinian state, which, by most accounts, it does, what better way to symbolize that than by recognizing Kosovo’s independence?

28 thoughts on “Should Israel Recognize Kosovo's Independence?

  1. Our friends from Israel, you must never recognize so called indipendent “state” of Kosovo. Long live Israel. Kosovo is part of Serbia.

  2. Betty says:

    Israel (like the other democracies)should stand for what is RIGHT, not what is EXPEDIENT for the moment. However, the USA certainly doesn’t practice this, and in the case of Turkey, Israel hasn’t either. But soon they will see just how “friendly” even a “secular” Islamic nation will be – and will wish they had stood with the persecuted Christians instead! Same goes for Serbia vs Kosovo. Israel needs to wake up as to who are their real allies – and who are their enemies!

  3. Kosovari says:

    i seriozly thought that IZRAEL would be the first country to rekognize KOSOVA! becouse of NAZI-SERBIA

  4. Albert says:

    I just heard on TV that Israel is preparing to recognize Republic of Kosova in August. This is a just and reasonable step in the right direction.
    Albania was the country where none of the Israelis was handed over to the Nazis during whole Second World War and their number after the war was manifold larger than before the war, because Albania was a safe territory for Israelis.
    Serbia in the other hand is the state that openly performed and encouraged genocide, mass atrocities and tortures in ex-Yugoslavia. Only in one day Serbs killed more than 8.000 unarmed and innocent young and old man in Srebrenica, which is the biggest massacre in Europe after the Second World War.
    By recognizing Kosovo Israel joins western democracies in Europe and USA.
    Thank you Israel!

  5. EA says:

    Israel should have recognise Kosova’s independence time ago but better late than never. Albanians never had a problem with state of Israel and Jewish were well protected in Albania during the Nazi persecution. Albanians and Israelis have a common Big Friend the USA and the most important thing is the real democratic world know the history of conflict in former Yugoslavia. Wellcome on board Israel! Thanks USA!

  6. Ermal says:

    During the second world war All the Jews who were lucky to come in the Albanian territories were saved by the albanians in Kosovo and Albania, evethou they were occupied by the german fashist army. Albanian families protected them by sacrifying their lives and in the end of the war Albania had more Jews then in beggining, a fact recognised worldwide by the historians. What happend to the Jews in Serbia. They were all killed.

  7. dielleza says:

    Isreal will recognise Kosova soon or later :).
    There are two main reason why Isreal will recognise Kosova.
    1. Because Kosovas independence is the way of truth and
    2. Because Iserals as we know is USAs alley and they also wanna say thanks for the help albanians gave to jews during ww2.

  8. dielleza says:

    Ups there were 3 reason 🙂

  9. Nenad says:

    During the second world war All the Jews who were lucky to come in the Albanian territories were saved by the albanians in Kosovo and Albania.

    This stands only for Albania but not for Kosovo. Kosovo nazis driven out many Serbs and other non albanians from Kosovo during WW2 and ihabited it with Albanians from Albania.

    Kosovo is Serbian land! There are no Albanian lands outside Albania but there are lands with Albanian population in other states. Albanians should make a difference. If they continue with this idea of so called great Albania I’m afraid they will cause a rage with the rest of their neighbours where Albanians live so they could lose even their original teritory.

    As for saving jews in Kosovo, I just wonder if Albanians says they are saving jews, then why the hell jewish community of Prishtina is relocated into Belgrade in 1999. after NATO entered into Kosovo.

    I hope Israel won’t make a mistake and recognize this rogue state.

  10. SwedeEU says:

    Israel should urgently recognize Kosovo.
    It does not matter with the situation there,because kosovo is in europe, and israel should recognize the country of kosovo because in nazi era,these people from kosovo saved many jews from nazists.Also in sign of good friendship with usa and EU ,israel should immediately recognize Kosovo, and not to support the serbian genociders.

  11. Tom says:

    Independence was inevitable. Serbs have lost every right to rule over Kosovo. The structural, state-organized repression and terror against the Kosovo-Albanian majority for decades have lead to the independence of Kosovo.The illegal and unconstitutional removal of the Kosovos autonomy by Milosevic in ’89 followed by the horrible atrocities and the ethnic cleansing committed by the Serbs during the war of ’97-99 made secession from Serbia inevitable.If someone is to blame, than it is the Serbs.

  12. Tom says:

    “It has been stated that during the second world war Albania was the only state in Europe having more Jews after the war then before it. Albania was not the only country in Europe to do so. Catholic Spain, as well as Lutheran Sweden and Finland also had more Jews at the end of the conflict than at the beginning. As such the positive role that the Albanians played in sheltering and aiding segments of the European Jewry cannot be denied.”

  13. Insider says:

    During the WW2 Kosovo was under ocupation of Musolini’s faschist army. During 1941-1945 Kosovan Albanians were became friends with Italian faschist army and during that period of WW2 Kosovan Albanians were pushed Serbs and other Non-Albanian population out of Kosovo, including Jews.

    During the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999, Kosovan Albanians pushed Jews for the second time out of the Kosovo.

    Should Israel Recognize Kosovo’s Independence and my opinion is OFF COURSE NOT!

    I mean, why should Israel Recognize “state” of Kosovo. The prime minister of that new born “state” is Hashim Thachi, who is a high member of organised crime in Kosovo. Today Prime minister of Kosovo Hashim Thachi have very interesting nickname called “Snake”. Guess why he have that nickname. The guy before him, former prime minister of Kosovo Agim Cheku is wanted by interpol, his nickname is “Babykiller”. Today, Kosovo is a very criminal place and both those guys are conected with leading terorist organizations such as Al Qaida and other smaller terorist organizations wanted by USA and international police. In the past, Hashim Thachi and Agim Cheku were members of terorist organization called KLA.

    Kosovo Albanian leaders are former terorists, and USA is on their side because USA is blind. In the past, USA have been friend with Osama bin Laden, and we all know how that friendship beetwen bin Laden and USA ended. Now USA is making the same mistake with Kosovo Albanian leaders because Kosovo Albanian leaders are light version of Osama bin Laden, because Kosovo Albanian leaders are also terorists.

    During the 1989 Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic was not removed the Kosovo’s authonomy, he only removed a one part of that authonomy and during that period (during 1989) Kosovo still had the authonomy going. but noooo, Kosovo Albanians wanted more, Kosovo Albanians wanted the indipendence.

    But the Albanian sick dream about indipendence of Kosovo was not started in 2008, he started many years before. It alll started in 1981, when Kosovo-Albanians wanted to separate Serbian province of Kosovo from teritory of Serbia in 1981. Slobodan Milosevic came to power few years after 1981, which means that the only side that is highly responsible for whole Kosovo drama is Kosovo-Albanian side, because Kosovo Albanian were first who lighted the the war fire. Kosovo Albanians started to make ethnic tensions in 1981, and Serbian President Milosevic was respond them with the measure of removing only problematic parts of Kosovo’s authonomy in 1989.

  14. aida says:

    As first Kosova is not a muslim country,but a alabanian country,and the albanians are the same like jews are a antion and a religion,ther some a litlle part of albanians who sasid thatthey are muslim or kristina,but the 90% of albanians are albanian and a religion alabanian.the serbian propaganda like the goebels make propaganda as a Kosova is a islamic state,thats pure serbian propaganda because the serbs are a prode to be a kristianortodoks and we now for 1300 year of the history of cristians how they tried to destroye a is very importnat to be recognised Kosova as a state from the israel,in 30 years when the kristianity because of natality will be in the end wich maybe will be a danger for jews and israel from the arabicislamic countrey,the jews they now and they have in plan to escape and the refugy will find at the albanians countries because of the same paralels that they have jews and albanians,and we don,t have to forget that the atacks against serbia in 1999 comes and i thanks to jewslobby in USA and the recognising of Kosova from Israel its a question of the time but from the tactically reason goverment of Israel will wait until all isamicworld first recognise a Kosovo than the goverment of Israel will recognise Kosova as state,because in case that now will recognise the arabicislamic world will be angry in albanians states and they will not recognise Kosova,but son or later Kosova will recognise from Israel because only albanaians and jews are old and profets people

  15. Valon says:

    Kosovo-Albanians are the best friends of Israel ,we helped the Jewish people so much in world war II.I know that Israel will recognize soon or later….they helped us so much to become a country and Israel ands America are our best allies…….Long life Kosovo Albania and Israel Forever!

  16. betim says:

    first i want to thank many jewish people for helping kosovo win its independence and i think that israel should recognise kosovo

  17. Buki says:

    Not only that Israel should recognize the independence of Kosovo but I honestly do not understand why the delay? I will not repeat here the historical reasons why Israel as a very respected nation has many compelling reasons to consider Albanians everywhere as their allies anytime, anywhere, but I will mention this; Serbian nation with its terrorist paramilitary mercenaries and regular chetnick terrorist forces tried to repeat the holocaust against Albanians pretty much the same way it happened to the Jews over 65 years ago. Chetnik terrorists, most of them drunk with their rakija, huge filthy beards, followed by their disgusting trumpet music were terrorizing village after village, town after town leaving over 12,000 dead Albaniansin mostly women, children and old people in less than 2 months time.

    It was frightening and somewhat unbearable to a human eye & mind when I saw several Albanian pregnant women killed by the Serb terrorists with one bullet on the forehead and two on the belly. I say this, with the utmost confidence; No other nation in the world is capable of doing such atrocities except for the Serbian terrorist nation.

    Some say it is not right to declare an entire nation sick and demented but to that I say this, remember the Balkan crisis of the 90′? Do I need to remind anyone which nation was the one that started that whole mess? Don’t you find it weird that the filthy Serbian military terror-machine just “had” to invade nearly all the Countries in Ex-Yugoslavia starting with Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia. Kosovo leaving a deadly trail of over 200,000 dead civilians and yet find the unbelievable decency to call itself the victim?

    Luckily, even Serbia’s brightest minds accept their fault as a nation. In one article the so-called “father of the Serbian nation” Dobrica Cosic wrote (thinking he was actually doing his nation a favour): “We lie to deceive ourselves, lie is the fundamental form of our nationalism, we lie creatively, imaginatively and inventively”.

    Israeli nation has the right to know that the Serbs are nothing more than a savage horde brought to these parts from the carpatian mountains, bringing savagery and death to all nations surrounding them, while they survived here only because of their “big brother” Russia. To be honest, the most logical approach and biggest favor Europe would do to itself would be to permanently move the Serbian hordes back to the Carpatian lands and get Belgrade back to the Albanians as the oldest, most culturally enhanced nation in the Balkan peninsula. Thank you.

  18. naim says:

    izrael je pomogao kad je trebalo pa ce optet .hvala izrael

  19. naim says:

    mjesanje nas i koje kakvih teroristickih organizacija .to ide u dobit samo oniha koji nam zavide,mi smo iliri a iliri su bili trgovci a ne fasisti.
    pozdrav izrelu iz republic of kosova.

  20. nil says:

    It is amazing how the world has a negative opinion of the Serbs. Is it possible to recognize a false state. Kosovo has always been part of Serbia and the Albanians were forcibly entered there. Why should Israel recognize Kosovo? Serbs and Jews are a people who suffered most in WW2, Theodor Herzl is the creator of zionism and he is a Serbian Jew, there are plenty of connections.

    Thanks IZRAEL for support!

  21. James says:

    Americans are the dumbest nation under the Sun.
    Why otherwise would they support KLA terrorists that are put power of Kosovo?
    But, again, Americans, the most brain-dead unaware biological robots have lost their humanity long time ago.
    They would rather support their Satanic masters and lick their ar5es then actually use their brains to figure out who is the real murderer and who is the victim. As someone who lives in this land of morons I am well aware of this pathetic people of this dying nation.

  22. Zigmund says:

    Theodor Herzl, the creator of Zionism is a Serbian Jew?

    why don’t you follow you own link and actually READ IT.
    “He was born in Pest, Hungary to a Jewish family originally from Zimony (today Zemun, Serbia), which was then part of Austria-Hungary. He was second child of Jeanette and Jakob Herzl, who were German-speaking, assimilated Jews. A precocious, moody daydreamer, he aspired to follow the footsteps of Ferdinand de Lesseps, builder of the Suez Canal. His did not succeed in the sciences, and he developed a growing enthusiasm for poetry and the humanities. This passion would later develop into a successful career in journalism and a less celebrated pursuit of play-writing.[1]”

    just because his parents came from Zemun — does not mean that he is a Serb. Not even “German speaking” was enough to give you a clue that his family originally came from Germany???!!! How does that makes him a Serb?
    how the hell did you make such connection?

    Apparently yo do not know that Jews were kicked out from MOST of European countries at one time or other, and therefore they moved from one country to another after people got tired of their USURY and unscrupulous business practices.
    Jews are international, they have no alliance to host country, so before SHTF they go on the RUN, to save their lives from those that they wronged.
    No other group of people have been kicked out from so many countries as Jews have.
    It would help if you actually would read before you post garbage on some blog.

  23. serbian says:

    if the Jews recognize Kosovo, When the time comes for the independence of Palestine, We Serbians have long memory and will make sure to have our revenge on you.

    Jews Think twice about recognizing Kosovo

  24. Rita says:

    Of course isreal should recognise the independence of Kosovo. I really do not understand these people that are claming Kosovo to be Serbian territory! It’s hideous! Kosovo was and still is an Albanian country! I think isreal oes us the least to recognise the new Albanian state, the republic of Kosovo! Kosova Albania isreal USA

  25. NINO says:

    Israel, Just do it!
    Those people, (Kosovan people used to rescue Jews during WW2)
    so please do not hesitate, because God is watching!

    Recognize Kosovo!
    Serbian people came from Carpathian region and invaded Illyrian land during 7 century new era, so they are not originally from Balkan.
    Albanians used to live in Balkan for centuries, thy are Illyrian descendants.
    And most of all, they deserved freedom, they have three different religions get along very good, they are sample for the rest of the world.

  26. betim says:

    i understend why israel cant recognise kosovo they have problems with palestinians at at a momement i believe in two state solution until that happens israel will stay idle but thanks jews i m albanian and i thank you for support etenally i hope there will be some peace thank you

  27. Andrews Sabrina says:

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    many con artists online claiming they know the matter.
    But in reality, it is just you in addition to who genuinely know what they write about.
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