September/October 2017

By | Sep 19, 2017


Simon Schama Steals the Show
The effusive British historian and master storyteller returns for part two of the history of the Jewish people.
by Liam Hoare

Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Initiative

Strangers in their own land
The end of the long civil war between Sri Lanka’s Buddhists and Tamils promised peace. Instead, Buddhist nationalists found a new enemy: their Muslim neighbors. 
by May Jeong

Our Nation 2017

After the Cyber-storm
The nation’s attention has shifted elsewhere, but Whitefish, the small Montana town hit by a neo-Nazi harassment campaign, is still recovering.
By Ellen Wexler

Book Interview

Max Brooks
The preeminent zombie expert—who has taught disaster preparedness at West Point—explains why the video game, Minecraft, is his new obsession.
By Ellen Wexler

From The Editor
The new face of white supremacism
by Nadine Epstein


Younger evangelicals are less committed to Israel
by Mark Pinsky

Can Jared Kushner find a new path to peace?
by Marshall Breger

A new spotlight shines on David Duke
by Tyler Bridges

Opinion Interview

Elliott Abrams’s Advice to Trump
by Marilyn Cooper

Jewish Word

A short history of Hebrew acronyms
by Marilyn Cooper

Visual Moment

Modigliani’s Parisian years
by Diane Bolz

First Person

by Jodi Rudoren

Ask The Rabbis 

What is the most important High Holidays prayer?  


“On Reading Chapter 19 in the Book of Judges”
by Erika Dreifus


2017 Moment Genetics Guide
Learn about new genetic testing options, advances in immunotherapy, the benefits of genetic counseling & much more.


Forest Dark
reviewed by Emily Barton

The Book of Separation
reviewed by Susan Coll

Jewish Comedy: A Serious History
reviewed by Daniel Oppenheimer and Mark Oppenheimer

Cartoon Caption Contest

Spice Box

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