Annexation Plans Prompt Firm Response from Top Pro-Israel Senators

13:38 29 June
"This doesn’t mean that the Jewish pro-Israel left is about to win its fight against annexation. But it does show that their voice is strong enough to sway staunch AIPAC supporters to speak out against the Israeli government’s line, and that, perhaps in a marginal way, they will make Netanyahu listen, if not to American Jews, than to pro-Israel American lawmakers."

Leadership Controversy Plagues Pro-Israel Umbrella Organization

16:43 27 April
On Tuesday, members of the Conference of Presidents will vote on the approval of Dianne Lob as the next chairwoman of the organization, a two-year position that would make her the group’s top lay leader. Initially, she was supposed to take office immediately upon approval, but a last-minute change will make Lob chair-elect for the next year, after which she will assume the chairmanship—more on that later. 

All You Need to Know About Netanyahu’s Indictment

17:48 21 November
What happened today? For the first time in Israel’s history, a sitting prime minister has been indicted on criminal charges. The most serious charge is of bribery in what’s known as Case 4000, in which Netanyahu is accused of providing regulatory benefits to Israeli media