Amos Oz, Beloved Israeli Author, Dies at 79

14:28 28 December
Famed Israeli author Amos Oz has passed away today, aged 79, after a short battle with cancer. Perhaps the most renowned Israeli author, Oz's work has been translated into 45 languages and won dozens of awards, including the prestigious Goethe Prize and the Israel Prize for Literature. Oz was also an activist, repeatedly advocating in favor of the two-state solution and calling for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

How Will Pro-Israel Evangelicals Shape U.S. Policy?

14:38 27 July
In Trump-era Washington, pro-Israel and Jewish conferences can be divided into roughly three categories: those on the left who gather to lament, centrist groups that do their best to avoid any mention of the president, and groups on the conservative end of the spectrum for which the Trump presidency is nothing short of a dream come true.

Natural Gas: Israel’s Game Changer

20:22 31 December
Recent discoveries of large natural gas reserves off Israel’s coast will soon transform the country into an energy exporter, and bring in billions of dollars in new revenue. But the new finds also open up a Pandora’s Box of environmental, financial, social, security and foreign policy concerns.