Am I The Schmuck?

In honor of Purim we offer the Moment “Am I The Schmuck?” Tribunal!
By | Mar 12, 2024
The word "schmuck" superimposed on a turbaned man. Painting is a detail from "Haman Recognizes his fate," a painting by Rembrandt

🥩 Did you take a third helping of brisket before the host sat down?

🎁 Refuse to let your in-laws give your kids Christmas presents?

🥃 Walk out to take a l’chaim (or three) during the rabbi’s speech?

Let’s face it: we’ve all had moments where somebody thinks we’re being a bit of a schmuck. If you’re sure you were in the right, or maybe not so sure, maybe you should let us be the judge: fill out this form with your most schmuckish moment, and our editors will decide if you truly deserve the dreaded moniker!

Top image: A detail from “Haman recognizes his fate,” by Rembrandt. Photo credit: Creative Commons via Wikimedia.

2 thoughts on “Am I The Schmuck?

  1. The schmuck whose survey this is has a google form that does not let me fill it out. Hey, I’m a subscriber. Nu?

  2. sandra landau says:

    a schmuck by definition is a dangling ornament How many are there in this world??

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