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Sarah Silverman is back..

Sarah Silverman is back..

September 21, 2012 in Latest, Politics

Sarah Silverman is taking on voter ID laws with a new 2012 election video, Let My People Vote.

Her 2008 video, “The Great Schlep,” in which the foul-mouthed Jewish comic tried to convince young Jews to travel to Florida to convince their grandparents to vote for Obama, was much-talked about and highly successful. It’s seems she’s trying her luck again.

  • Geri Levine 15:02h, 21 September Reply

    In the moment….the real story here is about the Nazi JEW George Soros, who is the GREATEST SCHLEPPER of all time, and the $$$$$$$$$$$$$money behind this campaign(THE GREAT SCHLEPP included) via his “mini-me” version of himself, his son Alexander Soros, (George knows first hand about “SCHLEPPING JEWS” at the young age of 14 in Budapest). Sarah Silverman, a mediawhore for hire, for a great cause of course(yes, rolling my eyes and ad nauseum too).
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  • Yale Wishnick 15:41h, 21 September Reply

    Christian groups in the long run are now showing they are smarter than Jews. We may

    be highly educated but not in common sense.

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