Sarah Palin discusses Joe Lieberman in new memoir

By | Nov 27, 2009

After Sarah Palin’s provocative statement last week on Israel’s settlement expansion and her belief that “more and more Jewish people will be flocking to Israel in the days and weeks and months ahead,” we were curious to see what she had to say about Jews and Israel in Going Rogue, her new book.

Not much it turns out. Like most foreign policy issues, Israel doesn’t come up in the memoir subtitled An American Life.

However, Palin does discuss Senator Joe Lieberman and the help he gave her over the course of the campaign:

There was a bright spot in Philly and his name was Joe Lieberman. Usually, the tense, dark hotel room was a revolving door for tired operatives and well-meaning experts. At one point, Senator Lieberman stopped by the room, and I think he could sense that the prep was overly scripted, with no room for productive give-and-take. A moment came when the only people in the room were me, Senator Lieberman, and Kris Perry.

Senator Lieberman sat down in front of me and regarded me kindly. “Be yourself,” he said. “Don’t let these people try to change you. Don’t let them tell you what to say or how to think.”


“God is going to see you through this,” Senator Lieberman said. “Just put your faith in Him and let Him take care of it.”

Then he repeated our mutual friend’s John’s words of wisdom: “Just have fun!”

It was so heartfelt, so genuine so sincere. In a campaign swirling with professional handlers and operatives, Joe Lieberman, the Democrat-turned-Independent senator from Connecticut, reminded me exactly how to do this.

Going Rogue has already sold 700,000 copies in its first week of release.

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