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Our 2020 summer double issue celebrates our 45th anniversary with a deep dive into time. “Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?” is a metaphysical, multicultural and scientific guide to time throughout the ages, plus an exploration into the origins of the Jewish calendar. In “ The Year Everything Changed,” 30 thinkers from historian Simon Schama to physicist Brian Greene to novelist Dara Horn choose years seminal to Jewish history. “When the Past is Present and the Present is Past” examines why modern Hebrew has no original word for history. There’s also a tour of our archives, a chronicle of what has troubled, concerned and excited American Jews since Elie Wiesel and Leonard Fein launched Moment in 1975. Like every issue, this one also captures the current moment in time. Our Jewish Political Voices Project explores the pressing concern of growing income inequality. We profile attorney Debra Katz who rose to national prominence during the rise of the #MeToo movement. Opinions cover the gamut: Israel, climate change, evangelical Christians and President Trump and the TV show Mrs. America. And as usual our letters section—the Conversation—is brimming with disagreement. Book reviews include Robert Siegel on Philip Roth. Joan Nathan on 18 timeless Jewish foods and much more.

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