Israel-Hezbollah Prisoner Swap Follow-Up

By | Jul 17, 2008
Hezbollah and Israel flags

Yesterday we provided a general recap of the prisoner swap that occurred between Hezbollah and Israel.

Today, we are interested in the responses, not just from highranking officials, but from everyday people. We want to hear what you believe (you can leave your comments below). Was the swap a good idea?

The Jewish community is swimming in contention. Those in favor of the deal say that Israel did the right thing by allowing the Goldwasser and Regev families the right to closure and proper mourning.

One ex-soldier thinks it was the right thing to do as a statement of the government’s commitment to its soldiers: “The army that does not take care of its POWs is not worth serving in and the nation that forgets it [sic] sons is not worth fighting for.”

Those against the deal believe that by exchanging five living prisoners (as well as 199 bodies) for the bodies of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, it sends a message to Israel’s enemies that kidnapping pays off—or that they can receive deals without keeping their prisoners alive. Some are worried that this deal will drive up Hamas’ demands for the soldier they hold, Gilad Shalit.

Additionally, critics are appalled at the idea of releasing Samir Kuntar, a convicted murderer. (Kuntar was welcomed into Lebanon with a hero’s welcome.)

The American Jewish community is reacting in a typically diverse and varied manner.

So we ask you, readers. Did Israel do the right thing? Click on the “Leave a comment” link on the bottom of this post to voice your opinion.

Benjamin Schuman-Stoler

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