Post-Thanksgiving Roundup

By | Nov 30, 2009

Here are a few things you may have missed while in your turkey-induced food coma.

By Sarah Breger

Tony Judt waxes nostalgic for the bad food of his youth, including his grandmother’s Friday night dinner of potatoes, gefillte fish and compote. Warning: he shows no mercy for Jewish cuisine and  describes his grandmother as someone who “had never met a green vegetable she could not torture to death in a saucepan.” [NYRB]

The Chicago Jewish News covers the ongoing tenure debacle of Israeli-born professor Zafra Lerman. Lerman is the founder of the Malta Conference, a program where scientists from all over the Middle East, including Israel, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, the Palestinian territories, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Turkey meet to create cross cultural understanding. [Chicago Jewish News]

Details magazine praises the rise of the “hot Jewish girl”. Jezebel then destroys the piece paragraph by paragraph. [Details, Jezebel]

One thought on “Post-Thanksgiving Roundup

  1. Nonna says:

    I loved Tony Judt’s beautiful essay and the Jezebel post was wonderfully snarky.

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