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By | Apr 04, 2018
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I just returned from Israel, where I found myself in the passenger seat of a Jaguar roadster roaring through the Judean Hills on a segment of the Holy Land 1000, a 1,000-kilometer road trip through Israel. The morning was golden as we breezed, top down, on the winding back roads to Tel Aviv, 76 cars in all with motorcycle escorts, ending at a rally attended by devoted members of Israel’s antique car association.

Here are some photos from the event:

The procession of cars through the Negev desert. (Credit: Ronen Topelberg)


Ira and Marcia Wagner in their Jaguar roadster. (Credit: Ronen Topelberg)


A moment near the Dead Sea. (Credit: Gadi Sierra)


Cars parked near a scenic spot. (Credit: Gadi Sierra)


The procession of cars through the Old City of Jerusalem. (Credit: Ronen Topelberg)


Children and adults watching the procession of antique cars through the Old City of Jerusalem.


Nadine Epstein in the passenger seat with Raphael Gerstel on the way from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. (Credit: Ronen Topelberg)


Israeli owners of antique cars gathered to see the Holy Land 1000 cars.


More scenic Maserati travels through Israel. (Credit: Gadi Sierra)


Enjoying a nice view while driving through Israel. (Credit: Gadi Sierra)


Nadine Epstein and Raphael Gerstel after their drive from Jerusalem.

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  1. Kathryn Gandal says:

    Fabulous pictures, I felt like I was there!!

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