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14:29 09 July
When I was in second grade my mother told me to read upside down. “You’re reading too fast,” she said, “it’s upsetting the teacher.” She had been instructed to do this as a child, and it was only natural for her to pass this wisdom on to me. Even now, I occasionally flip the book over in order to savor the story.

September/October 2017

14:31 19 September
Profile Simon Schama Steals the Show The effusive British historian and master storyteller returns for part two of the history of the Jewish people. by Liam Hoare Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Initiative Strangers in their own land The end of the long civil war between

July/August 2017 | Table of Contents

11:40 12 July
Culture Who’s Afraid of Dorit Rabinyan? The Israeli author became a literary superstar when Israel’s Education Minister called her novel depicting a Palestinian-Israeli romance a threat to Jewish identity and pulled it from the nation’s schools. by Marilyn Cooper Politics Playing To Win Sheldon Adelson’s launch of Israel

May/June 2017

14:16 22 May
May/June 2017  Table of Contents                   FEATURES Interview  Yuval Harari: of Cyborgs and Men The medieval military historian became an academic rock star when he predicted humans will become gods, then go extinct. Will robots rule? by Laurence Wolff

From The Editor — March/April 2017

15:56 06 March
When I left off writing in our last issue, anti-Semitism had made a startling comeback in the United States, and Steve Bannon, the former executive chairman of Breitbart News, was about to be installed as chief strategist to the new man in the White House.