Nadine Epstein with Elie Wiesel

From the Editor // Nadine Epstein

15:43 01 September
This summer we lost Elie Wiesel, a great and kind man who was an inspiration to me. Moment has now lost both of its founders, and I, two friends. Without Elie and Leibel—Leonard Fein—it is more important than ever that Moment continue its work and carry on their legacies.
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From the Editor // March/April 2016

16:00 04 March
Not long ago, I visited dear old friends for dinner and, over dessert, fell into a conversation with their daughter, whom I have known since she was born. She recently graduated from college and is an artist and activist who participated in the 2014 protests in Ferguson, Missouri, after the death of Michael Brown.
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From the Editor // September/October 2015

14:20 02 September
We live in disquieting times. It seems we make progress in creating a better world, and then some of what we achieve slips away. We overcome prejudice, only to find it has metastasized into new forms. That is the story of anti-Semitism today, and it is also the story of other deeply ingrained prejudices.
Killing Brother Michael Balloons

Killing Brother Michael // Fiction

16:40 28 January
Leib’s brother was named Michael, after Michael Faraday, creator of the balloon and author of the work The Chemical History of the Candle. Faraday was a prominent chemist and physicist during the mid-1800s, and Leib’s father—a balloonist during the week, an aspiring inventor on weekends—found Mr. Faraday’s biography and rubbery inventions encouraging in both his personal and professional life.
Theo Bikel Gala with Nadine Epstein

From the Editor | January/February 2015

20:42 01 January
Moment Magazine is 40 years old. Even though I knew our 40th year would soon be upon us, just reading it gives me a thrill! The number 40 has special significance in Judaism. The Jews wandered in the wilderness of the Sinai desert for 40 years before they were deemed worthy to enter Israel...

From the Editors // Nadine Epstein & Sarah Breger

13:34 29 October
Israel is a bifurcated nation. On one side, it is a robust democracy with active executive, legislative and judicial branches. On the other, it has a fourth branch of government—an official religious arm in the form of the Orthodox chief rabbinate. Through its control of

July/August 2014

13:45 02 July
From the Editor The Conversation Opinions Sara Yael Hirschhorn | How the kidnappings were hijacked Daniel Benjamin | The ISIS threat spreads beyond Iraq and Syria  Emanuele Ottolenghi | Are Israel’s critics really being silenced? Evolution of a Moderate [subscribe to read] Palestinian professor Mohammed

May/June 2014 Table of Contents

15:58 19 May
  FEATURES THE ADELSON EFFECT  Billionaire Sheldon Adelson is best known in the United States for his outsized contributions on behalf of Republican presidential candidates, but in Israel, where he owns two newspapers, he may wield far more influence. Has he become the “Rupert Murdoch”

March/April 2014 Table of Contents

18:19 04 March
FEATURES PROFILE PROFESSOR OF DISBELIEF [subscribe to read] Preeminent scholar and best-selling author James Kugel explains how his Orthodox faith and the study of the origins of the Bible are irreconcilable. Yet the guru for disillusioned yeshiva students is a genuine believer in both. by Michael