Opinion // I’m Just Saying No To Hillary Clinton

By | Sep 01, 2016
2016 September-October, Opinion


by Naomi Ragen

Why Donald Trump is the best option for Israeland America.

Yes, I’m voting for Donald Trump. And I’m proud of it.

If anyone had told me two years ago that I’d be making that statement, I would have done a Jon Stewart eye roll and stare. What? The guy from reality TV? The “You’re fired” guy with the funny hair and New York accent? That guy?!

But things have happened in the last few years that have made me—and many pro-Israel Americans in both countries—decide that this is not only our best but our only choice.

First of all, there is President Barack Hussein Obama. As columnist Charles Krauthammer said in the 2012 video Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel: “This president has done more to delegitimize and undermine Israel’s position in the world than any other president.”

Even without Obama’s toxic embrace, Hillary Clinton’s own history is damning. As she bragged to her online followers: “As Secretary of State, Hillary led the international negotiations that paved the way for the Iran deal.” Multiple outlets reported in March that Iran had test-fired two ballistic missiles bearing the phrase “Israel must be wiped out.” Clinton, conveniently no longer secretary of state, uselessly suggested sanctions. Of course, Obama did nothing. Are you surprised? Was she surprised?

I continue to wonder why American Jews—who often declare, “Never again!”—don’t seem to grasp the enormity of Clinton’s responsibility for the creation of this existential threat to six of the world’s remaining 16 million Jews. She and her fans, many of them American Jews, still believe Jewish votes are her due and expect them to sweep her into the White House, where she can carry on where Obama has left off.

How can I be sure Donald Trump will be better for Israel? I can’t. But at least he gives me hope. I fully admit that, as an American who lives in Israel, I personally loathe and distrust Hillary Clinton. Among my many reasons is her willingness to sell arms to Israel’s enemies: As reported by the International Business Times, during Clinton’s tenure, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales, some of it over Israel’s vociferous objections. This includes the 2011 sale of $29 billion worth of advanced fighter jets to Saudi Arabia. This ramp-up has continued after her departure and may have multiple causes, but most worryingly, “…governments and corporations involved in the arms deals approved by Clinton’s State Department have delivered between $54 million and $141 million to the Clinton Foundation,” the IBT says.

Israel doesn’t have a slush fund to compete with either Saudi Arabia or Qatar. Whatever you say about Trump, he isn’t in this for either wealth or fame, both of which he has in abundant supply.

Most of all, when I look at these two candidates I see a clear choice between a successful entrepreneur and a corrupt politician; a family man honest about his failings and a hypocrite involved in a sham marriage. A person with a vision (agree with it or not) for America, and someone willing to endanger her entire country’s national security with a private email server simply to hide the truth about her words, actions and beliefs. Moreover, the cynical manipulation of the Democratic National Committee to gain unfair advantage over her opponent reveals an endemic propensity for deceit. She would have won fair and square. But that’s just not her way.

Even if you don’t believe everything in the anti-Clinton exposé by Peter Schweizer, Clinton Cash, there are just too many coincidences: “Who else in American politics would be so audacious as to have one spouse accept money from foreign governments and businesses while the other charted American foreign policy?” Schweizer asks. Until the Clintons can come up with a convincing counter-narrative—which they haven’t so far—and given their conduct in amassing great wealth since leaving the White House “broke” in 2001, every American should shudder at the possibility of their returning to power.

Trump, on the other hand, has given me no reason to believe he is in this fight for the money. He did little serious fundraising in the primaries. I believe that Donald Trump is sincere in the vision he has for America, and that he will do his best to achieve it.

Some people find that vision appalling. But I have a different take.

Take border walls. As an Israeli whose family almost died in the 2002 Passover massacre in Netanya, a direct result of the disastrous Oslo “peace accords” pushed by Bill Clinton, I can testify to the wonderful power of walls. When we began building ours in 2003—over universal condemnation—our casualties from suicide bombings, from a peak of 220 dead in 2002 and 142 in 2003, dwindled until in 2015 there were… none.

Radical Islamists have taken the worst in their religion and made it their creed, infecting some of their coreligionists with an ideology that turns them into rabid killers. This virulent ideology can strike at anyone, any time. What is wrong, then, with advocating a careful vetting of all those from affected areas? Likewise, what is wrong with stopping the illegal arrival en masse of Mexican criminals who are not vetted at all?

Clinton’s promise to continue Obama’s mass amnesty plans, along with her even vaguer plans to “protect our borders,” is simply irresponsible. Given power, she will do to America what Angela Merkel has done to Europe, destroying its people’s peace and security and leaving them helpless to barbarous daily attacks by a mass of people who appreciate neither generosity nor kindness.

Would I have preferred that another candidate—one with better hair, a more neutral accent and no reality TV on his résumé—espouse Trump’s agenda? You bet! But as it is, as an adult, I have no choice but to deal with reality. And the reality I see is that Trump is the best bet in this particular election for those who love both Israel and America.

Naomi Ragen is a novelist living in Jerusalem.

34 thoughts on “Opinion // I’m Just Saying No To Hillary Clinton

  1. Dean Smart says:

    I”ve had enough of the Clinton’s the Bush’s the Congress and the Senate AND OBAMA. I think we have had enough. We need someone who can’t be bought and is NOT politically correct. This counrty can’t survive on more of the same.

  2. Monique Dubois says:

    I totally agree with Naomi Ragen. Clinton had no achievements as a NY senator and secretary of state. Therefore why should we elect her president? Just because she is a woman? She has not shown herself to be a friend of Israel. Have we not had enough with how Obama has treated Israel?

  3. Margaret Cornell says:

    This is the most ridiculous screed I have seen yet against Ms. Clinton. Despite all of the indisputable evidence to the contrary published by the Washington Post, Atlantic Monthly and other esteemed publications, this Op-Ed continues to propagate an image of Ms Clinton that is based on false and highly misleading information. “Distrustful” and “corrupt” are adjectives that *do not* describe her; in fact, time and time again, news outlets who exist only to fact check have shown she is the most truthful and honest candidate (even above Ms. Sanders) and that Mr. Trump, who sits at the absolute nadir of the heap, lies *more* than he tells the truth. The vitriol contained in this piece is just more of the same baseless smears that have been slung her way since she served as First Lady. I am reading “In the Garden of the Beasts” by Erik Larson and nearly every four pages there are examples of outright racism, discrimination, bigotry and zealous hatred toward Jews that mirror what Mr. Trump is spewing. For anyone to say they are concerned about Israel’s Jews and yet support a candidate who refuses to disavow the Ku Klux Klan is not being rational.

    1. Tony Enriquez says:

      Thank you, Margaret. I was surprised by Naomi’s post. I wasn’t sure how to answer Naomi but you did a great job, although I might not agree with you on everything. I am voting for MS Clinton. Naomi got quite a few things wrong that may have nothing to do with Israel but to cal him a good family man and apologetic for his mistakes is ludicrous. He is a womanizer who stated “I have never had to apologize for anything”.

      The bible states that promotion comes neither form the East, West or South but the Lord God is judge and he lifts one up and sets another one down. I literally pray daily that the next president will bless Abraham and be the strongest ally of Israel that this country has ever produced. Since I don’t know His will in this I am voting for Hilary and hoping for the best. But Mr. Trump would be disastrous for the US (in my opinion), besides the issues with Israel.

      BTW, “In the Garden of the Beasts” is an excellent book. I read it!

    2. Michael Kurtzig says:

      The only thing missing from Trump’s acceptance speech at the convention was a Sieg Heil. Naomi doesn’t know what she is talking about.

  4. Danny Zalta says:

    “Most of all, when I look at these two candidates I see a clear choice between a successful entrepreneur and a corrupt politician; a family man honest about his failings and a hypocrite involved in a sham marriage.” You’ve got to be kidding. Very few executives of large corporations few him favorably and since we cannot see his taxes we have no way to discern whether he has been successful at all. By most accounts he would have done better to put the money he inherited into a money market account. On the subject of “honest about his failings…,” I honestly have met few people in my life who have ever been as dishonest about their failings. He never admits that he has done something wrong. Then there is the that wonderful line in the piece about him being a family man. Yeah, right. Guess you don’t remember the headlines when he was openly living with one woman while still married to another. This is a man who has been dishonest and deceitful his entire life in all his business dealings and you want to give him the business of running the country. There are 3,500 suits against him right now; most from people who have done work for him and have not been reimbursed for it. I personally know a number of people who fall in this category. There probably has never been a more dishonest man that has gotten a major party nomination. Nor has there been a more unqualified one. Ms. Ragen, we might come from different spheres politically; but I believe you are at least a responsible person. Please do your homework and study the person Donald Trump truly is; because if you do it is inevitable that you will ultimately learn that your support of him is the height of irresponsibility.

    1. Jerry Newman says:

      To think that Trump would be good to the Jews or to Israel is to be blind, deaf and dumb! He is an opportunist who milks hatred and prejudice against any minority if he thinks it will benefit him. His firms and rental property has histories of discriminating.
      As far as Foreign Policy he has downplayed diplomacy and made war like threats about the middle east. If any thinks a middle east war will benefit Israel, they are very mistaken.
      Criticizing Clinton for the Iran nuclear deal is like kicking yourself in the groin. The Iran nuclear deal was the only way to stop Iran’s immediate development of nuclear weapons and does have enough provisions in it to reinstate the penalties that brought Iran to the table. And, although we can never predict the future, there is enough of a movement with in Iran to give some credibility to regime change in the country.
      As far as being a friend to Israel, Obama and Clinton have been supportive to Israel politically, militarily, and financially. Yes the current administration does criticize some of Netanyahu’s awful and hateful policies, but so do I and many other American supporters of Israel. We would like to see Israel become a “Light unto the Nations” instead of a country that condones discrimination and persecution of Arabs. Peace or even peaceful co-existence is a difficult goal, but the current Israeli policies push it farther away. True, as Golda Meier said, the Palestineans have to love their children more that hate Israel, but Israel has to try to work to help them do that. The US criticism of Israel is that Israel is not working towards a goal of co-existence.
      Bottom line is that Trump is not good for the Jews or any other living creature.

  5. Arlyne LeSchack says:

    I totally disagree, I can’t believe any thoughtful person would consider Donald Trump for President.

    1. Michael Kurtzig says:

      Arlyne, you are 100 percent correct. The guy is a dangerous sociopath, lier, charlatan, etc. etc. His hand on the nuclear button would be a disaster beyond belief.

  6. Michele Greene says:

    I agree that Hillary has many faults, although I’m not sure that I would agree with the ones cited here.
    But the writer glossed over so many of the dangerous aspects to Mr. Trump’s character.
    To enumerate them all would require more time than I am able to invest in this effort.
    What comes readily to mind is suggesting that Hillary Clinton be deported.
    This is the type of rhetoric one would expect from Mr. Putin, whom Mr. Trump admires, but not worthy of a United States president.

  7. Irving Slott says:

    As a lifelong Zionist with children olim in Iserael I totally disagree with Ragen and whomever thinks Trump would be good for Israel. Does she and the two commenting supporters imply “regardless of the effect on the US”? I believe any and maybe all past presidents have made mistaken decisions and even had some biases, but Hillary Clinton is experienced, competent and sincere in wanting to do the best for peace and justice and THAT INCLUDES Israel and its neighbors. Trump is enjoying the show and that is all that counts for him. In getting the GOP nomination he achieved all that he, the playboy could achieve.

  8. Louis Diamond says:

    Point out an actual success in business. He claimed the President was not born here. He agrees that the father of an opponent pulled around with the killer of another President. He cheats vendors and supporters. He makes “jokes” about Jews and money. This is a man yo support?

  9. Teri Hanke says:

    There are no circumstances on this earth that would indicate the President of the United States should be donald dump! He’s a liar, a bigot, a buffoon, a cheat and a blowhard with no moral compass whatsoever. He can’t remember from one minute to the next what he stands for because he only stands for what is going through his teeny brain at the moment he’s speaking. And if he doesn’t have someone else’s speech in front of him, he has trouble putting two competent words together.

    I’m sorry, but it is inconceivable to me how his ‘followers’ do not see through the facade.

  10. Alan Gould says:

    Ms Ragen quotes Charles Krauthammer. Has she checked his position on Trump? I suggest she should.

  11. shlomo says:

    I believe Trump is as close to a Hitler in philosophy, achievement, personality, and stated ambitions than should be tolerated. The one thing that all Jews share is Torah, and there is absolutely nothing in any interpretation of the Torah that has any of donald trump’s vision or stated goals. I believe America is stronger than either candidate, and will move forward regardless of whose president. As Jews we need to stand up for all people, and after hateful speech and hateful comments galore, it seems trump is the least palpable candidate ever to be a major party nominee in the history of our country for the Jewish people or any other civil minded person.

  12. Ani says:

    I actually agree with you on this. I’m not wild about Trump; wish there was a different candidate running I could trust with my vote. I just can’t trust Clinton though. I care too much about the well being of Israel to chance a repeat of 8 years of an Obama administration.

  13. MM Chance says:

    There is no way a megalomaniac like Trump is good for anyone but himself, or cares about anyone but himself. These pro-Israel Trump supporters are deluding themselves. They are also
    falling for decades of right-wing propaganda defaming Clinton.

    Many supporters of the megalomaniac Hitler similarly deluded themselves.

  14. Ben P. says:

    What a load of right-wing B.S. Ragen has been sued several times for plagiarism and she lost. That says a lot about her character.

    Trump is a corrupt businessman with no political experience or knowledge that would even remotely prepare him for the White House. He went bankrupt four times, is being sued for fraud, bribed the Florida AG to drop the lawsuit against Trump University, and a long list of other lawsuits.

    I don’t care for Hillary, but at least she’s qualified. Bernie would have been great for America.

  15. alice jena says:

    of course anyone who thinks that Drumpf (his German family name) is a family man is delusional. He has been married three times. A bigot,, A wall against the friendly Mexicans. Such brilliance!

  16. MMC says:

    What about Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, who has repeatedly stated that Israel is “an ally” and “our friend”?

    1. Elise L says:

      Gary Johnson – the man who doesn’t know what or who Aleppo is??

  17. Rabbi Anne Brener says:

    I am outraged. A man who is a liar, a serial philanderer, a man who courts white supremacists. Leible Fine must be spinning in his grave.

  18. Wendy Leibowitz says:

    It’s sad that some people can overlook Trump’s close ties to Putin in the name of supporting Israel. If Putin told Trump that it would be a “good deal” to cozy up to Iran, as Russia does, Trump would do so. Perhaps Naomi Ragen can join up with Vladimir Putin and try to rig the election to get Trump elected. It would be a disaster for the United States, and for Israel. Trump inherited his business; was bailed out many times by his father (once his father sent in someone to buy millions of dollars of chips in one of Trump’s casinos as an under-the-table “loan”, but a New Jersey agency called it illegal:

    Here’s how Trump does business:
    You think this man can be trusted with Israel? I don’t. He’d sell Jerusalem to Putin in a heartbeat, in exchange for the right to build casinos in Moscow.
    I don’t expect the media to give Hillary a fair shake (why, Moment? Where’s your “I’m Voting for Hillary and I’m Proud” article?) but I’ll name just one of her accomplishments: After Hillarycare was killed by Republicans who can’t stand the idea of Americans having universal access to quality, affordable health care, just as most civilized countries do, Hillary helped create the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that provides health care for 8 million children. At the same time, Trump was evicting people from their homes to build parking lots for his limousines in Atlantic City.
    C’mon, MOMENT–where’s your Hillary endorsement? At least run an article to balance this Trump ad.

  19. Gail N says:

    Easy to say from your perch in Jerusalem.

  20. Gayle Edelman Webb says:

    The writer must be living in an alternate universe where rationality has been chucked in favor of idiocy. No sane, thoughtful person would think Donald Trump would be a better choice for President than Hilary Clinton.

  21. Jen R. says:

    Well, this has it all – fear mongering, bigotry, lies, conspiracy theories, exploitation of tragedy – Trump really is your perfect candidate, isn’t he?

  22. Chuck Rapoport says:

    You will happily support and vote for a man who has a history of lechery, sexual abuse, infidelity – who only last night said women serving alongside men in the military should expect to be raped (or serving alongside him?). This man who think so wonderful has enskaved undocumented women ‘models’ working them illegally and charging then enormous rents to live in overcrowded dormitory promising them fame and fortune and probably sexually abusing them based on his history. This man you laud, has the nerve to say he knows more than professional generals, that’ his high school military attendance presided him better than any military service (which he avoided with 5 Vietnam era deferments). This man you seem to find so attractive as leader of the free world couldn’t find Israel on a map — who has had more spectacular business failures than successes, who stole from his workers, who brags that he never repays his loans and liver Vladimir Putin – so go on be an ignorant fool. You could wise up. Ignorance is not permanent but stupid is forever – which are you?

  23. Irina Buck VA USA says:

    I did not come here from Russia and become an American,to live under a Clinton “Progressive Democrat” dictatorship! My husbands” family,also from Europe,know first hand what it means to live in a “democratic Socialist”(read national socialist) utopia. American born Jews wake up to the truth. Mr Trump may be our last chance to restore freedom. The alternative is socialist enslavement and you will not like it! Any Jew that votes Democrat and supports their NAZI inspired gun control,Pro Arab anti Israel rhetoric,must have a self hating suicidal gas chamber mentality.You don’t believe me. Read the history of the Democratic party and see how much it mirrors national socialism.Their support for eugenics in the 30’s. JFKs’ admiration for Hitlers”s new Germany (before the war) FDRs’ limits and restrictions on Jewish immigration, Japanese Americans placed in concentration camps “for their own safety”. The list goes on.

  24. David G Rosenthal says:

    For many Jews, Liberslism overrides Judaism. Regardless of education, when it comes to politics we Jews are the most self destructive of all groups. We persist on voting against our own interests.

  25. Dear Naomi Ragen


    At LAST a Jew(ess) with Intelligence!

    So far almost ALL the most prominent Jews in the USA have attached their clueless lives to Hillary when in FACT Trump is the ONLY candidate to SAVE the USA (and Western civilization)

    I was despairing until I read your article

    In a live debate on live radio in the USA I asked one of her ardent supporters a very simple question: Please name three successes in her life

    He admitted he could NOT but none the less he would DIE supporting her!

    This is the tragedy of the mind set of most American Jews: NOT Rational thinking; ONLY sentimentality and decades of WRONGFUL allegiance to the Democratic party just because their parents and grand parents did so!

    It is time to WAKE up and change horses. Trump is it!

    Great article!

    IQ al Rassooli

    Kafir & Proud!

  26. Gerald Fischer says:

    First the Donald and his followers came for the Hispanics , then they came for the Muslims. Who’s next? Who knows? Jews? Are David Duke and many of Trumps supporters anti-Semites? Who knows? Just throwing it out there. And as for blacks, they love him for his racist crusade: Is Obama a Muslim? Let’s see his birth certificate.

  27. Lev says:

    All of Jews, who voted for Obama , should be send to Russia to live , not to visit, without American Passport and without America dollars. After couples of months there, they will vote for Trump

  28. Ronnia says:

    Hilary Clinton lies. Fact checking by Washington Times showed she indeed called the TPP the “gold standard.” Trump was right. Clinton lied. Again.

  29. Ronnia says:

    How can we trust Hillary to manage our country when she hasn’t been able to control her husband’s serial adultery? How can we trust Hillary to protect our top secrets, when she’s admitted to being “careless” and “making mistakes” when she was just a Secretary of State. How can we trust her stamina when we’ve all seen the video evidence of her having uncontrollable coughing fits, fainting spells, mini seizures and spacing out while talking? She also disappears from public and media eye for weeks and months at a time when she’s ill. And let’s not forget she called black males “super predators” . And let’s not forget that she called half of Trumps’ supporters a “basket of deplorables.” And let’s not forget she told Hispanic voters she was just like their “abuela.” Even though Hillary has never had to cross a border. Work as a maid, had to learn English or lived in an apartment with 12 other people. Clinton will have you believe she’s just like you as she’s wearing a 12,000 dollar pants suit and dawning a 200 dollar hair cut. Trump doesn’t pretend to be just like us. He’s proud of who he is, but still has an awareness of what others go through. This is the type of man we want as president. Vote Trump. Hillary has been in politics for over 30 years, and she’s still talking about the same things she’s been talking about for 30 years. All talk. No action. A complete joke. Vote Trump.

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