Nina Stanley: Biden Should be Replaced

"Nobody has that bad a night."
By | Jul 02, 2024
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Age: 72
Occupation: Retired Nurse

Location: Deerfield Township, OH (Cincinnati suburbs)
Party Registration: Democratic
Jewish Denomination: Conservative
2020 Vote: Joe Biden
Current 2024 Vote: Joe Biden
Family: Divorced, one daughter and one grandchild
News Sources:CNN, MSNBC, Punchbowl News, Axios, POLITICO, Sabato’s Crystal Ball

What’s the atmosphere like in suburban Cincinnati where you live?

Among my Jewish friends who play Mahjong, I don’t know a single one who is voting for Trump. But then I joined this other club. I think I’m the only Jewish person and I don’t discuss politics. It’s very pleasant. We were laughing about something, and one of them said: “You sound just like you’re from New York, New Jersey, or you’re a Jew!” Whoa! And I said, ‘I am a Jew!’ I’m not ashamed to say it, ever. Let them know I’m a Jew!

Do the felony convictions diminish Trump? Do they help Biden? Do they change the trajectory of the 2024 race?

No, unfortunately. I saw the House Republicans greeting Trump when he went to Capitol Hill. One of the commentators said that the videos of them fawning over him reminded her of what you would see in North Korea. ‘Oh, yes, sir! No, sir!’ Obviously, It’s scary. Biden is going to lose Ohio. We know that. There’s just no way. But our senator (Democrat Sherrod Brown), that’s who I’m motivated to work for. I’m going to do a phone bank. He’s got a chance. He’s been elected twice, but never when Trump was on the ticket. Now this, and he’s running against a friggin’ car salesman who’s horrible. But you never know, right?

What about Israel and Gaza? Are you satisfied Biden is doing all he can?

I am satisfied with what he’s doing. You have a prime minister in Israel who would prefer Trump wins the election. He’s horrible. What’s Biden supposed to do? He’s doing the best he can. I have no qualms with that. But I’m just scared. I’m just scared about the video I just saw of the people on the subway in New York. They were all in these Palestinian get-ups, totally masked. They’re saying, ‘Who is a Zionist?’ And if you’re a Zionist, this is your last chance to get off the train. What does that sound like? Yeah, it sounds like the Nazis. Would they beat me up an old lady like me? I don’t know. These idiots in Michigan or whatever could ruin it for Biden. They’ll get Trump. If you look at the Trump campaigns 2025 document, one of the things it mentions is a Muslim ban. These idiots could get Trump elected!

What did you make of the candidate’s performances at the first debate?

I am convinced that the President has the beginning of some cognitive decline. I do not think it was a one-off.  Nobody has that bad a night. And my opinion is I want to see him replaced. I believe he’s going to lose, I believe he was losing before the debate. And now I think he’s, we’ll see what the polls are, but I can’t believe it couldn’t get better.

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