Moment’s Middle East Brief:

What Is Going on in Israel and the Middle East?



Moment Zoominar: What’s Next for Israel & Gaza with Middle East Analyst Aaron David Miller and Moment’s Nathan Guttman

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is in place, but tensions remain high. What made this outbreak of war different? Will the violence and unrest impact the Abraham Accords—and the region? What can be done, if anything, to end the cycle of violence? Middle East analyst and negotiator Aaron David Miller is interviewed by journalist Nathan Guttman.


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Background & History

SPECIAL BONUS: An All-Women Symposium: The Missing XX-Factor

Middle East Peace Talks

Middle East Peace Talks

A Secret Look Inside Middle East Peace Negotiations

Despite the peacemaking successes achieved by women in the Middle East and beyond, women have generally been excluded from the nitty-gritty negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians and largely relegated to supporting roles.

What perspectives might we be missing by ignoring so many women? What if we convened a group—diplomats, policy thinkers, activists, journalists—that happened to be entirely female? To do just that, Moment decided to ask women two questions

1| What more could be done to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians?

2| What might women bring to the peace process if more were included?