Moment Wins 19 Rockower Awards at American Jewish Press Association’s 24th Annual Celebration of Jewish Journalism

By | Jun 05, 2024

Washington, DC – June 5, 2024. Moment Magazine, which is celebrating its 50th year in print, won 19 Rockower Awards at the American Jewish Press Association annual celebration in Nashville.

The winning stories showcase the depth and breadth of Moment reporting. Tom Gjelten’s “Miami Is Changing — So Are Miami’s Jews” won First Place for Excellence in Feature Writing.

Sarah Breger won First Place for Excellence in Personality Profiles with “Joshua Malina Is a Proud (((Jew))).”

Moment’s “Special Report: Jews and Tiktok” received the Boris Smolar Award for Excellence in Enterprise or Investigative Reporting. The series included “The Good, the Bad and the Algorithm” by Jennifer Bardi, “From Zero to Hate in Just a Tik and a Tok” by Andrew Michaels and “Ten Jewish TikTokers” by Tricia Crimmins. Bardi’s article also received the First Place Award for Excellence in Writing about Antisemitism.

“These awards recognize Moment’s ability to consistently bring our readers high quality, award-winning writing that informs and educates the Jewish community about the issues that matter most to their lives,” said Editor-in-Chief Nadine Epstein. “From rigorous investigative reporting, to opinion pieces, to coverage of arts and culture, we are committed to reporting on the world through a Jewish lens and providing a space for the civil discourse so important to democracy.”

Epstein received the First Place Award for Excellence in Writing about Women for “The Women Who Shaped Israel.”

Additional awards: 

Award for Excellence in Writing about Seniors, First Place:Wisdom Project, Erika Hassan, 92,” “Wisdom Project, Lucille Weener, 90,” and “Wisdom Project, Manny Lindenbaum on the Joy of Making a Difference” by Pam Janis

Award for Excellence in Education Reporting, First Place: “An Unpleasant Experience” by Liam Hoare 

Award for Excellence in Arts News and Features Reporting, First Place: “Tales of Rifles and Resistance” by Diane M. Bolz 

The Louis Rapoport Award for Excellence in Commentary, First Place: “The Neurosis of ‘Jewish Power’,” “When Tyrants Overshoot” and “When Government Leaves a Void,” by Gershom Gorenberg

Award for Excellence in Single Commentary, First Place: “How I Got Israel Wrong” by Shmuel Rosner. Second Place: The Arsenal of Memory” by David Shipler 

Award for Excellence in News Reporting, Second Place: “Montana Rep (and Rabbi) Confronts Christian Lawmakers After Invocation Cancellation” by Dan Freedman

Award for Excellence in Arts — Review/Criticism, Second Place: Israeli Artist Sigalit Landau’s Immersion in the Dead Sea” by Diane M. Bolz. Honorable Mention: “Sumptuous Fashion, Prominent Jews” by Frances Brent 

Award for Excellence in Personality Profiles, Second Place: Governor Josh Shapiro: Not Your Grandfather’s Jewish Politician” by Dan Freedman and Fallon Roth

Award for Excellence in Special Sections or Supplements, Second Place: After Abbas” by Noah Phillips and Eetta Prince-Gibson 

Award for Excellence in North American Jewish History, Second Place: Keepers of the Diagnostic Keys” by Dan Freedman 


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