March Comes In with AIPAC and Goes Out with J Street

By | Mar 20, 2012

March is bookended by two Israel-related conferences in Washington this year: the annual AIPAC Policy Conference, attended by about 13,000 people, was held the first weekend in March, and the coming weekend marks J Street’s third national conference. So, what does it mean to be pro-Israel? Moment asked 24 writers and thinkers–including Israeli novelist Amos Oz and journalist Peter Beinart, both of whom will be at the J Street conference–to tell us what they think it means to be pro-Israel today.

2 thoughts on “March Comes In with AIPAC and Goes Out with J Street

  1. YS Wishnick says:

    The Jewish people have survived because of their independent nature. Liberals and those on the Left are determined to create a culture of dependency. Thus, Jews are their enemy.

  2. I agree with you. You have given us a great deal of information. Excellent work you have done for sharing with everyone

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