Lou Weiss (PA): ‘I Hope I Have the Chance to Pull the Lever for Bloomberg’

By | Jan 08, 2020
Lou Weiss

Lou Weiss (63), a Republican from Pittsburgh, PA, grew up a Reform Jew in a “McGovern liberal family” in Pittsburgh. His conservative political views took hold in a college freshman political science class. Today, he belongs to four synagogues. He was president of Congregation Or L’Simcha, the synagogue that merged in 2010 with the Tree of Life congregation. He occasionally writes op-eds for The Wall Street Journal.

We are providing the unfiltered opinions of voters interviewed for this project. Those views are based on their understanding and perception of facts and information from a range of sources. In some cases, that information may be misleading or incorrect.

Did the impeachment proceedings and vote to impeach Trump hurt or improve his chances for re-election?

They helped Trump. His supporters haven’t deserted him, and they see impeachment as an attack of the adorables against the deplorables. The hearings were just a continuation of the Russia collusion investigation by other means. Defeat him at the polls if you want him out.

Do you think it’s possible for Democrats and Republicans to ever agree on the facts around the president’s actions?

No, because the Democrats still can’t accept the 2016 results.

Are truthfulness and honesty key qualities for you in deciding which presidential candidate to support?

No, if they were, I couldn’t vote for anyone.

Do you support more candidates entering the Democratic race, such as former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg?

Yes, I do. Bloomberg can manage the country and can afford to compete against Trump. And he is a moderate. Although the economy seems to be doing very well and Trump’s actions towards Israel are great and improve the chances for peace someday, I hope that I have the chance to pull the lever for Bloomberg.

One thought on “Lou Weiss (PA): ‘I Hope I Have the Chance to Pull the Lever for Bloomberg’

  1. Tom O'Hare says:

    Lou Weiss—Great piece in WSJ today. “Cinder blocks.” Brought tears to my eyes. Joyful Passover to you and your family.
    Tom O’Hare, Charlestown, RI oharet@bc.edu

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