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Sara Yael Hirschhorn | How the kidnappings were hijacked

Daniel Benjamin | The ISIS threat spreads beyond Iraq and Syria 

Emanuele Ottolenghi | Are Israel’s critics really being silenced?

Evolution of a Moderate [subscribe to read]

Palestinian professor Mohammed S. Dajani Daoudi’s recent visit to Auschwitz with a group of Palestinian students provoked outrage at home and led to his resignation from Al Quds University.  But Dajani hasnt always believed in the importance of Holocaust education and reconciliation with Jews. We trace his journey from radical Fatah leader to courageous moderate. 

by Nadine Epstein


When Freedom Summer Came to Town

In 1964, volunteers from the North—many of them Jewish—descended upon the city of Hattiesburg, Mississippi to register black voters and stand up to segregration.  On the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer, Moment visits Hattiesburg and finds out why many southern Jews were reluctant to jump on the bandwagon.

by Marc Fisher


A Moment Magazine Symposium 

Gay Rights & Religious Freedom

Most American Jews care deeply about protecting religious freedoms and promoting gay equality through same-sex marriage. Is there a way to strike a balance? Moment talks with Abba Cohen, Douglas Laycock, Jay Michaelson, Jonathan Rauch, Marc D. Stern and Robin Fretwell Wilson.  

Interviews by Rachel E. Gross

Jewish Word

The “haredi” versus “ultra-Orthodox” debate

Visual Moment 
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A rarely seen Chagall mosaic goes public

Ask The Rabbis 

Should Jews strive to be happy?

Poem [subscribe to read]

Matthue Roth: Slow Fast

A Culinary Tour of Israel

Produced by Moment Magazine with the support of The Israel Ministry of Tourism

Talk of the Table 

Paprika’s red-hot history



A Bintel Brief reviewed by Clyde Haberman

The Ambiguity of Virtue reviewed by Richard Bernstein [subscribe to read]

Trieste reviewed by Erica Wagner [subscribe to read]


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