Jews at the Emmy awards

By | Sep 24, 2012

“Homeland,” the cable television drama about prisoners of war based on the Israeli series “Hatufim” won the coveted “best drama series” award at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles yesterday.

Creator of both shows, the Israeli Gideon Raff won an Emmy for best writing, along with Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, as did its stars, Claire Daines and Damian Lewis, who won for best actress and best actor respectively. The second season pf the show, which won a total of six awards, debuts later this month.

Hatufim, Israel’s highest rated drama of all time, tells the story of two IDF reservists who were captured in Lebanon and readjust to freedom after 17 years behind enemy lines.

The shows have a number of similarities, but Raff says one difference especially sticks out. “The Homeland pilot alone cost more to make than both seasons of Hatufim,” he told The Guardian. “When I tell my American counterparts that my budget was $200,000 per episode, they burst out laughing. To us that’s a big production, to them it’s a guerrilla shoot. ”

Mayim Bialik, who was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her role as neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS’ “Big Bang Theory,” did not win the Emmy. And as she tweeted last night, “I knew it. There’s always next year :-)” Read here about Mayim’s Moment DNA project and here about her answer to our Messiah symposium.

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