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By | Feb 19, 2020

In our Winter 2020 issue, Moment opinion columnist Letty Cottin Pogrebin wrote about the Jewish relationship to stuff: “Jews have a complex relationship with our things. We’re savers; we don’t throw stuff away,” she wrote.

When her daughter hired a personal organizing service to help Pogrebin clear her closets of seemingly useless items, Pogrebin struggled to let things go. So much of her “clutter,” holds memories of childhood, times with loved ones and holiday celebrations Pogrebin explains. Her 16 artichoke plates may not seem necessary to keep and may sit idle in her kitchen cabinets, but they remind her of seders she used to host—a memory she is unwilling to let go.

Have you held on to that memory candle since your bar/bat mitzvah? Are you still wearing your threadbare Young Judea sweatshirt? Well, you’re not alone! Tell us about your favorite Jewish object—old or new—that you just can’t live without for a chance to be featured in Moment!

Please complete this form to tell us about your special item. If you would like to include a photo but cannot attach it, please email with Jewish Objects Photo in the subject line.

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