It is a great source of personal pride that the first legislation I filed that was passed by Congress back in 2006 was a resolution that created Jewish American Heritage Month, or JAHM, to be celebrated every May. JAHM seeks to create awareness of the contributions that Jewish Americans have made to our country and its history. From sports to academia to the arts to politics, Jewish men and women have brought their mettle, creativity and fresh ideas to the table. No matter what your background, we can all learn a great deal from the inspiring Jews who came before us.

Now in 2011, we are about to celebrate JAHM for the sixth time. The number six has an interesting significance in Judaism—it represents imperfections we face on our way to creating a whole or perfect world. This is a great message for our modern-day American Jewish community: We have come through a diverse and challenging history; we have scattered throughout the Diaspora and watched the growth of a Jewish national homeland in Israel; and now we must continue to draw on our imperfections and the beauty of our traditions to help make the world a better place.

As we face today’s challenges, it is truly a joy to share our rich history and to tell the tales of our contributions to America and the ideal of Tikkun Olam. This May, I hope you enjoy some of these wonderful exhibitions throughout our country that showcase our impact on this great nation as we work together to create a more perfect world.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, May 2011

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