Israel’s New Knesset Sworn In: A Prayer and Other Fun Facts

By | Feb 05, 2013


The 120 members of Israel’s 19th Knesset were sworn in today in Jerusalem. Ruth Calderon, who was on the Yesh Atid list, and became a newly minted MK today, composed a prayer in honor of the occasion. Calderon is the founder of Elul, which runs more than 100 secular yeshivas and learning groups around Israel.


“May it be your will (our God, and God of our ancestors) that I leave this
house as I have entered it, at peace with myself and others. May my actions
benefit all residents of the State of Israel, that I work to improve the
society which has sent me to this position, and bring a just peace with our
neighbors. May I always remember my role as a representative of the public
and the importance of honesty and transparency. May I succeed in all my
doing. Amen.”


The 19th Knesset includes a record 48 new members. Here are some other fun facts about the new Knesset:


  • 4 more women than the last Knesset – but still only 27 out 120 are women
  • Rabbi Dov Lipman – the first American in Knesset in many years – a
    self-defined Haredi who ran as part of a secular list…and gave up his
    American citizenship.
  • The youngest member of the new Knesset is 27 – her fellow member of the
    Labor Party is the oldest at age 77 – a difference of 50 years
  • The first Ethiopian woman was sworn in today

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