Nina Stanley (OH): ‘I Don’t Think the Country Can Survive a Second Term of Trump’

By | Oct 31, 2019
Nina Jacobs Stanley

Nina Stanley (68) is a Democrat from Cincinnati, OH. Her “very liberal” leanings haven’t budged since May 4, 1970, when bullets fired by the Ohio National Guard struck down four fellow students at Kent State University during the Vietnam War protest. “I was shot at. A friend pushed me down. I had never heard gunfire in my life and had no idea they were using live ammunition. When I got up, I said something like, ‘I didn’t know blanks could do that to you.’”

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What traits matter most to you in a candidate?

The number one thing is whoever I support has to be honest. I don’t think the country can survive a second term of Trump. A lot of the time I say, I’m glad I’m old! The country as we know it will not survive.

Which two or three issues do you care about most?

All issues pale in comparison to getting Trump out of office. But I believe dealing with climate change is the most important, followed by reproductive rights and health care.

Do your feelings about Israel affect your political views?

Israel isn’t among my top five issues. I’m very against the Netanyahu government. He’s ruining the country. My brother lives in Israel, and he’s religiously conservative, very concerned about safety. I’ve been to Israel many times. But I can’t support a country where they love Trump like that.

Why is Biden one of your top choices?

Right now, Mayor Pete is my top choice, but I also support Biden. Trump and the Republicans have been muddying Biden up like crazy, but I think he’s an honest, good person. He may not be the most liberal or progressive, but he can win. You can put Biden in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and he can relate to those people. I talk to a lot of Jewish ladies who are not as liberal as me. They didn’t vote for Trump, but they say they would vote for Biden. I know their husbands voted for Trump, but they won’t admit to it.

Which other candidates do you like?

I will vote for any Democrat. I don’t care for Bernie, but I would vote for him. I could vote for Elizabeth Warren. I think she’s smart, even though I don’t agree with her about everything. I’m a lifelong Democrat but I would gladly have Republicans such as John Kasich or Mitt Romney in the White House rather than this guy. When Kasich was governor of Ohio, I didn’t agree with his policies, but he’s a normal person.

Are there conflicts in your family about politics?

My brother and I have disagreements, but we don’t talk about that. We speak often, and I love him; he’s my brother. If he wasn’t living in Israel, he would vote for Trump. He was a liberal Columbia University grad. The change in him is unbelievable.

Do you support impeaching Trump?

I’m okay with the impeachment inquiry. Whatever they want to do. That phone call was illegal; he is guilty, and they should file charges on that one phone call.

Do you anticipate any surprises in the campaign?

If things go the way it looks, maybe the Republicans will have a different candidate for president. But who knows?

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