One thought on “Inside the Cover | Spring Issue 2021

  1. Rabbi Michal Mendelsohn says:

    Community is a very important concept in Judaism that I feel is being lost today. For me, it means going the extra mile for those who need it without being asked for other members of the community–whether it is going to a shiva service or bringing food to a deceased person’s home or volunteering to help a member in need who has returned from the hospital or driving someone to shul who otherwise couldn’t attend. There are a thousand ways to express community. It is the caring for another in their time of need and helping the synagogue or community function. People today have been too busy. When you have to start calling people to help, it becomes a chore. Maybe the isolation of the pandemic and the gradual return to engaging with others will allow others to understand the need to do for others in need. Community is making the contribution that you can–not in monetary ways, necessarily (although that is needed as well), but the giving of oneself in service of another knows no bounds in monetary value. Its worth is of the highest level of giving of oneself and allows communities to function through difficult times.

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