Holocaust Not A Part of Young Diaspora Jews' Identity, Survey Finds

By | Dec 15, 2008

By Benjamin Schuman-Stoler

96% linked family with their Jewish identity

96% linked family with their Jewish identity

JTA reported today that a 12 year survey, conducted among 60,000 Jews aged 15-17 in 20 countries outside Israel, indicates that few young diaspora Jews consider the Holocaust or anti-Semitism a part of their identity.

Only 21 percent of the youth indicated that they are Jewish in relation to the Holocaust. A series of other determining factors was more prominent in determining their Jewish identity, such as family, 96 percent; birth, 90 percent; religion, 72 percent; and culture, 67 percent.

Hmmm. Is this a bad thing? Seems like a an era without an ingrained focus on terror would constitute a positive era in Jewish history. Or does it just signal a new generation of naiveté?

What do you think? Do you consider the Holocaust a part of your Jewish identity? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo by Hindrik.

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