Have Holiday Anxiety?

By | Dec 12, 2012

The holidays–full of candles and songs and goodwill toward all–can also be a stressful time for those with anxiety, filled with the responsibilities of hosting friends and family, negotiating sometimes-tense relationships and reunions, and the pressure of navigating parties and celebrations. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America has some good tips for how to manage holiday anxiety, including:

  • Planning the details of travel arrangements beforehand if travel makes you anxious.
  • Knowing when to say no when too many commitments become overwhelming.
  • Establishing a signal with an anxious child, so that she can communicate with you if she’s feeling nervous in a crowded place.
  • Avoiding alcohol as a means of stress relief.

For more suggestions, visit the Anxiety and Depression Association of America’s website. And don’t forget–Moment’s Elephant in the Room Contest, which asks how anxiety has affected you, your family or the Jewish people in general, is accepting submissions through Friday. To read more about the contest, and to enter, visit the contest’s page or email elephant@momentmag.com. The contest is a partnership between Moment and the Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety.

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