Haikus: The New Political Medium

By | Apr 01, 2010

By Michelle Albert

Political haikus

Skewer talking heads to roast

Pass barbecue sauce

If you need an outlet for politically-based anger, want to flex your poetic muscles or just need a laugh, Haik U Glenn Beck could be the answer. The blog, supported by Jewish Funds for Justice and spearheaded by Mik Moore (co-founder of the 2008 Great Schlep), posts reader-submitted haikus in response to what they consider a particularly irksome quote by Beck, a conservative pundit with his own Fox Network television show.

Jewish Funds for Justice, according to its website, is a public foundation that aims to combat causes of “domestic, economic and social injustice.” The foundation started Haik U Glenn Beck with Moore to stress their idea that social justice can be used to bring people of all faiths and ideologies together and to refuteĀ Beck’s belief that social justice is just a euphemism for communism (per the quote on the blog). The site encourages reader participation, allowing readers to vote for their favorite haikus, and also has a section of haikus by “people you’ve heard of maybe.” It also publishes pictures of people holding their haikus as a form of visual demonstration.

The published haikus range from bashing Beck himself to discussing religion, social justice and current events. Moment’s favorite:

Crocodile tears

His heart bleeds for USA

Dabs eyes with teabag

3 thoughts on “Haikus: The New Political Medium

  1. Glenn Beck once was calm
    until he saw Rush’s ratings
    now he’s wacky too

  2. Mindy says:

    I wish I had thought of this myself… Well, at least I found a new procrastination method. Way better than TFLN šŸ™‚

  3. Vlady says:

    The obsession with G. Beck is astonishing. He is king of media as long as people continue to make poems of him. Would it be a composing a song as a next step?

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