Jewish Heritage in the Czech Republic

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Every stone in Old Prague speaks three languages: Czech, German and Hebrew, the languages of the three nations who have lived there together for more than 1,000 years. According to one legend, the first Jews arrived after the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. One of the first written mentions of Jews in Prague is a 965 CE report by Jewish merchant and traveler Ibrahim Ibn Ya`qub… READ MORE

A Culinary Tour of Israel – 2016

Produced by Moment Magazine with the support of The Israel Ministry of Tourism

Early waves of immigrants brought their favorite dishes from countries in central and Eastern Europe, as well as from Arab countries. These dishes range from the familiar smoked fish, borscht and kugel to chopped salads, spicy soups and savory meat-stuffed fried pastries. Later waves of newcomers expanded upon the rich palate of flavors. Today, Israelis delightedly embrace global food and culture, as the nation’s ethnic cuisines have come into their own. 

A Culinary Tour of Israel 

Produced by Moment Magazine with the support of The Israel Ministry of Tourism

Israel’s vibrant food scene has made this small Mediterranean country one of the most exciting culinary destinations worldwide. It’s easy to spend an entire visit to Israel indulging in gastronomic delights while simultaneously learning about the country’s rich mosaic of cultures and history. Dish by dish, you can taste your way through the many layers of time and place. Among them are the traditional Middle Eastern and Eastern European foods that came together to inform the national palate.

Guide to Jewish Genetic Diseases

This year’s Genetics Guide focuses on BRCA1 and BRCA2—tumor-suppressing genes that, in normal cells, help stabilize the cell’s DNA and prevent uncontrollable cell growth. Harmful mutations in BRCA genes can lead to increased risk of breast or ovarian cancer in women: About 60 percent of women who inherit either mutation will develop one of these cancers during their lifetimes, compared to 12 percent in the general population. Men with a BRCA gene mutation have a higher risk of developing breast, prostate and skin cancers.  While hundreds of cancer-associated BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations have been documented, three specific mutations, two in the BRCA1 gene and one in the BRCA2 gene, are more prevalent in people of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry: One out of 40 will inherit a BRCA1 or 2 mutation. Moment explores the fascinating story behind BRCA’s discovery and provides a glimpse into BRCA research, warning signs and treatment. Plus a list of Jewish genetic diseases

Jewish Routes

Started  in May 2012  as a way to extend Jewish American Heritage Month throughout the year, “Jewish Routes” has now become one of our most popular features. Jewish Routes brings the flavor of Jewish life in each city it highlights to life, and gives you a look into how each Jewish community evolved, and what it has become. Our March/April 2016 edition featured Vermont.

Giving Guide

Moment readers are highly generous and believe that giving is an integral part of Jewish life. Every issue of Moment features this comprehensive resource for our readers to learn about new non–profit organizations and to reacquaint themselves with organizations they might have supported in the past. Moment Magazine has become a hub for non-profits; this prestigious guide provides both large and small, as well as local and international organizations as a proven way to reach North American Jewish communities while building their brand recognition and connecting with new donors. Moment will sometimes dedicate a similar guide to Israeli non–profits.

Guide to Cultural Arts

Since 2005, Moment readers have been discovering the best in Jewish music in the annual Guide to Cultural Arts. From bluegrass Klezmer and a capella to beat box rhymes and classic hymns, the Moment Guide to Cultural Arts is eclectic and comprehensive, providing a definitive  resource for any music lovers’ tastes. Additionally, rabbis, JCC executive directors and school administrators keep the Music Guide on their desks all year long, relying on it to bring the biggest names to their important events. A valued resource, the guide includes information about top Jewish musicians and their CDs, featuring artist bios, photos, and an online component with mp3’s.

Summer Camps Guide

Jewish camp is about so much more than campfires and color war. At camp, kids get the chance to explore who they are—and who they want to become—in an inspiring, fun-filled environment. Whether they’re playing basketball, zip-lining, or dancing with their friends, Jewish camp creates a community of campers—and young leaders—who feel sure of themselves and are proud of their heritage. Every camp is different. From philosophy to facilities to food, there are as many unique approaches as there are camps. Take a few minutes and think about the type of environment in which your child thrives. The right camp for your child becomes an extension of your home and your family’s values. Once you have thought a bit about what you are looking for, take a look through this camp guide.

Higher Learning Guide

An unparalleled forum for the institutions that are shaping the future leaders of the Jewish community, no other resource guide rivals the Guide to Higher Learning in prestige and visibility. Moment readers have proven themselves to be interested in enrolling in higher education programs, as well as supporting new initiatives in colleges and universities throughout the world.