Dreams about Sarah Palin (with Jewish content)

By | Sep 15, 2008

At some point before I cast my ballot this November, I am going to have a dream about Sarah Palin. It is just inevitable—she is everywhere right now. And though I may be a would-be Palin dreamer, I am not alone. As of Friday, Slate received almost 500 letters from readers whose partisan, bipartisan, juicy and just plain weird dreams about Palin were, as we would say in California, totally awesome:

It’s hard to generalize about such a large group of dreams, but there were a few persistent themes: Palin as a gun-toting animal killer, pregnancies and denied abortions, baby Trig, and the landscape of Alaska. Many of you reported dreaming about John McCain dying and Palin taking over the Oval Office. Both men and straight women reported sexual fantasies involving the Alaska governor…

Palin appeared sticking her finger in Indian pudding, washing dishes at a Jewish summer camp, and making a hotel bed in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, the Jewish summer camp dream was not one of the 20 entries Slate published, so we may never know whether Palin was there in the capacity of a pushy Jewish mother or as an undercover missionary from the Wasilla Assembly of God.

Whatever the case, more gold is out there. I know that you have had dreams about Governor Palin. There’s no shame! It happens to all of us. Or will soon. Did you break challah with Palin? Had a tryst at a Tel Aviv nightclub? Did she officiate at your daughter’s bat mitzvah? Was Palin sworn in as the prime minister, shattering that “hardest, highest ceiling” in Israel “once and for all”? Oh wait, they already had Gold Meir.

Let it off your chest! Post away your dreams in the comments section below.

Nonna Gorilovskaya

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One thought on “Dreams about Sarah Palin (with Jewish content)

  1. I had a ridiculous dream about Tina Fey. Fey morphed into a caricature of Palin, as if Palin was a high school mascot–huge head and everything. And Fey walked around the set of 30 Rock as this Palin mascot/monster.

    Then Tracy Morgan tripped Fay as she walked by. Fay toppled, like a statue that has its base removed, and then fell.

    The Palin-mascot’s head fell off the costume and rolled into the break table, knocking the coffee machine over and spilling burning hot french roast all over Palin’s face.

    What does it mean, doc, what does it mean?????

    (Where’s Joseph and his dreamcoat when you need him?)

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