Decrease in Jewish support for Obama in Florida

By | Sep 20, 2012

Sixty-nine percent of Jewish voters in Florida say they will vote for President Obama in November, down from the 76 percent of the Florida Jewish vote that Obama captured four years ago.

Just a quarter, meanwhile, said they would vote for Governor Mitt Romney, according to a new American Jewish Committee (AJC) survey.

The survey polled 254 registered Jewish voters in Florida earlier this month. Among other issues, it examined Jewish attitudes towards choice of running mates, U.S.-Israel relations, and Iran’s nuclear program.

“In a key state, to which both parties are devoting a great deal of time and attention, and where recent history is a reminder that the margin of victory can be razor-thin, the Jewish vote takes on added importance,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. “This survey, the first of three on the Jewish political outlook in the build-up to November 6, will doubtless be of interest to all those following this year’s election.”

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