Dave Barry on Politics and Satire

By | Nov 12, 2012

In our November/December symposium, humorist Dave Barry tells Moment how he thinks satire has influenced American politics:

“I’ve viewed our political system as a form of entertainment for a long time. When I go to the political conventions, I look around at all the real reporters and think, ‘What the hell are they writing? How can they possibly make this appear to be serious?’ To be ponderous about it, most people have a pretty strong sense of skepticism about the people who claim to want to run the country for the benefit of the people. Skepticism is a good thing for the most part, and the tendency to mock the people posturing for us is probably pretty healthy. I’m always amazed that people can look at it any other way. Satire has probably gotten a little more vicious, immediate, constant and more partisan than it used to be. There was a time when political satirists tended to make fun of the whole process of politics, and that’s where I still feel I am. Political satirists aren’t trying to do good–it’s just better than having a real job.”

To find out what our other respondents–including David Brooks, Barney Frank, Andy Borowitz and Trevor Potter–have to say, click here.


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